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happy monday friends!

i hope many of you are enjoying a little longer weekend – i know i am!  i just wanted to pop in here quickly and give you a little shop update.

pencil pouches

i have a thing lately for my pencil pouches – so much so that i can’t stop making them!  they are multi-functional, just like the standard zippered pouches, but with a slightly unique shape.  the wider and shallower interior allows just as much storage, but a little less digging as things are more visible in the shallower depth.

i have several styles that coordinate with other collections and even more that i just thought were so fun!  i love having a few pouches in my purse to organize the madness and these ones add so much happy to the organization.

pencil pouches

 so what do you use a pencil pouch for?  so glad you asked ;)

– pencils (duh)

– small school supplies, toss in a backpack

– make-up

– bag of tiny toys for kiddos

– misc. need: bandaids, chap stick, pack of gum, nail file, hair elastics, container of advil

– feminine products

– match box cars

– cash & checkbook

– stray pens

what would you use your pencil pouch for?  i love hearing new ideas!



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    I think you covered all the bases of what you might use a pencil pouch for! As a photographer, I’d probably also use one to keep my memory cards organized and in one place — I’m always rummaging for them in my camera bag, and these pouches are SO much cuter than memory card wallets (boring, black, Velcro, yuck! Hello!) :)

  2. 2

    I am a first grade teacher, so I could think of one thousand ways to use these pouches. Teachers at my school would LOVE these. I would use them in my school bag to carry home pens, stickers, paperclips, jumpdrives etc… for grading papers at night and finishing up plans. Love the chevron!! Wish I could have caught the mustard color before it sold.

  3. 3

    I just received my messenger bag in the mail, and I LOVE it! I’ve been trying for months to grab the navy chevron before anyone else and I finally did it. The bag is super cute and you are a wonderful seamstress! Can’t wait to start using it to pack everything back and forth to my classroom.

  4. 4
    Tina Paulson says:

    I love this entry! I was just sharing with one of my dear friends, how much I, too, love these pencil pouches – that they are perfect for so many things. I currently carry two in my purse as well as a zippered pouch and now considering a third! :) I am starting my new wish list! I have the dandelions and the grey damask but now I am really watching the chocolate chevron! :) So many to choose – so little room in my bag!

  5. 5

    Lindsey, not only are these products absolutely beautiful…your styling is impeccable! Kudos my dear!

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