because it feels like summer

it has been in the mid to high 70’s the last few days, so warm summer ideas have been on my mind:

 i have this wall outside our back door that has been calling out for hooks to be added to it.

well, actually, just underneath it sat a bucket full of towels all summer, which turned out to be awesome – just grab some rolled up towels after running in the sprinklers or to throw in a bag on the way to the beach.

but after the towels were used they would then be spread all over the yard, on any chair or surface for them to dry.

so i thought some hooks would help…

 then one day, while perusing the fabulous goods at ruby rose, the owner, stephanie, asked me if i wanted this architectural piece.  i, not being one to pass up on anything free, said yes!

i knew as soon as i got home exactly where it would go – next to the back door as a towel rack!

 but it was a peachy color that i just didn’t love so it took me months to decide on how to paint it.  i was toying with some bright, fun, summery colors, but nothing was going to look right with our house color.  after hemming and hawing i finally decided to just sand off the peachy color and see what i was left with underneath.

turns out that was a good idea and i loved the aged look of the wood underneath.  definitely a bit reminiscent of my shabby chic days of long ago, but still shabby so i loved it.

after sanding it, we (my dad and i) dusted it off.

 i layed out the hooks from target and he screwed them on.  i was thinking of spray painting the hooks another color, but i liked how the crisp white looked with the weathered wood and near our bright white house trim.

 to determine the height i enlisted my shortest offspring to reach as high as he could so i knew he could hang up his own towels.

we held up the wood where we wanted it and set a level on top to get it in just the right spot, then screwed it into the siding with some long screws in the pre-drilled holes (forgot to  tell you about that part:  pre-drill some holes.)  our siding is a concrete siding so it is really hard to nail or screw into.  pre-drilling some pilot holes was a necessity.

 i’ll still keep the bucket underneath to roll up the towels in once they are dry.

 pretty cute, huh?

 and this is the slightly more “winterized” version.

 it was so long since i’ve done a house project and this felt so good!

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  1. 1

    Your house is Amazing!!

  2. 2

    Oh, you lucky west coasters, you!

  3. 3

    what an odd winter eh? anytime we can be in spring/summer mode in january I’m GAME! your project is FABULOUS! absolutely love the rustic yet still crisp results *how do you always do that so well??!* goes perfectly and is so very functional – win win!

  4. 4
    Nadir@StitchSense says:

    Cute idea! That board is beautiful :-)

  5. 5

    Yes! We have the same problem! A shelf of folded towels is perfect for the grab and go and for friends who forgot their pool towel, but where do they end up after they are used? On the back of the patio chairs or on the porch floor! Hooks are a must for 2012. But, I will wait until spring to add them! Brrr.

  6. 6

    Oh, I love that. I keep towels outside in a plastic (boring) box for the pool in the summer. I’ve inherited many towels from people who “forget” to take theirs home and there is simply no remembering which belongs to who so unless they’re claimed, they stay. But it would be so great to have a place for them to hang to dry. You did a great job!

  7. 7

    Fabulous towel hanging rack, love how it is kid height – cute!

  8. 8

    Great towel rack. I also like the bucket idea.

  9. 9

    What a great idea and love the finished look! So what did you use to attach it all to the house? I’m so leery of doing something that can’t be fixed or changed later…especially involving exterior siding. Just call me “trigger shy” but I want to get over that fear!

  10. 10

    I LOVE it! And I am super jealous of your weather. The warmest it’s gotten in Seattle in the past several months is 50 degrees. I wish I had summer year round. If I can’t have snow then I want summer :).

  11. 11

    LOVE that and I love that you had Silas read as far as he could to ensure he couldn’t cop out of hanging up his towel. :) You are so smart!!!!!

    Alrighty sister…when is my mini notebook cover coming? I need one for church!!! :)


  12. 12

    Great idea!

  13. 13

    love it!!!! brilliant!

  14. 14
    Michelle E says:

    We have a pool and I’ve wanted to do this for a LONG time! You’ve inspired me :) How did you attach to the outside wall?

  15. 15

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this idea. ALL summer long I am chasing towels around as I hang them on the deck and then they sail to the ground in the wind. Aaaaa Haaaaaa…I am going to WIN this summer. They will be DRY when we need them…and not dirty in the grass. Never been so excited for summer in January before. With such a good idea like that, you should take the day off or something! Thanks!

  16. 16
    Trina Miner says:

    I want your house! Well, OK. Not your house. Just an exact replica here in Lake George, NY!

  17. 17

    Super Cute!!

  18. 18

    I love it!!

  19. 19

    so fun! i love it. very beach cottage-ish :)

  20. 20

    so cute!

  21. 21

    Love this post! I’m having a linky party, and would love for you to join! Here is the link Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. 22

    Good outfit! I really love your blog

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