what i wore wednesday

really?  it’s wednesday?  how did that happen?  oh, yeah… its summer.  i am having the hardest time keeping track of the days of the week!

we just got back from an impromptu 2-day trip to santa barbara last night, and i kept referring to our time away as being the weekend, so you can see how wednesday snuck up on me, right?

anyway, if you are new to wiww, i usually post every wednesday pictures of my outfits from the week.  i do this to keep accountability, to actually get dressed everyday rather than stay in my jammies or cozy clothes.  its not about looking perfect or spending hours primping.  its about putting in a few extra minutes of effort and feeling so much better throughout the day.  link up here if you want to join us!

top – gift from mom from paris

skirt – target

belt – old navy

sandals – gap

necklace – ruby rose

bracelet – street fair

dress & tank – target

necklace – allora handmade

sweater – all saints

shirt – target

jeans – local shop

chucks – nordstrom rack

necklace – lisa leonard designs

shirt – forever 21

jeans, shoes & cardi – target

tank – nations outfitters

jeans & sandals – target

necklace – forever 21

classy restroom pic, i know.

shirt – old navy

cardi – forever 21

jeans – target

chucks – nordstrom rack

necklace – lisa leonard designs

new custom phone case (!!!!) – a drop of golden sun

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Momma Go Round

anthro knock-off: owl canister

anthro knock-off owl

have you seen the amazing owl canisters from anthropologie?  gah!  so crazy beautiful, right?  and there are so many to choose from, too.  love them all.  i want a little owl family nesting somewhere in my home.  not real ones, just anthro ones, thanks.
what?  i’m not a billionaire?  oh yeah.
anthro knock-off owl
lucky me, i happened upon this little gem at a garage sale a few months ago!
anthro knock-off owl
ok, time to be truthful.  the real “before” picture is above, on the window sill, a not-nearly-as-cute former life as a brown owl (sheesh, who ever heard of that?).
sadly, my only before pic also shows my failings at household duties.  darn picture was too fuzzy to crop everything else out and just keep the owl!
really, the owl has no purpose.  its not actually a canister.  it looks like a pitcher, but there’s no spout hole.  its only purpose in life is to sit there and look pretty. and i needed to help it fulfill its purpose!
anthro knock-off owl
so i gave the owl several coats of glossy cream spray paint then got out my crafty paints.
anthro knock-off owl
i really watered down the colors i used and git just a teeny bit on my brush at a time as it ran into the cracks and crevices of the owl pretty quickly.  i wanted a watercolor-y look, so i was ok with it being kind of transparent.
he is still awaiting a coat of clear gloss since where i painted is a flatter sheen, but he’ll have to wait a bit longer… i found another owl to repaint and join him!