:: i became an adult this year.  i like coffee.  a lot.  and i don’t even have to add a pack of hot chocolate mix to it to enjoy it anymore.  i’m always cold and it makes me warmmmmmmm.

:: but if i do add hot chocolate to coffee, i also add kahlua.  its called a hot chahlua.  you should try it.

:: but maybe don’t try it in the morning, as tempting as it may be.  it probably better as an afternoon drink ;)

:: along with becoming an adult, my head became an old lady.  bajillions of grey hairs.  i’ve had a box since october to highlight my hair myself because i’m on the cheap bus, but i’m so afraid i’ll make things even worse.

:: so i just complain and gasp every morning.  like its the first time i ever noticed it.

:: i did this so much that i finally bit the bullet and went back to getting it professionally done.  and i love it!

:: i have an 8 year old.  eight!  well, actually 8 7/8, but who’s counting, besides her?  and she is so growing up in such a little person kind of way.  she laughs at my jokes, rolls her eyes, and her favorite thing to do is “hang out downtown with our family”.  i’m in love with her.  she’s pretty fabulous.  even when she drives me nuts.

:: after 8 years (8 7/8 years) of parenting, i still have no idea what i’m doing.

:: i get annoyed when people don’t use their turn signals.

:: i feel like i’m going to fall out of the car if i don’t have my seatbelt on.  like the door is going to fly open at any moment and out i’ll go.

:: i’m wearing a sweatshirt right now that i stole from my husband before he was my husband.

:: lily has been waking up 3-4 times a week with growing pains.  bawling hysterically. tylenol, massage, warm cloths… nothing works.  except prayer.  tried that and she was knocked out in 10 seconds.  no joke.  why did i take so long to do the sensible thing?!

:: silas told me a joke last night: “mama, what did the bunny say to cross the road?” me: “what?” si: “ribbit ribbit!!!” me, laughing: “why did a bunny say ribbit?” silas: “because its a joke, mama!”  i was dying!  toddler jokes are quite possibly the funniest jokes ever, being so nonsensical and all.

:: when i make to-do lists and i’m checking things off, and i do something extra thats not on my list, i’ll write it down and cross it off, just to make myself feel better!

:: since doing wiww posts for so long now, i feel guilty on the days that i stay in my jammies or sweats all day!

:: if i ask my kids to do their chores, here are their reactions: one will drop to the floor and whine (as if said child doesn’t get asked to do those chores every.single.day.).  the other will cheerfully agree to do them, but quickly get distracted by… anything that crosses her path.  and the 3rd child, she will have already done most of her chores before i even ask her to (big fat puffy heart this!).

:: i went for a run today.  and no one was chasing me!  my motivation?  i saw some cute running pants at forever 21 for $8 and thought they’d motivate me to run again.  it worked.  sean said he’ll buy me a new pair of running pants everyday to keep me motivated ;)

:: i don’t suggest watching private practice in the middle of the day (especially not if you have kids around – sheesh!).  i did it today while cutting fabric and i was choking back the tears!

:: when i’m getting into bed, i can’t stand too near the bedskirt and have to kinda jump into bed.  if i didn’t, the boney creepy hand from under my bed will grab my ankle, right?  or am i the only crazy one?

:: i decided a month or so ago to repaint my guest bath.  after 2 bad yellows, i’m deciding on my 3rd choice.  the bathroom looks like sunshine and mustard threw up on the walls.  yellow is hard to get right!  and i’m still searching for a good rug in there…

:: tomorrow marks 5 years of blogging for me!  if i didn’t fear a revolt of wiww participators, i’d think of something special to do.  at least thats my easy excuse for coming up with nothing creative yet!



  1. 1

    1. I found grey when I was 21 {15 years ago}. I learned the hard way that I must always have my hair done if I wanted it to look decent. :)

    2. I searched and searched for the perfect yellow in my house, and I finally did a faux look…I took mocha brown paint, water it WAYYYY down and rubbed it on with a sea sponge, then wiped off with a rag. It’s a bit of work, but I promise it will look AMAZING. From one yellow wall lover to another. :)

    3. you are amazing. that is all. :)

    big hugs xoxo

  2. 2

    I do the same thing at night!!!!!! I can never sit on the edge of the bed and collect myself- cannot bear the thought of my feet dangling! HAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    This is so random! I love it. It hopped from one thing to another. Wow!

