broken hallelujah {giveaway}

my brother-in-law, david (pronounced daveed) toney, just released his first full-length album!  we are all so proud of him!  not only has music been a huge part of his life, but his music has been a big part of our family’s life – we’ve had recordings of him singing praise songs and hymns since my kids were babies, and they’ve grown up knowing and loving his voice!  he is amazingly talented and gifted!

the album is called broken hallelujah (songs for sunday mornings (and other times also)) and it is a collection of david’s original songs, with one hymn thrown in.  songs about God, songs about hard times, songs about rejoicing, songs about how God’s love never ends.

its available on his website (you can order a CD, digital download and/or pre-order the vinyl) or on iTunes.

if you are looking for some new good worship music, please check it out!  you can preview all of the songs here.  you can also like him on facebook!

or… you can win one here!  just head over to david’s website, enjoy his album for a bit, and tell me which of his songs is your favorite (mine’s this my heart’s cry).  in a few days i’ll choose a winner and get you your very own copy!

happy listening!



  1. 1

    I love them all, but Awake is wonderful! It’s an old favorite!

  2. 2

    This is such awesome-ness and has to feel so good as an artist to have his own worship CD. i think the CD is really great but my fave’s are… Great is the Lord, Broken Hallelujah, and This my heart’s Cry. Thank you for this opportunity to know of him and to win his CD. Happy Easter.

  3. 3

    All of the songs are beautiful. I think it’s fantastic that Awake is on the CD, not many people think past the hymns in our hymnals… There are so many that have so much more to say! I have to say I think, at this point in my day/life that “Your Love Never Ends” is my favorite so far. Thank you for introducing me to a new artist and Brother musician!!

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  5. 5

    I loved Broken Hallelujah! It really spoke to me, and brought tears to my eyes…I loved it!

  6. 6
    Kristin says:

    broken hallelujah! i listened to his songs the other day and intent to order his CD, however… (I would love a free CD). He has such a great sound and style I felt like I was listening to a favorite artist on the radio.

  7. 7

    Praise the Lord! I love Broken Hallelujah. Psalm 51 is such a comfort.

  8. 8

    I like “Your Love Never Ends.” He’s great!

  9. 9
    Jessica Blood says:

    My favorite song would have to be.
    Your Love Never Ends

  10. 10
    dawn beaver says:

    Beautiful…Broken Hallelujah…love!

  11. 11
    Betsy Sue says:

    Great album. Would love to incorporate Awake, Rock, Breath and Lord in our praise time at church!

    • 12

      Hi Betsy Sue!

      David’s wife here :) I’m not sure if you saw or not, but he has resources on his website for all of the songs- chord charts and lyrics. Videos for some too :) We’ve done all of those and broken hallelujah in our church’s sunday worship services and they are awesome! Our congregation has really grabbed on to Rock of All the Ages, Broken Hallelujah and Awake My Soul especially.

  12. 13

    WOW! The whole album is incredible…I have to say “Awake” is my favorite! We sing it almost every Sunday at church but I never knew there were other verses (they aren’t in the hymn book, but wish they were)!

  13. 15

    Beautiful! I like Awake!

  14. 16

    I love this cd. Awake is fabulous. It just shows how powerful God really is!

  15. 17
    Heather W says:

    Awake is my favorite song. I have always LOVED the doxology & was thrilled to hear that there is a full song!

  16. 18

    I also like “this is my hearts cry.” Also, I love the name of the album…creative, quirky & interesting. =)

  17. 19

    So much to love. Christ-centered. Love.

    Fave??? Broken Hallelujah

    So needed for me today.

    Thank you.

  18. 20

    Your love never ends

  19. 21
    Jennifer Appleton says:

    I love that he included Awake :) My brother leads a Christian worship band and they’ve been known to mix some hymns in too… So awesome! And Broken Hallelujah… wow! I would love to have some new worship music to listen to! This is a beautiful compilation!

  20. 22

    Wow, SO TALENTED!! My husband and I have been on the mission field for the last 9 months and finding new worship music is fantastic! We are currently in Thailand- working with sex trafficking and human trafficking. When I heard “your love never ends” reminds me of these women- that God is chasing after them daily- he wants them- out of this industry- and resting in his arms!
    Great work David! :) Our website is:

  21. 23
    Cindy V. says:

    Love the whole CD-but probably Awake would be my favorite

  22. 24

    I already bought it and got it the day it came out, but I just wanted to let you know that I think it is great!

  23. 25

    Rock Of All The Ages sounds great. I’m always interested in finding new worship music…thanks for the “introduction”! Happy Easter BTW :)

  24. 26
    Ashley Ez says:

    Broken Hallelujah. Ever since you posted it a few days (weeks?) ago, I’ve listened to it over and over. Love it.

  25. 27

    Your Love Never Ends is one I like best. Your BIL has a great voice. Going back to listen some more. :-)

  26. 28

    Really liking Infinitely Valuable. :) He has a great voice!

  27. 29

    Awake. Thank you for introducing us to David’s music!

  28. 30

    This is My Heart’s Cry is my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

  29. 31

    I like Awake.

  30. 32

    Your love never ends!

  31. 33

    I didn’t even notice that you were giving away a copy because I clicked over to his site and bought the digital download right away! I’d still love to win a CD, because I’d pass it along to a friend…

    As a lover of hymns, I really enjoyed Awake, but the whole thing is great!

  32. 34
    abby vaagen says:

    wow. I really liked awake…but all very good. He is really talented; would love to add this to our household…singing praises to the Lord!

  33. 35

    i like “Breath Departs”

  34. 36

    “Infinitely Valuable” had a lot of personal connection with me.

  35. 37

    I love Rock of All the Ages!

  36. 38

    ‘Your Love Never Ends’… what a great album! B~

  37. 39

    I loved Rock of All Ages. I am loving this album, I’d love a copy!

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