insta… saturday?

i know i just linked up with jeannett yesterday, but i found some more pics that i forgot to post.   not sure why i can’t just leave well enough alone, but here they are for your viewing pleasure!

mmm, breakfast in a bright sunny room!  i know, i know – i posted a ton of food pics in my last instafriday, but this is the only one today, i promise!

egg (over hard. is there any other way?), on top of 2 slices of canadian bacon, on top of a toasted whole wheat english muffin.  with a sprinkle of coarse salt.  yum.

even though we’re pretty much off the sweets, and the kids are eating whatever we make for our meals (i am not the type to make an adult meal and a kids meal – we all eat whatever i make), we are still making sure they get a little extra fat in their diets, and i bit of sugar, too.  we had ice cream in our freezer that i knew i would eat so i threw it out.  so sad!  but then i was left with some chocolate ice cream that i figured i’d let the kids have eventually, ’cause i knew i wouldn’t tough it.  i love chocolate.  don’t love chocolate ice cream.  only chocolate malted crunch from thrifty’s.  and sometimes peanut butter cup.

my friend anna made this super cute mask for silas and i stole it to make my kids giggle one night at bedtime.  super mom was a hit!

every night this boy falls asleep with a book.  or 10.  usually on his face or chest, but sometimes under his buns or still clutched in his hands.

lu snagged my sunnies for a quick photo op.

5 new sets of legos for christmas + 3 boys on the carpet playing with all 5 sets = hours of sorting said sets.  i complained, but secretly i kinda enjoyed the hours of sorting and cataloging the inventory.  unfortunately, now i freak out if things get mixed and i don’t want to be that mom!

all ready for date night.  let me just step out the door to double check the weather…

nope!  freezing cold!  back inside for a quick change and we’re good to go!

a great date night with lots of talking and dreaming and planning.  and lots of thinking.  still lots of thinking.  being a grown up is hard sometimes, having to make decisions and stuff, you know?

have a great weekend, friends!  we’ve got garage sale-ing, a birthday party, a playdate, meal planning, grocery shopping and a possible zoo visit on our list – and thats just for today!

tomorrow we have a prayer meeting with our india team, so if you think to, won’t you pray with us around noon pst?


  1. 1

    Ha, ha, ha, love the change from flats to boots – great!

  2. 2

    I have the same dinnertime philosophy: I make ONE meal and everyone eats it. Not to sound harsh but Im not a short order cook. One of our girls has decided to try everything and loves food; the little one is a bit more picky but is getting better. Our rule is you have to try at least 5 bites of everything(our main reason is we know someday we’ll be on the mission field with them and its highly offensive in other countries not to eat whats put before you. So we’re working on that now:))
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. 3

    I’ve taking foodie photos all week…too cold to step outside with my camera and lacking design inspiration at the moment. I just posted a yummy and healthy mac n’ cheese recipe…with butternut squash. It was delicious. Have a happy weekend. :)

  4. 4

    I really love your blog! Looks like a fun week! Lego are every boys dream!

  5. 5

    I am the same way with the Legos here! I was making sure we had every piece, and my husband wanted to help, and I made him go do something else. It was my turn to have fun! :)

  6. 6

    Gosh, yes, being a grown up IS hard!

    And, over hard is my fave too. I always feel like I’m offending cooks at restaurants when I make my eggs benedict “over hard”. Don’t want anything running all over my plate….

  7. 7

    Chocolate Malted Crunch IS the best!!

  8. 8

    oh i just hate being a grown up sometimes.
    totally feel you.

  9. 9

    oh and i was daydreaming of that muffin at church today. i came back just to tell you that.

  10. 10

    We are a one meal household over here too. I tell my kids that I’m not a short order cook so they get what I make and that’s it. :)

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