anchors away!


anchors away

i adore these tiny anchors and the navy/orange combo is so fun!  a zippered pouch and a sunnies case are necessities in my purse.

anchors away

 as is a tiny pouch!  mine holds gift cards, but when i just want to head out without a purse, i tuck my i.d., a credit card and some cash in and slide it in my back pocket!

sunnies case

some other new products this week are:  sunnies cases in “fly a kite”

ipad case

an ipad case in “persimmon flowers” to go with the rest of the collection,

ipad case

an ipad case in navy dots, coordinating with a tiny pouch, e-reader case, and zippered pouch,

covered notebook

and also a pretty “peachy pink” covered notebook!

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  1. 1

    as always, your items are totally adorable! your color and fabric combinations make my heart sing!!

  2. 2

    Hi Lindsey,
    I wanted to share a story with you related to an iPad case of yours that I purchased…my children and I were traveling via United Airlines home to Boston from the Midwest and my 12yo daughter accidentally left our iPad in the seat pocket on the first of our first of two flights. She, of course, remembered it, after we had run through the Chicago O’Hare Airport, switched terminals and boarded the second plane. I let the flight attendants know about the situation right away, and hoped for the best!!! Knowing that lots of stuff gets left on planes, I didn’t think I had a good chance of getting it back. I had one unique identifier for my iPad, that being your awesome case(which, I was so bummed about losing) that the iPad was stored in. I included the description of that right down to “the pleated poppy” tag! Well, obviously, this story has a happy ending…we received the iPad and the case back from the Airlines less than 2 weeks after we left it. I think that the pleated poppy case was the main reason we were able to get it returned! So, thank you so much for such a fabulous and unique product. I am a big fan.

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