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here’s my week in phone pics – linking up with jeannett at life rearranged!

 here’s my house, all dolled up for the stitch market last week

 to say the market was busy is an understatement – a bigger location is on tap for spring

 we were lucky enough to have on a lark cupcake shoppe at the market again… and i got the leftovers!  that’s a peanut butter cup inside the cupcake!

 the kids have their own little tree in the playroom to decorate with handmade ornaments and mine from childhood

 gracie has been really into making clothes for her dolls.  here jessie is a bride, complete with gown, tiara, veil, and paper bouquet.  you should’ve seen the seven fairies all in coordinating bridesmaid dresses!

 i helped out with the decor and serving at our school’s staff party last week

 we spent last sunday decorating the tree and finishing the rest of the house

 a quick photo op at target – can you tell they have blue eyes?  so hard to keep your eyes open in the sun!

 mickey mouse pancakes are always a crowd pleaser

i hadn’t seen my closet floor in a long time.  i just unpacked my suitcase from the queen bee market from 3 weeks ago – so bad!

 while i was cleaning the closet the kids were entertaining themselves, making a fort in the playroom.

funny story:  before the kids made the fort they were playing in the girls’ room.  this was shocking on its own because the kids have been bickering nonstop and to hear them not arguing was a nice change.  later i asked gracie what they were doing in there – i couldn’t hear them since i was in my closet.  she said they were playing church, she was the pastor (huh?), and she was interviewing silas and lily in front of the congregation about their upcoming trip to india.  she asked silas why he wanted to go to india and he said to see their potties – ha! – and lily said she didn’t want to go but she wanted to see what the people were like.  then they sang songs.  actually, they turned on the christian radio station – if a boy was singing silas would stand up in front of them.  if it was a girl, the girls would pretend to sing.  hilarious!!!

since my secret christmas gift hiding place (under the piles in my closet) was no longer, i had to start wrapping the gifts.  loving the wrapping paper again from target’s $1 section, and adorable boxes from walmart, all wrapped up in thrifted yarn.

how was your week?  i am sure glad mine is almost over!



  1. 1

    the rag garland on the porch makes me feel swoony. It makes me wish it wasn’t so rainy here, because that lovely thing would mildew so fast.

  2. 2

    Love the story about the kids! :) I’m sure the potties in India are amazing! ;) What an awesome market! I wish I lived closer! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  3. 3

    About a year ago, I walked into the living room and my two girls were playing church…with their Littlest Pet Shop toys! :) All the animals were lined up in rows and the “pastor”(a horse I think) was up front “speaking” on top of a podium. So cute!:)

  4. 4

    Congrats on the success of your stitch market!! I SO wish I could come to it. Are you selling stuff at Blissdom? I hope so!! :) Cute pics, kids in the fort are too cute and I love all the sewing your daughter is doing for her doll. You’re such a good mom, wish you could come teach me and Soph to sew. Have a fabulous day. Jessica

  5. 5

    Congrats on the success of the Stitch Market! Wishing I lived nearby to have attended.

    And I am super jealous of your closet!

  6. 6

    playing church???!!! die.
    i’m sending my kids over to play. over here they chase each other around with anything that even remotely resembles a gun and tumble around pretending their dead.

  7. 7

    watch out Vera Wang! Your daughter has some mad skills!! :) Your tree is gorgeous!! and I’m digging the presents wrapped in thrifted yarn. :)

  8. 8

    I just made snowman pancakes this morning. I found them on pinterest. They were a hit. My twins are a fan of mickey too though!

  9. 9

    I love the kids playing church! It’s so nice to hear of those precious moments. I can so relate to all the bickering – I have a boy and two girls also! Your market looked amazing! I wish I lived nearby… not to mention I could use a break from our MN winter! May you have a blessed Christmas :)

  10. 10

    I love that Jessie and Buzz are getting married- such a happy ending to a fabulous story line. Your house and your Christmas decorations look gorgeous!

  11. 11

    I just adore Target’s dollar bins!! That is where we get 89% of our wrapping paper now!!

  12. 12

    Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful week. Your house looks very festive. I’m jealous of your closet and the story about your kids playing church is too funny!

  13. 13

    YAY Christmas! Love your tree.

  14. 14

    What a productive and fun week! I think it’s funny how the kids were making a big fort while you cleaned your closet. That’s the way it is with kids–while you clean one area up, they tear another down. It’s crazy, but I’m sure we’ll miss it some day!

  15. 15

    I love these photos! I don’t know much about the stitch market, but that looks like soo much fun! You’re kids are really creative too. I love that your daughter made a wedding gown for her doll ;) Visiting from Life Rearranged link-up party!

  16. 16

    Your house and tree look so nice!! Enjoyed looking in!!

  17. 17

    It amazes me that you host the market in your home and it all looks soo fabulous! I am also very impressed with Grace’s wedding dress for Jesse!

  18. 18

    Love the Mickey pancakes!

  19. 19

    Do you freak out having so many people in your house? I would just flip…especially if they were strangers. I guess I’m private like that.

    My husband is a pastor. My son plays church all. the. time. Cutest thing ever. Great story!

  20. 20

    Awesome success on the sale!

  21. 21

    oh that fort story is precious!! <3

  22. 22

    Hey, Lindsey! I finally sat down today to check your blog. I so enjoy it. Thanks for the beautiful photos and just the realness of all that you say. Sometimes being a mommy is a lonely job. Just wanted to say thanks for your daily encouragement–even if it is just the reassurance that our life is normal and it is ok to have to get yourself dressed up or enjoy the tiny things! I don’t comment a ton on here, but your blog is often a part of my quiet morning coffee!
    So thanks for all you do!
    Hope you enjoy the Christmas season!

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