  4. 4

    You’re right… If WIWW stopped, I would revolt! ;) I am not a WIWW poster, but a dedicated reader, follower and wearer! Please don’t stop! xoxo

  5. 5

    yep, i write down stuff on my to-do list that i’ve done just so that i can mark it off. :)

    when i found out my husband does the same thing, i was relieved that i wasn’t the only one to do that.

  6. 6

    Oh my gosh, I can relate to so many of these! I did the coffee thing with the hot chocolate for a long time….which then led into all of the yummy (and fattening) flavored creamers. I finally had to give it up completely and switch back over to tea….still warms me up and much better for me!

    The grey hairs….yuck. I had to have my hairdresser start adding little highlights because straight color wouldn’t cover them for more than a few weeks! Now with the highlights I can go 9 weeks between appointments! LOVE it!

    The to-do list…..EXACTLY what I do. It’s like I need to account for every little thing I do…what’s up with that?

    The bed thing…yep. I’m so bad that I can’t even sleep with my back to the door…never could. Now I’m better once hubby is in bed and between me and the door….weird, I know.

    Loved this post…so fun!

  7. 7

    To fix the yellow problem, try Hawthorne Yellow (Ben Moore). It’s a go to color of mine – looks great, all the time.

    Love this post … funny!

  8. 8

    With 2 year old twins, there are some mornings that I am a bit tempted to add the Bailey’s to my morning coffee. Ha! I am glad there are other moms that feel like they don’t know what they are doing in the mothering department. BM HC-6 Windham Cream… a lovely, subtle yellow. Happy 5 year Anniversary and good for your for running again. Happy Day!

  9. 9

    We are so alike, it is scary :) Except there could be snakes under the bed, too. Just sayin’. And have you tried Almond Joy coffee creamer in your coffee? Ohmygoodness. Seriously, I love this blog…thank you for writing what you do and sharing with us!

  10. 10
    Nadir@StitchSense says:

    Hee hee! Love this! Why are so many of your thoughts like mine? The bony hand under your bed, the seat belt, list making… :-) Have a great day & happy (early) bloggy anniversary!

  11. 11

    Congrats on the 5 years – that’s very cool! I completely agree on the Private Practice thing and I do the same thing with my to-do list :)

  12. 12
    Sarah S. says:

    I was saying out loud “Me too!” on nearly all of those random thoughts!! I guess that’s why I like your blog so much. You are a normal person, who I prefer to think, would be a girlfriend I’d go to Target with on a regular basis, if we lived closer to each other. You also just happen to be brilliantly creative and adorable. Congrats on 5 years and go get those running pants!!

  13. 13

    I’m going back on the cheap. I’ve been paying $150 for a haircut with partial highlights for so long and one day it just struck me as to how ridiculous that was. I’m going on the cheap, have yet to buy the box at the store, it will probably sit there awhile before I have the nerve to color my hair myself, but I will get it done. Can’t be all that bad, right?

    Congrats on the 5 years!!!! That’s dedication, girl:-)

  14. 14

    I have a bony creepy hand behind my bedskirt too. It was so much better when we had a platform bed with drawers underneath. Then I knew the only scary thing down there were my granny panties!

  15. 16

    ha – funny! You’re not the only crazy one… I have a huge fear of snakes. When I was pregnant with my son I’d have to have my husband stand in the bathroom with me while I brushed my teeth because I had a hugely irrational fear that there were snakes under the overhang of the cabinet by the toekick that I couldn’t see and they would bite or touch my toes. Didn’t matter if I looked down there before I started, didn’t matter that the bathroom is on the second floor, didn’t matter that we live in the city and I’ve never seen a snake here! I could still imagine them and got creeped out every time!

  16. 17

    My motto: signal lights make the world brighter :)

  17. 18

    I could so relate to most of your post! The grays have started here too and I will admit it’s a welcome addition to my head. I just wish they weren’t so frizzled!

