hello monday

hello mothers day present – a new iphone!

my old phone was so slow that i’d arrive at my destination before the maps app would start working!

i’m so excited to take clear pictures with it, too!

but, its so slippery that i’m too afraid to use it because i think i’ll drop it – any suggestions on great protective cases?

*     *     *     *     *

hello reality – i’m not sure if i’m ready for you.

i was so spoiled yesterday with breakfast in bed and some time at our local flea – all i needed was a nap and it’d be the perfect day!

hello to a crazy kelly green bag that will become my overnight bag after a quick wipe down.  goodbye to only $4!

hello and goodbye to an old pachinko machine – i’d love to take you home with me, with your pretty colors and reminders of my childhood, but alas, you aren’t in my budget.

*     *     *     *     *

hello new products!

this pencil pouch is the same one that i stole for myself – aren’t the colors irresistible?!  it works great as a pen/pencil pouch, also as a makeup case.  i used mine when i traveled to corral my jewelry and posies – it was perfect!

i am finally giving up my last little pieces of this fabric by anna maria horner.  i think its beautiful!  i wish i had stashed enough away to recover a chair in my bedroom!

and sunnies cases are still getting restocked after “the great sunnies case sell out” (last week, for some random reason?).

and for those of you who don’t know, if an item is marked as *SOLD* in my shop, there is a pretty good chance i will be restocking it.  if something sells out and i won’t be relisting it, i usually take it out of my shop to make room for new goodies.  so if you see something sold that you really want, be patient and hopefully you’ll see it for sale again soon!

*      *     *     *     *

hello to getting my hair done this morning!

i’m not used to seeing “roots” and i don’t like it!  so looking forward to a coupe hours in the chair, with only my new phone to distract me!

hello also to a run, a breakfast meeting, and an eye appointment today – its going to be a busy one!

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  1. 1

    Hi Lindsey,

    A great iphone case is the LifeProof case (http://www.lifeproof.com/) – waterproofs your phone & can drop it from 6 ft up w/o worrying about it shattering.

    I love your blog – especially your WIWW.:) Thanks for all the inspiration!


  2. 2

    I use the bulky Otterbox Defender, at least it’s safe. The site monograms them ~ http://www.thepolkadotalley.com ~ gorgeous!

  3. 3

    I got a new iPhone too! Sooo excited. My DH got a “Otter” cover for it. Very hard plastic case and while it is a little bulky I think it will do the trick :) I’ve seen them at RadioShack and other stores.


  4. 4

    Hell to you and Happy Monday!! Yeah for you …Iphone:)
    Can’t wait to get one!!!

  5. 5
    Lisa McGriff says:

    I have an Iphone and I have the Otter Box… May be a little bulky but I have dropped phone, and it is still perfect…Love the Otter Box!

  6. 6

    Check out uncommon cases…you can find them at getuncommon.com. I have a case I bought at Target when I got my iPhone last year. At the website, you have a much better selection AND, you can upload your own photo and design your own case. I’ve dropped my phone numerous times and it has been protected. My case has a few scratches, but my phone is in tact. :) They are reasonably priced too…I paid $30-35 for mine at Target and after shipping, my husband got his for around $40…and he designed his own with one of our family pictures.

    Enjoy! They are lots of fun!

  7. 7

    For a less bulky option that still offers protection and reduces the slipperiness (Google Chrome says that is a word) Invisashield works great but make sure you have a store or mall kiosk that can put it on for you. They use heat or a vacuum or something if you put them on yourself it is near impossible to get all the air bubbles out. They make shields for the front and the back- my husband’s phone has a baseball themed back one but they probably make something a little more feminine.

  8. 8

    Congrats on your new iPhone! And since you asked, here’s a shameless plug for you. I specialize in custom-designed iPhone cases! :) http://www.adropofgoldensun.etsy.com. Would LOVE to design a case for you! Along with simple designs and monograms and other personalization, my specialty is in creating cases made to match your business brand, with your logo, web site & I even include a QR code right on the case for many business-owners. This way, when you’re out and about, and someone asks you where you got that fabulous clutch or posy or scarf, you can just show them your phone, and they can scan the QR code to be taken directly to your site! :) Kind of takes the place of needing a stack of business cards on you at all times! Let me know if I can help! Oh, and I use Uncommon Capsule cases for all of my designs; they are the BEST!

