attention locals!

come see us at our new venue!

i hope to see you tonight and tomorrow!



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    Hey Lindsey,
    I have been visiting your website for the past year now. You have been such an inspiring encouragement to me as a stay at home mom, crafter, DIY, Christian woman raising her kids to know and love the one who created us to be the women He has created us to be. Although I don’t know you personally, I can see the love of the Lord in everything you do. You have such a gift and passion for what you do, and it is very well carried through. So often we have ideas and dreams and we don’t follow through with them, you are an inspiration to many.
    I know this is in email form,perhaps I should have sent it via email. Either way, I have had a dream to start a business recreating old furniture, for awhile now. God in His timing, uses the craziest of circumstances to get the ball rolling, and now my dream is becoming a reality. Raising three small children, like yourself…2 girls and one son, it is challenging, but so fun to be fulfilling the part of me that God created in me. I always love reading about how small business get started, it’s always so cool to hear about. I’m rambling….
    Thank you for your example…and your genuine spirit…it is a rare jewel. Your husband and children are blessed.

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    I really wish we had something like this where I live. The drawbacks of living in a small town.

  3. 3

    Wishing all of you at the Stitch Market a wonderful show!

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