summer list in review

usually at this time of year i am sad that school is starting.  i feel like summer went too fast and that we didn’t do all we wanted to do, relax as much as we wanted… you know what i mean?

but this year is different.  not because i am so excited for my kids to get back to school 2 days a week (although i am excited to get back to some sort of routine), but because i feel full.  i feel like we got all we wanted out of summer.  i feel like we didn’t waste a bit, unless we wanted to, and then we lazed and napped and veg’ed as much as we wanted.

this summer was awesome.  possibly the best yet.  we stayed home for the most part, other than a quick trip to santa barbara, a weekend away for sean and i, and then our wonderful week at bass lake.  the worst thing about this summer is that i’ll have to compare next summer to it!

summer list at the pleated poppy

when we wrote our summer list, we just shouted out all the fun things we could think of.

and then summer started.

and i felt like we had to get something done everyday.  that was actually a good thing.  rather than working all day while the kids entertained themselves, we (really, i) chose something off the list and fit that into our day.

summer list at the pleated poppy

 from left to right, top to bottom:

throw rocks in the creek — surf (silas) — get ice cream

family bike ride — play with shaving cream — go to a museum (sb’s natural history)

go to the pool — aquarium (bonus!) — make root beer floats

summer list at the pleated poppy

 surf (gracie) — get sno cones (with cousins!) — hike madonna mountain

circus (bonus!) — camp in back yard (twice!) — go on a picnic

get (more) ice cream — go to the fair — go mutton bustin’ (silas getting prepped)

summer list at the pleated poppy

gracie climbing on her sheep for mutton bustin’ — silas riding the fastest sheep ever — going to the drive-in

tomatoes from our veggie garden — surfing (lily) — skiing at bass lake (as close as silas got!)

kayaking at bass lake — view from my parents’ house at the lake — lily knee boarding

summer list at the pleated poppy

so what didn’t we do?

hike bishop’s peak, go camping, have a garage sale, go to the tide pools, write letters to friends, and hike montana de oro.

not bad, if i do say so myself!  although i am really bummed we never went camping…



  1. 1

    That is GREAT progress, I’m very impressed. We got 7 out of 10 things on our list done, and I was pretty happy about that! Maybe I’ll have to do a post on our progress too!! Happy Fall. :)

  2. 2

    That’s so awesome. What a great list. And even greater that you fulfilled it! I agree this Summer was one for the books for us too =)

    – Sarah

  3. 3

    Camp in your living room! Your kids will love it and in the end, isn’t that what it is really about? I HATE camping and I’m not the kind of gal who uses all capital letters all that often. It is so much work and that makes me tense and my kids sense it. But on the living room floor, with the bathroom just down the hall, and my kitchen close by for a hearty breakfast? I am the bomb diggity mom! Having fun – embracing the moment.

    And tide pooling sounds like a great weekend event. I am guessing you, like us, live in an area that is bombarded with tourists in the summer. The best beach time here is now, and September. The tourists have gone home during the week, but enough swing in for a day trip that all the small local sandwich shops are still open. So we can grab a sandwich, hit the beach with shorts and sweatshirts, and walk the waterline, check in the tide pools and then sit in our chairs and eat.

    I love your summer list and will be doing this next summer. I only discovered your blog after a good amount of the summer was gone. I loved the list idea and the purpose it gives to that time. We only have a limited number of summers with our kids and at this point, I am down to only 6 with my oldest (and that’s assuming he won’t be off with a girlfriend the summer before college!), 8 with my middle and 10 with my youngest. At first, that seems like a lot, but when I actually think about it, my eyes well up and I get a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach.

  4. 4

    Look like an amazing full summer. So glad you enjoyed every minute of it!

  5. 5

    I got the idea for a Summer list from you and am so glad we did it! We have accomplished most of the stuff on our list. I feel like we had a full, fun and relaxing Summer! Thanks for the great idea!

  6. 6

    I love it Lindsey! So inspiring! And what’s even better…you have the photos to prove it! Good for you for capturing all those wonderful family memories. We didn’t make a literal list this year (just one in my head) and I kept it simple to about 5 or 6 bigger goals. We are just about finished with all of them (7 more days until school starts!). But I love the idea of a quick family brainstorm before summer begins. I’ll have to remember that for next year!

  7. 7

    Congrats on a successful summer! Hope you have a wonderful start to school!


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