  9. 9
    Lindsay F. says:

    I have had a Speck case on my iPhone since day one. I’ve dropped my phone & it’s tumbled down stairs & there’s not a scratch!

  10. 10
    Michelle says:

    I agree with Lindsay F. The Speck case is awesome, it comes in a variety of colors and is a super protector. I seem to have a tendency to drop mine more frequently than not and there’s not a scratch or crack on it!

    My sister has also had luck with the new otterbox case that isn’t as thick.

  11. 11

    I love my lifeproof case. It’s protective, it’s waterproof and it’s very slim!

  12. 12
    CArla Jo says:

    Lifeproof for the case!

  13. 13

    2 words. Otter Box.
    Don’t leave your iPhone without it! :) I have dropped it, accidentally stepped on it, spilled part of a latte on it, and the phone keeps working!
    Easy to clean and I found mine cheap on Amazon for like $13!
    Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  14. 14

    Otter boxes are so big and bulky and ugly. Ugh. If you want similar protection but still want your phone to look pretty, get one of the TechCandy cases at Nordstrom in the BP department. They are usually with the accessories or you can buy them online. They are so cute and come with two colors!

  15. 15

    I have mine in an Otterbox and I’m so glad I do. It’s hit the floor ALOT :-)

    They are a little bulky but I figure as long as it’s protected it’s all good. You can get a really good deal on them from Amazon.

    BTW, I love that green bag you bought….and $4, what a steal!

  16. 16
    Shannon Barnett says:

    Take at Erin Condren on line. She has darling things and the i phone case is very cute. She frequenly has plum district deals to make it more affordable. I use her daily calendar and just love all her designs…

  17. 17

    You need a Kate Spade silicone case. They are really cute and make your phone not slippery.

  18. 18
    Paula Spoo says:

    I just got an iphone too and hopefully you’re having as much fun with yours as I am with mine.

  19. 19

    Otterbox. I dropped my new iphone face down one day and it shattered. Lesson learned. If you want it protected, put it in one of those! Yes it adds bulk and it doesn’t look as slim and cool, but I don’t care about how it looks, I just care about function and not having to buy a new one again!!

  20. 20

    I have the otterbox defender now – yes it is bulky, but I have a 2.5 year old so I dont want to take any chances. I ordered mine on ebay for a pretty good savings. I wanted to try the life proof case but it was only available online and I wanted to see it in person. I have a friend that recently got one at AT&t and they were having a 30% off promotion on them. The speck candy cases are cute, but if you have a tendency to drop or bang your phone around I wouldn’t get one. I know several people you’ve cracke their screens with one of the speck cases on. And the invisasheild protects from scratches, but will not keep the screen or glass from breaking.

  21. 21

    Hi Lindsey,

    I’m no help on a case for your iPhone, sorry, but I was wondering if that was one of your messenger bags you were carrying in the picture of you at the top of this post? So cute! Do you plan on having more?

  22. 22

    hey lindsey. i just got an iphone for the first time last week! i ordered a case from casemate…i love their designer options. jessica swift is a local artist here in atlanta…love her stuff. and you can choose the “tough” case. there are other designers to choose from. i honestly don’t know how good the case is…i should be getting it in the next day or 2! :) can let you know. http://www.case-mate.com/jessica-swift/

  23. 23
    Christie says:

    I have an Otterbox. I want that chevron bag!!!

  24. 24

    Otterbox. You can throw it across the room (not that you would on purpose!), and they are fine. My hubby is a UPS man, and he and a couple of co-workers have fallen down while running to the door and landed on the phone on their side. Thanks to the Otterbox, none of them broke their phones!

  25. 25

    So glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! I was at our local flea in LA yesterday, and had fun!! I had to say good-bye to somethings, too!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  26. 26
    Colleen says:

    No iphone here (our wireless carrier doesn’t have a coveted contract!), but we do have 3 itouches in our house. I have to agree with the otterbox—or in our case, the VERY close Griffin. I bought ours at Best Buy, the defender series. Yes, they are a bit bulky, but I’ll never cry over my pretty pink bulky protection the way I would if I dropped my itouch into shattersvillle!!

  27. 27

    hey again! i got my case wednesday and love it!! so sturdy yet stylish!! just fyi :)

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