planes, trains & automobiles

and auto rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws, mopeds, motorcycles, bikes, pedestrians, and the occasional cow.

we are home now and trying our best to adjust – to the time change, to our normal foods, to being responsible for our kids again… it’s hard!  and it’s definitely not helped that i’ve had a stomach ache for a couple days and sean has had the flu.  welcome home!

i am having a really hard time figuring out where to start with our trip.  i am still trying to process so much of what we saw and experienced, and i don’t think so much of it can even be put into words.  there was so much about northern india that i just didn’t understand: there were so many people heading somewhere everyday – where were they going?  why did everyone just throw their trash outside?  how are there not more car accidents?

but one thing was made very clear to me: among a primarily hindu part of the country, God is raising up a nation of christians through empart.  what they are doing seems small at first glance, but then you see that each of the 19 training centers are graduating 25 men each year to become pastors and church planters, and each of those pastors will plant multiple churches, on average 5 within 7 years, and baptize 300-350 new believers in that 7 years.  thats 475 new pastors each year, planting 2,375 churches, baptizing 142,500 – 166,250 new believers.  thats HUGE!

the last 10-12 days challenged me more than i expected.  my eyes were opened to a whole new world, not just the hard things of northern india, like the poverty, but also to the complete and utter joy in the Lord the people involved with empart have to share.  as i walk you through our time in india slowly over the next couple weeks, i hope you are able to get even just an inkling of what i experienced, and a little fuel in your heart for the people of northern india.


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    I saw that joy too on several trips to rural Mexico. The people there were so poor, money-wise. However, they had a great joy and the Lord taught that to me there. Looking forward to hearing about it! Thanks for sharing this!

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    Looks like an amazing, life-changing trip! What awesome memories!

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    An amazing trip it was! Thanks for sharing… friend!
    Not to be forgotten.

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    amazing! i look forward to hearing more about your trip. i live in one of the most opposite cultures – frankfurt, germany (a financial center of europe). it’s encouraging to be reminded of what truly matters!

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    My hubby went to northern India last year with:
    He was forever changed!

    How wonderful you got to experience that with Sean…I look forward to hearing how you process all that you experienced. LOVE your photographic eye—these pics are beautiful.

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    Welcome home, Linds. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

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    Great place to start. Love hearing your heart.

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