life rearranged

linking up my very few phone pics this week with jeannett!

this was a funky week for me, as evidenced by my non-blogginess ’round these parts.  it was one of those weeks that went too fast to get anything done, but then again all of the days seemed to drag on so long.  well, 3pm to 8pm dragged on, at least.

instafriday on the pleated poppy

you know you’re a mom of a boy when… you take pictures of ridiculous really cool “monster trucks” to show your boy.  seriously?!

instafriday on the pleated poppy

the boy sat next to me while i worked on my computer on the couch and asked if we could play a game together.  how could i say no to that?  well, after he spanked me at mancala, “no” will come much easier next time ;) #soreloser

instafriday on the pleated poppy

lily and silas asked if they could make themselves brefkist while i was still laying in bed, trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of sleep.  i said sure, thinking toast or cereal.  then i heard the eggs and the pans, so i pulled myself out of bed to be on safety duty in the kitchen.  they did an awesome job!  all i had to do was turn the stove on and off!

instafriday on the pleated poppy

this guy was on toast duty and tried to toast hamburger buns for breakfast.  i think his little size 2/4 boxers are getting a bit snug, seeing as he’s turning FIVE next week!

instafriday on the pleated poppy

emily and i met up with our kids for a stitch market meeting at spooners cove in montana del oro.  i love that there is almost no sand at that beach – we found 3 heart rocks in just a few minutes!

instafriday on the pleated poppy

kind of beautiful, right?

i hope you have a fabulous weekend!  after swim lessons today we have some painting projects to start and hopefully finish, then we’re going to the fair tomorrow!  whittling down on that summer list

oh, clearly i’m loving these deals from groop dealz – they just started their christmas in july promotion!  i definitely want to snap some of those chalkboard labels and leather wrap bracelets!


  1. 1

    Thank you for letting your kiddos make their own breakfast! I hear so many moms complaining that they “have” to do everything for their children and it drives me crazy! Now obviously there’s balance in everything: a 2 yr old isn’t able to cook eggs or get their own food. But some are amazed that my 6 and 8 yr old get their own breakfast every day. And its not because I’m making them slaves either(believe me, I’ve heard it all).
    As a teacher and a mom I’m a firm believer that kids should start learning responsibility as soon as things are age-appropriate. After all, we’re raising them to become adults and leave our nest. (And kids love the independence of it too).
    Sorry, stepping down off my soapbox. But it made me smile to see them in the kitchen:) Nuff said.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. 2

    Busy week here too…summer’s end is getting too close! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. 3

    Being the mom of boys doesn’t change much as they get older. I drove around the grocery store parking lot yesterday so my 14 year old could take a picture of a Lotus. Now that picture is the backgound on my phone and I don’t know how to change it. But it makes me smile so I don’t mind too much.

  4. 4
    Christie says:

    We play Mancala, too. However, my oldest daughter calls it, “Girl-cala,” as she says she is not a man. LOL

  5. 5

    Ha! I love that my kids aren’t the only ones who call it brefkist!

  6. 6

    That truck IS pretty cool, and it’s my favorite color! …I’d probably make ya stop so I could take a pic of it, too! :)

  7. 7

    That beach is gorgeous! A sand-free beach sounds awesome to me! Cute pictures of the kids cooking :) Have fun at the fair!

  8. 8

    The picture of the truck made me laugh, I take pictures of cool vehicles to show my little brothers, so I completely understand :)

  9. 9

    I’ve just realized that you must live near where I grew up in Cambria. My husband grew up in Los Osos. We are only down in Pasadena, but we miss it there so much. Now I’m homesick.

  10. 10

    super fun pictures!

    i love that you let your kiddos make breakfast.

    i also love that you use hashtags on your blog. i’m guilty of doing the same! :0)

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