HUGE cyber monday sale!!!

haaaaappy monday!

we are back from our week away and ready to get back to work!

today is my biggest sale day of the year – cyber monday!!!

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today is the day to make a list of all the special people in your life you’d like to spread the pleated poppy love to, and get all your shopping done in one place!

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life rearranged

 linking up with jeannett, my weekly phone pics – just our little squares of crazy!

 i missed my girls’ history day (at the end of each trimester) because i was at the queen bee market, but i made it for dress rehearsal!  that’s gracie, my oldest, in the green, looking down.  the kids all looked so amazing!

 when i was spending all day packing for the queen bee market, the kids all conspired and came out in these outfits:  all brown, antlers on headbands, red marker noses…

 and the cutest reindeer tails!  one grumpy lady informed me it was too early for reindeer to be out.  i politely corrected her ;)

 i will be so sad when this stops happening.  everyday.  the boy loves books.  he actually chewed me out last night because he wanted to read so badly and was furious that i haven’t taught him how yet – yikes!

 tagging my new ties for the market

 i got new scarf fabric!

 my qbm booth (again)

these boots will be mine.  from steve madden.  waiting for a huge sale.  first boots in years that i have found that actually fit me.

 gracie is learning how to sew with grandma.  she’s making christmas jammie bottoms.

 i met jess at a park in san clemente so our kids could play and we could actually talk.  we had never hung out when we weren’t working or at a conference – crazy!

since we were in san clemente anyway, i drove the kids by our first house we ever owned.  so many memories!  that place was a dump when we bought it – its amazing what a white picket fence can do!

 we had a family date night bowling with some life long friends of ours

 i don’t know if it gets any cuter!

my argyle socks were the perfect compliment to my bowling shoes!

 wait, wha?  do you see that?  i was on fire that night!  and yes, i am a very sore winner.  and loser.