ready for take off

we leave tomorrow morning for a 16 1/2 hour flight from l.a. to dubai, then hop on another plane for a few hours to delhi, india.


i’m all packed.

i’ve actually been packed for a couple weeks (#traveldork) – taking things in and out of my suitcase as i kept changing my mind and thinking of more.

i’ve made lists.  and lists.  and lists.  every day i made a list and crossed things off and added more to the list.  i am down to just a couple things.

people keep asking me if i’m nervous.

i’m not.

not nervous about going, about flying, about leaving the kids.

a peace about it all has been poured over me and only excitement is here!

the one thing i am nervous about:  needing to share a quick message of encouragement at a moment’s notice to women in india.  that freaks me out.  what do i have to share with them?!  they are sacrificing more than i ever have, are living out the gospel in a way i never could.  and i am supposed to encourage them?!  praying for God to speak through me, because He know i don’t have the words on my own!

before i get to india and post updates about what we’re doing over there, i want to give you a little more background on empart, the organization we’re traveling with, and going to support.

empart exists to ignite church planting movements among unreached people, on track to achieve its goal of planting 100,000 churches in asia.

how are they doing this?!

by training up young men, indian men, in transformation centers.  empart transformation centers provide an intensive 1 year course designed to train local church planters who are passionate about transforming communities.  they currently have 21 transformation centers across asia.  each center has a max of 25 students per year who are handpicked by their churches as men of God who have already made a commitment to church planting.

the students live and work together in a transformation center with an empart coordinator and his family.  this exposure to the leader’s personal life, family and ministry is a life-changing method of instruction and discipleship.  other teachers also come in and have extensive experience in church planting and evangelism.  apart from their studies, priority is also given to personal character building, practical experience, and prayer.  each center is located right on the mission field so students are given lots of opportunities to minister and gain valuable experience in evangelism, preaching, and all aspects of church life and ministry.

most of our time in india will be spent visiting these transformation centers, meeting the students and finding ways to give them some encouragement, and learn more about the way they do ministry in india.

the results of these transformation centers are amazing:

– over 8,400 churches have been planted

– 187,000 previously unreached people have been baptized and now attend church regularly

– 6 education centers have been built that teach a total of 1,800 students who would have otherwise never have been given the chance to learn basic skills. (remember, india is still very much practicing the caste system, even though it was outlawed years ago)

– 306 orphaned children are being cared for and loved on by empart church planters through the empart children’s home programs (i’ll tell you more about this later)

– over 1,000 women have been taught to sew and were given a sewing machine as well as heard the gospel message through the empart sew & sow program (aaack!  this is so exciting to me!  i can’t wait to tell you more about this and how WE are going to give this ministry!)

operating a transformation center has its costs and so does church planting.  thats where we come in.  but empart doesn’t want the churches and students to rely entirely on western assistance.  the have developed a financial support structure so the church planter gains financial independence over the course of 7 years.  for the first 3 years (beginning with training) each church planter receives 100% support.  then over the next four years support is progressively scaled down to zero.  this gives the church planter time to disciple his people so they accept ownership of the church and responsibility for their pastor’s welfare.

to help, christians and churches in the west can sponsor a church planter monthly.  we can also support in more tangible ways, like by giving a gift of a pastor’s book kit for $50 – each kit contains 20 books on leadership, bible commentaries, bible reference and so on.

all church planters travel from village to village by bicycle and it is a necessary tool for spreading the gospel in india.  giving the gift of $125 will buy a bicycle for a church planter.

a gift of $550 will get a church planter everything he needs to begin his ministry: a bicycle for travel, a carpet for people to sit on during meetings, a gas stove for cooking, 20 bibles to give to new believers, and an indian drum and tambourine for worship.

i know thats a lot of money.  i know.  but imagine if you gathered 4-5 friends and you all agreed to each set aside $25 a month for 4 months… you could easily support a church planter and give him what he needs to spread the word of God to people in his village and nearby villages.  you could have a hand in spreading the gospel in the most unreached area of the world!

clearly, i am supportive of empart and what they are doing, and i hope you are getting a little of that, too.

i have been told that i should have internet access at most of our hotels, so i’ll do my best to post daily, but just in case i can’t i have a few posts at the ready for you while i’m gone.

please pray for the safety of our team, for lives to be transformed (ours more than any!), and for the care of our families while we are gone.  thank you!


  1. 1

    Thank you for telling us what we should pray for. It is always nice to be able to pray specific. Have a wonderful trip. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. 2

    Safe travels – I’ll be praying for you! Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

  3. 3

    What an amazing ministry; And a perfect birthday present ( you’re leaving on my bday!!)
    I’m praying for hearts to be changed and wisdom to be given.

    Thank You for sharing this journey that as just begun.

  4. 4

    What a wonderful journey this will be, and what a great organization. God Bless You….and be prepared for God to show you some amazing things.

