life rearranged
i’m linking up wy weekly phone pics with jeannett again!

this week was one of those epic weeks.  we celebrated and loved on each other and just had so much fun!

silas saved his pennies and bought himself 2 sets of pegs for his bike.  he’s been watching “flat land rider” videos with sean and truly thinks he can do all the bike tricks the big boys do.

breakfast: granola with milk

sean had a men’s retreat last weekend so i had the kids on friday night and saturday.  and saturday morning i woke up on the wrong side of the bed!  i could not get rid of the grumps.  i tried crafting (making pinwheels for my mantle), but then the kids wanted to learn how too, and i didn’t have the patience for teaching them.  so that didn’t work.

next i tried sewing, making jammie pants for gracie’s little upcoming slumber party with a few girlfriends.  that didn’t help either.

so i decided to get out of a grump i actually had to GET OUT.  a walk downtown was in order.  and it worked!  i was able to walk and enjoy them, and take in all their goodness.

we started with a little lunch from chipotle.  we ate out side and enjoyed the amazing weather and a tiny little bird stealing dropped food.

then we walked down to the creek and just played – hopped on rocks, threw stones, explored paths.  i stopped saying no for a little while.

i finally got a picture printed of the kids for my mantle.  it only took me a year or so!  photo taken by our friend cameron.

and then i was wiped out and had to put my feet up for awhile.

we have a birthday tradition – opening gifts in our bed first thing in the morning.  sean came home late saturday night so gracie would wake up in the morning with him home… to celebrate her NINTH birthday!

next on the birthday tradition list – marking their height on our growth chart. (wearing her birthday headband from allora handmade)

and then she grew up.  right in front of me, as she crossed the street all by herself.

gah.  love these 2.

it also happened to be our 12th anniversary, which we haven’t really been able to celebrate properly for oh, about 9 years.

after church we headed for the beach.  and decided to bring this goofball along.

gracie’s birthday request: to learn how to surf.  we borrowed our neighbor’s boards and sean went in with the kids.  while i sat in my beach chair.  and did not put a toe in the water.

and she was a pro!  sure the waves were teeny and the water was ankle deep, but she got up!

monkey see, monkey do.

poor kid didn’t last past his first spill since his little teeny spring suit did nothing for keeping the cold out.

lily was the most fun to watch.  she did not want to get out of the water.  she would get completely dumped, stand up, wipe out her eyes, and go out again.

this is her applauding herself after a good wave!  she was so excited!  i was dying over her cuteness.

gracie requested breakfast for dinner for her birthday.  and i shoved in the candles, which immediately began to melt at the base and start tipping over.  we set a world record singing the fastest happy birthday ever.

another request was treats for her classmates.  supermom consulted pinterest

and scored!  trix crispies were a hit and will be made again soon!

on monday, we celebrated our anniversary while the kids were at school. i surprised sean by borrowing a girlfriend’s road bike and we went for a ride together.

we ended up going about 20 miles!  (and my buns still hurt, 4 days later.)

at our halfway point, we stopped for a super yummy lunch.  it was a great way to celebrate us.

and then this happened to the boy.

and reading through the wiww links helped to pass the time in the e.r.

this is what our homeschool mornings look like: me setting up the kids’ work boxes while my coffee cools off to quickly.

lunch time: fresh pineapple and caprese salad – mmmmmm!

after i finished the jammie pants for the gracie’s slumber party, i made a ruffly pair for lily.

full, fun week!

how i spent my wednesday

a couple weeks ago, i heard silas screaming out in the backyard.  kind of a familiar sound really, so i didn’t jump up right away.  the boy tries so many tricks on his bike, and jumps off things that he gets hurt.  kind of a lot.  but nothing a bandaid can’t cure.

but this scream turned different pretty quick and i rushed out to get him.  he had cut the bottom of his big toe on the edge of a stepping stone and then stepped in to dirt, grinding the dirt into his open cut.  so i took him inside and put his foot into the sink to wash out what i could, all while wrestling him and getting hit and kicked because i was hurting him so badly.  after i had cut off the little bit of skin flapping (sorry, nasty) and cleaned all i could, i poured hydrogen peroxide to clean it more.  then we put on some neosporin and a bandaid.

it healed up pretty quickly and i stopped worrying about it.

then 4 days ago, silas started waking up at night, screaming because his toe hurt.  it looked fine, but he started limping a little after that.  every night since he has woken up multiple times throughout the night, screaming about his foot, but it still looked fine.

then tuesday it started looking worse – swollen.  i set up an appointment for the dr. for wednesday.  then he woke up again at night and was inconsolable.  he was screaming that it felt like tons of bees were stinging his toe.  he didn’t stop screaming for over an hour.  so sean took him to the e.r. and i stayed home with the sleeping girls.

at about 4 am they came home.  si was given a painkiller and an antibiotic.  he slept until 6 am then was up for the day.  nice.

but his toe looked worse.  it was turning black and getting puffier.  and more painful.  so we went to our scheduled appointment with the dr. and she sent us straight to the e.r.

by this time his meds were kicking in and upsetting his stomach and he’d gotten sick a few times.  splashing on my legs.  you’re welcome for the picture ;)

but through this all, he really did have a good attitude.  we were teasing him that he did this so he could have us for the whole day to himself ;)

within a few minutes of us getting a bed at the hospital, he was asleep in my arms.  remember he had only had a few hours of sleep?  the poor kid was exhausted.

they were able to get him already for the procedure while he was asleep, so never had to be anxious.  he only woke up when they gave him the conscious sedation shot.  then within seconds he stopped screaming, got a half smile and started to giggle.  the meds worked quickly!

the dr. (who was amazing) basically cut open his toe, drained it, rinsed it and wrapped it  all up.  done!  silas slept through the whole thing, even though he was on conscious sedation, because he was so sleep deprived.  the sedation was supposed to wear off in 30 minutes, but it took a couple hours since he was so tired.  nothing was waking him!  but he finally started to stir (after some shoulder shaking) and we were able to go home.

we’re home now.  he’s doing great, other than still getting sick from the meds on an empty stomach, and i’ll be playing nurse for the next few days.

crazy kid.  the 2 times he’s ever been in the hospital were because of injuries due to WALKING!  the kid who rides his bike one handed with his eyes closed gets hurt walking.  doesn’t make sense.  but i am sure grateful this was all so minor.  and i’m pretty sure we’ll be spending plenty of time in that e.r. over the next 14 years…