  18. 19

    oh, i’m totally afraid of monsters under the bed…. and snakes in the toilet. 3:00 a.m. is a comical place at my house.

  19. 20

    Um. The list thing. Totally guilty. I LOVE marking things off my lists! Even if they weren’t written in the first place!

    And…lily with the growing pains- this made me cry. Bless that sweet girl for falling asleep to your prayers. Now, you know that was peaceful for her. You’re a good momma!!!!!

  20. 21

    Love these kind of lists! I do the gray hair thing, and jumping in bed so a hand doesn’t grab my ankle. :)

  21. 22

    Loved your post! I was laughing so much and you’re not crazy either, I’m so afraid of the bony hand under the bed too. Congested on the 5 years of blogging! :-)

  22. 23

    o my gosh! totally with you on the seatbelt & the to-do list!!!!

  23. 24

    What a great post!!!

    – bony, creepy hand…TOTALLY!
    – gray hairs… just started finding mine too…only on my left temple (weird)
    – love what silas said…so cute. you’ll have to check out my blog…i started posting funny/cute things kids say every tuesday. other people put their cute sayings in the comments. great way to put a smile on your face.

    have a great tuesday!

  24. 25

    Wish I had found you 5 years ago….but oh so glad I found you this year! You make my days a bit happier! Thanks.

  25. 26

    Happy 5years!
    I especially liked this one:
    “:: after 8 years (8 7/8 years) of parenting, i still have no idea what i’m doing.”
    I hear ya! I love it but I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing!

  26. 27

    The BEST yellow I have ever found was from Restoration Hardware. But I had it colored matched at Home Depot for a much cheaper price (I don’t think they do that anymore, boo!) I painted my whole downstairs with it and it always made me happy. Then we moved to a home with incredibly high ceilings. I miss it! Very creamy! I painted my laundry room a yellow about a year ago and got it ALL wrong. Should have gone back to Restoration. Every time I walk into my laundry room it makes me think of the blue box mac-n-cheese (one of my guilty favorites, but not on my walls). I would love to start over in there, except painting around my huge washer and dryer is such a pain, so I covered my walls in shelves and cabinets and then I don’t notice it as much. Oh, yellow. Such a love/hate color!!!! You’ll get it right soon, I know it :)

  27. 28

    Just having a yellow wall discussion yesterday online. My yellow paint reads as tan on the chip but is the most gorgeous shade of yellow on the walls. It’s like butter.

    Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream.

    You can see it here: http://pinterest.com/pin/119134352612893362/

  28. 29

    I’m the same way with lists! Crossing it off…. Even if you have to add it past tense is the best!!! :)

  29. 30

    I totally do the to-do list thing. Even things like “trim Hudson’s nails”. It gets thrown on there just so I can cross it off :)

    Have you thought about taking Lily to the doctor? Just to check and make sure everything is okay- it never hurts to check :)

  30. 31

    I am 27 and have so many gray hairs!! I totally do that with my lists too! I get so much satisfaction out of crossing things off my lists!

  31. 32

    LOVED todays post. AND no you are not a crazy person, I jumped into bed like that just last night! ha! (c:

  32. 33

    Thanks for this great random post! I can relate to a few of them! I too add an item to my TO DO list just so I can cross it off! Feels good!

  33. 34

    Absolutely loved this post – completely made me smile. I especially related to the gray hairs (I FINALLY scheduled my appointment for tomorrow) and I ALWAYS add and check the “extra” things I end up doing during a day. It shows just how much I got accomplished!

  34. 35

    I do the write it down just to cross it off from the list thing too!

  35. 36

    I thought I was the only wacko who wrote things down on her to do list just to check them off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t imagine how happy this makes me! THESE THINGS are WHY I blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 37

    Being in a moving car with no seat belt feels like you just got on a roller coaster that might go upside down and aren’t secured. Also write things on my lists just to cross them off, are we OCD? Also, if any part of you gets too close to under the bed, or hangs off the bed in midair, it is a known fact that the boogy man will get it. =) Cute post.

  37. 38

    Ditto to most of the above, especially the list thing! Thanks for making me laugh.

