hello monday!

hello monday!

hello super fun, super busy weekend: family visiting, garage sale-ing, street paint festival going, birthday party attending, new adopted baby visiting, tomato contest losing :( , church going, sidewalk chalking, front yard working.  so thankful soccer games don’t start until next weekend!

hello still figuring out our school routine, but doing well so far.

hello to our lovely fall weather – a steady 75* (my perfect temperature!).

hello more messenger bags in stock!

messenger bags

hello crazy deal going on over at groop dealz!  they have a huge giveaway for their second birthday: a washer & dryer, camera and a mixer! It’s super easy to win, too.


 i’ll happily take one of each, thanks!

linking up with lisa!


  1. 1

    It is going to be a great school year!

  2. 2

    Love the messenger bag! And I would happily take one of each in the giveaway too!!!

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