life rearranged

 linking up my very few phone pics this week with jeannett!

 as soon as we got out of lax, our first stop was startbucks.  pathetic?  yes.  but necessary?  very.

 between naps and bathroom sprints, i pretended to be super mom and made these for the kids’ valentine’s day parties.  so easy – melted white chocolate chips, dip and sprinkle.  set on waxed paper until set.

 and yet another attempt at supermomdom.  hoping it would cover my fail that we did not get our kids one single thing for valentine’s day, not even a card.  now, i’m not one for giving kids gifts for every holiday, but valentine’s day deserves a little love gift  of sorts.  chalk it up to another failure that my kids will have therapy for as adults ;)

 my mom found this anthro mug for me at a garage sale!  who ever would sell this?!  love it.  thanks mom!

 back to work as usual.  its a good thing i like it!

 instead of a traditional v-day party, silas’ class had a mad hatter’s tea party, where they were encouraged to dress crazy.  we interpreted that as: pirate hat and coat, bow tie, vest, and jammie pants.

 happy friday, friends!


  1. 1

    I hope that you are feeling better. We did not do Valentine’s this year either b/c hubs was gone so we are celebrating Saturday. 1/2 price candy here I come :) They sold the mug because of the finger hole. It isn’t very comfy. My daughter gave me that mug last year for my birthday and that is my personal review :)

  2. 2

    a few things:
    1) i’d totally sell that mug. it’s altogether the wrong shape and that little bitty handle? how on earth are you supposed to wrap your hand around your mug and get it all cozy and warm?! besides, it has an L on it.
    2) um, i didn’t get my kids a single thing either. i firmly believe that food coloring=love to kids. and the individual little restaurant syrup cups? major bonus points of cool momdom. i saw that pic on IG and thought you guys had gone out to breakfast!
    3) that is all. happy day my friend.

  3. 3

    Hahahaha I jsut had a mad-hatters tea party bridal shower for my friend! Too bad I didn’t see this before and encourage the guests to dress as pirates!

  4. 4

    The best part of Valentine’s Day is the “non gifty” gifts! So it’s more like awesome memories they’ll have, not therapy :]

  5. 6

    ATTEMPT supermom??????????????? PUHLEEEEZE!!! YOU ARE SUPER MOM!!! Those cookies are super cute and I may have to steal for later :) Just caught up on your India trip, LOVE that picture of the boat upclose with nightlife in the distance. SO COOL. I don’t even KNOW you and I feel SO beneath you for all you do. If you ever doubt yourself think of me!

  6. 7

    That mug looks like the ones I saw at Anthro a while back. I would totally buy one with an “L” on it!

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