  5. 5

    I so admire you for doing this! It’s hard to leave our comfort zones and actually GO and DO something! You’ll be in my prayers.

  6. 6

    I am praying for God to use you in a way only you can be used! Bless you for being obedient to His calling! Safe travels and I look forward to hearing about your life-changing experience!

  7. 7

    Have a blessed trip!

  8. 8

    You have my prayers!

  9. 9

    I’ve been blessed this morning (and each day) by reading your blog. I’m glad you are willing to write what is on your heart and I for one have been touched by it. I pray you have an awesome and rewarding (I know it will be!) trip and that God uses you and your team in great ways!! God protects, provides, and uses us when we are obedient to follow Him :)

  10. 10

    Enjoy this adventure that God has placed before you. I have always considered it such an honor to be able to go on a mission trip, to know and feel the support of all the friends and family who gave of their time and finances so I could go. I am excited to here about your adventure! Blessings to you, and Sean, and peace for your kids as you are away. Have a great time!

  11. 11

    How exciting. I hope you have safe travels. I’ll be thinking of you!!

  12. 12

    Prayers for you and those traveling with you. I think this story (and all that is going to come as a result of this trip) is amazingly powerful. Blessings to you and those you will meet!

  13. 13

    Lindsey, this will change your life forever.. welcome with open arms and no expectations. It changed me forever and how I raise my children, my lifestyle and how to be closer to God. I’m hoping one day you have an opportunity to visit our school in the Philippines. I wish you a safe flight ..

  14. 14

    What a gift it is for you to be able to go help in this ministry . There are so many persecuted all over the world for worshiping Jesus and anything that can aid them , financially , physically, spiritually, emotionally for this cause is such a blessing. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope one day I can participate in something like this.

  15. 15

    Praying for a safe trip.

  16. 16

    Praying for a safe trip and for God to put those words you’ll need. Like you said in your previous post, God DOES provide, we just have to have faith and He’ll do the rest!
    I pray that some day my husband and I will be able to do this too, for now, we get to take care of the little ones that He has given us.
    God bless you, everything you do, your husband, family and the entire group that is traveling with you!

  17. 17

    Hi! I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and LOVE that you do the in home boutique, Stitch Market! I was looking back at the tips you gave several months ago on how to pull it off. This might be a silly question, but I was looking to see if you have to have any type of permit or anything to make it legal to host a boutique? I provide handmade items to a few stores in my community, but would love to have a showcase/boutique to expand business and spread the word! Thanks!

  18. 18

    How awesome is this? We are going to be praying and praying for you all! God is so amazing!

  19. 19

    Good luck! You will do great things:)

  20. 20

    May the Lord richly bless this trip…every aspect of it(travel, meeting and sharing with the people,etc..) and may His purposes be worked out each day you’re there.
    And sharing with the women? Yup, I’ll be doing that too on our trip this summer. Just remember, they may live differently from us, but theyre still women…women who mother, love, lose, work hard & were made by the same Creator. In some ways, theyre very similar to us.:)
    Have a blessed trip!

  21. 21
    Lacey Prentice says:

    I had the privilege to go to India in 2010 to teach and encourage local women believers with their walk in Christ. I know you will be blessed more than you could ever imagine! The best part of the trip for me was worshiping with other believers on the other side of the world. I will pray for you and your husband as you embark on this trip and ask the Lord to use you to bring Him the glory! Blessings to you,
    Lacey Prentice

  22. 22

    So excited for you, Lindsey! We’ve traveled to Nepal several times so, while the two countries are different, they have a lot of similarities. We held a women’s conference last time I was there so I can totally identify with your feeling of inadequacy with what you have to share with people who really do sacrifice so much more than us! I’ve been in that same situation! God WILL take over that for you if you let Him – from my experience there, the people are SO relational and it’s all about honestly sharing your heart. How can that not be well received? I’ll be praying for you and will (jealously!) await pictures and updates. Have FUN!!!

  23. 23

    What you are doing is completely amazing! How awesome! I am a longtime reader, first time commenter, but thought this post deserved a prayer of safety for everyone going along on this trip! I hope it truly is amazing! :) Hugs!

  24. 24

    Prayers, prayers, and more prayers! It will be awesome! :)

  25. 25

    My heart is full for you & the joy you’ll bring to these women! Praying for God’s words to flow through you, just be yourself :) You encourage me all the time through your words on your blog!

  26. 26

    I’ll be praying! What an incredible gift to this organization that you answered the call the Lord placed on your heart.

  27. 27

    Eeek! So excited for this big ol leap of faith.

    Fun to see how God provided too.

  28. 28

    What an amazing life changing experience!! I will be praying for you – cannot wait to hear how it goes!

  29. 29

    Safe travels x.

  30. 30

    You have amazing boots!

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