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linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

we spent all last week up at my parents’ house, and were a bit sad to come home.  but the weather was amazing and we took full advantage of it!

this barn is a fun landmark for us.  its just north of fresno and its been there for as long as i can remember!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

what do you serve for dinner when you’ve been gone for a week and haven’t gone to the grocery store yet?  appetizers!  i’m a big fan of this no-fuss, little clean up meal.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

this week has been full of projects for me.  this $3 garage sale find side table needed to be perked up.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

although i had a little bleeding under the tape lines, i am really happy how it turned out!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

75 lbs to be exact.  almost all scarf fabric.  crazy to think that we’ll be wearing scarves again soon!  unfortunately, i didn’t love all the fabric, so some has to go back, and i am questioning some of my choices… so hard!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

this was beach week for our family.  this happens every single summer.  we don’t go to the beach all summer until the end.  maybe because its packed with tourists, or the fog doesn’t lift?  either way, the weather was perfect and we went. 4 times!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

lots of projects involves at least one trip to the ho depo.  what else would you do while waiting for your wood to be cut than twirl?

instafriday at the pleated poppy

hot day, tired mama in her paint clothes, kids on the corner selling lemonade.  and art. and pipe cleaner bracelets.  our porch bed was calling my name.  it calls me a lot.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

and we finished of our week with one more visit to the beach.  these 2 nuts went in without wetsuits while i sat on the beach all bundled up as the temperature dropped as the sun went down.  how do kids have so much fun that they don’t feel the cold?  craziness.

how was your week?  my parents are here and we have project after project after project lined up – yay!


  1. 1

    I can’t wait to see your projects you do with your parents! You are one lucky girl to have them :)

  2. 2

    the table turned out great!

  3. 3

    I love having appetizers for dinner and nobody ever complains about not liking it.
    The table you painted came out so cute, I think we need another home tour so we can see it all set up ;) Our last week of Summer is just about up as well and we are cramming in beach trips, picnics, etc. I feel like it went by too fast this year!!

  4. 4

    Is the barn on the way to your parents or do you see it as a landmark on the way home? I live in Maine and my kids look for the storage tank with the big lobster stenciled on the side as our landmark that we are in Maine. The Tappen Zee Bridge is the landmark to indicate we are almost at Nana and Poppa’s and their is an alfalfa field an hour before my in-laws that lets us know we are almost at Grandma and Grandpa’s. There is an old salvage yard down in a valley that use to be the landmark my brother and I would look for to know we were so close to seeing our cousins!

    We too will soon be going to the beach a lot. September is the best time to go to Maine beaches. The water is still warm (ish, warm-ish!), but the majority of tourists are gone. If anyone out there is ever thinking of a vacation to Maine, consider September. Places are easier to find to rent, and usually a bit cheaper. Seasonal stores and restaurants are still open, but you won’t need to fight the crowds.

    thank you for the continued glimpses into your life!

  5. 5

    that barn is awesome. and LOVE the beach photos. we have “go to the beach each month” on our bucket list and here it is august and we have yet to go. looks like we have a lot of cramming to do ;)

  6. 6

    I love how your table turned out! We are feeling the squeeze on the end of summer too and are trying to cram in last minute fun! Hope your summer was great!!

  7. 7

    Fun week!
    I grew up in Michigan and spent many summers on the shore of Lake Superior, super super cold water…my parents would be on the beach in sweatshirts and my siblings and I would be crashing in the waves with blue lips. And we loved it!
    I think when I turned 22 I decided it was just too cold ;)

  8. 8

    What a view you have from your front porch WOW!!
    Have a great weekend

  9. 9

    Your table turned out terrific! And I love that twirling photo, so bright and pretty.

  10. 10

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the table :) cute pics :)

  11. 11

    What a fun week! I am always surprised by my kids willingness to go in the ocean too. Mind over matter I guess!

  12. 12

    Oh the twirling at home depot….WHAT A SNAP!!! Frameable.

  13. 13

    As always, love your posts! Fresno (Clovis) reader here, excited to see our little landmark in your blog!

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