  38. 39
    Trina Miner says:

    That Private Practice was so sad…sobbing, I was! And yes, I am scared to have my feet hang off the bed at night. I just know something will grab me. Yikes!

  39. 40

    I hear ya about the gray!!! I have a beautiful yellow in my room, it is called Lemon Souffle from Behr…..you are so right, yellow is super hard to get!

  40. 41

    Great list of randoms! Happy early blogoversary! 5 yrs, that’s a lot in blog years, if you ask me :)

  41. 42

    I Love reading your blog it makes me smile :) Behr — Gold Buttercup is a wonderful yellow you might want to try. It is a soft yellow and looks great in soft and bright light.

  42. 43

    I Love your list, im still laughing. LOL. I hoping i didn’t wake up my kids. LOL! The chorse, and the secret list thing, i thought i only did that, lol.

  43. 44

    i add things that i did, but didn’t have on my to do list after i have already done them too. it makes total sense if you think about it. also, i think it’s my fault that you have to do the running jump into bed. i still do it too.

  44. 45

    You’ve made me appreciate just a few more of my quirks after reading this. Thanks, Sista!

  45. 46

    LOL!!! my head has been an old lady forever! i had grey hair at 21 and now even getting highlights EVERY 6-7 weeks barely hides it. i’ve got the wonderful wirey kind that stick straight out! i’m not so scared of under the bed but coming up the stairs in the dark…i end up running every time. HAPPY 5 years of blogging! your wiww comment had me cracking up! =)

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  46. 47

    5 years, congratulations! I’m a couple of weeks away from 4 years myself. I loved your list, especially the comment about toddler jokes! My daughter (age 4.5) thinks anything she says that isn’t true then laughs about is a joke. My son (age 2.5) loves the “guess what? chicken butt!” joke my husband taught him…although it comes out more like “ah wat? ah butt!” He is a man of few words.

  47. 48

    I do the bed thing too! Thought I was the only one… Ha! Fun post. :)

  48. 49

    such a fun post…the hand under the bed..oh my word! :)

  49. 50
    Christine says:

    I’ve gone through many yellows in my day and I have found the ones to be the best are the ones that don’t really look yellow at all in the paint store. They always show up way more bright and yellowy so it’s good to pick one that is a little on the not-so-yellow side (how about that for vague). My bathroom is currently painted Provence Creme by Behr. It’s a happy yellow that doesn’t hurt your eyes and looks great with my gray tiles. Happy Painting!

  50. 51

    Love ur blog! When choosing yellows, always go creamier than u think. Yellow can turn highlighter yellow fast! Go for the butter yellows!

  51. 52

    Ok. I almost choked when I got to the point about Private Practice. Here I am…getting caught up on blogs…watching Private Practice in the middle of the day! Bahaha!

  52. 53

    So much to love about this post. some days I think I’m an adult, other days not so much. Love Hot Chahlua, though I didn’t know it had a name. I feel the same way about seatbelts and I use my blinker, even to turn into my own driveway (on a dead end street)… my husband thinks this is silly. good luck with picking the right yellow!

  53. 54

    Between you and Meg D, the random posts are ALWAYS my favorites. I think this might have been the best of this list because every girl relates:

    :: i’m wearing a sweatshirt right now that i stole from my husband before he was my husband.

    AND… don’t you know we all have comfies days?!?! No guilt.

  54. 55

    Lol, I do the list thing too! I really thought I was a lunatic ;P Happy blogaversary!!

  55. 56

    Seriously, you are SO cute! I love that a complete stranger has the same problems/issues that I do! You just make me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  56. 57

    I often write, lol, when I didn’t actually “laugh out loud”. You truly had me “laughing out loud”. I identified with SEVERAL of the things you said. I actually have an 8 year old that is turning 9 this week (boo hoo). Also, the part that had me rolling….the creepy hand…oh my goodness I thought I was the only one!!

  57. 58

    This was hysterical. And so true. BTW – I used to work for a design store. If you want yellow, you have to go tan…..but not the tan you think. Go for Plantation Beige by Farrell Calhoun, or Blonde by Sherwin Williams. You may think I’m crazy when you look at the swatches, but if you want a non-mustard yellow, trust me on this.

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