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throne of grace

this is where we start our homeschool days.  we sing “this is the day” (stole the idea from my s.i.l.), and then we read the bible together and pray.

throne of grace

i sit in the cozy chair.  actually, its the only chair.  i’m hoping to get a love seat in here to snuggle up on someday.  the couch has been in here before, but its just a little too tight.  while i read, the kids either sit on the ground, or sit at the little table and draw.

throne of grace

we love the child’s story bible by catherine vos.  today we were reading about david and bathsheba and i was a little concerned about how that “situation” would be explained.  it was done in a simple way that the kids didn’t even make a funny face – just an “oh, thats not good!”.

after we read, we always get on the floor and pray.  mostly we pray for patience and for homeschool to go well.   on my end, the prayers can definitely lean toward being selfish: “help the kids to obey, help them to work diligently…”

one of my newest sponsors, throne of grace, sent me this awesome set of prayer cards, titled how to pray with your child.  i love that we can just grab the book before we pray and have something specific to learn how to pray for.  each card has a topic and a couple verses for further explanation.  it has made me realize that although my kids feel comfortable praying, they pray the same things and the same way.  this is opening up their eyes to see other things to pray rather than asking for help or prayers of thankfulness!

throne of grace

 we had a rough homeschool day yesterday.  i wish this was the card we focused on that day – both the kids and i needed it!

not only has this been a helpful tool as a mom, but its also very well made.  each card is heavily laminated and spiral bound.  this isn’t flimsy and flexible, but something that will hold up for years!  thats good news because according to my calculations, i may have about 12 more years to go on this schooling journey.  thats all, just 12.  *deep breaths*

throne of grace

the team at throne of grace makes more than just the “how to pray with your child” prayer cards, but a whole slew of guided prayer cards, from praying for someone in the military to praying for your husband.

they also offer prayer journals which provide structure and guidance for your prayer life, along with a recorded legacy of your prayer life.

throne of grace has generously offered one of my readers a $41.60 gift certificate to their shop. the odd dollar amount is in honor of their theme verse – hebrews 4:16 which says, “let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

 to enter the giveaway, visit their shop and share what you would spend your gift certificate on!  you can also visit the throne of grace blog and share something interesting you learned there or some encouragement you received to earn a second entry.

 throne of grace is also running a big sale right now that goes through the end of september.  It is a Buy More, Save More Sale!

Spend $25, Save 10% (use code: POPPYSPEND25)

Spend $50, Save 15% (use code: POPPYSPEND50)

Spend $75, Save 20% (use code: POPPYSPEND75)

Spend $125, Save 25% (use code: POPPYSPEND125)

codes will be valid until 9/30/12 at midnight (PST)

be sure to also find throne of grace on facebook!



  1. 1

    I really like the Legacy Prayer Journal and the Praying with Your Child cards! I like that there are so many choices. The New Mom Prayer Cards would make a great gift!

  2. 2

    Love the prayer cards! I would have a hard time choosing between that and the journal. I really like the divisions in the journal.

  3. 3

    I love the mustard seed journal. I would give it to my secret sister with the matching pen. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. 4
    Elizabeth G. says:

    This is a nice giveaway!
    I would use the gift certificate in the How to Pray in Challenging Times Prayer Cards.

  5. 5

    Loving the prayer cards but I also want to start journaling more…tough choice!!!

  6. 6

    I checked out the blog and I LOVE it! Adding it to my Google reader :)

  7. 7

    I just checked out the etsy show and I really like the “how to pray with your child.”

  8. 8

    This is just what I need. I would love the how to pray for wife and husband sets or the legacy journal is really meat too! Thanks for sharing this site!

  9. 9

    I would choose a legacy journal to keep and a how to pray for your students to gift to my MIL who is a teacher. Great giveaway!

  10. 10
    Laura Hubbard says:

    I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THESE!!! I LOVE the “Praying with your Children” cards!!!

  11. 11

    wow, their products are beautiful! I would get a legacy prayer journal, I love those!
    kathy k

  12. 12

    Great shop, so many neat items! I would love the prayer journal, it would be so useful!

  13. 13

    oooo man, I would love those Scripture prayer cards with your children as well. We have 4 kids and are homeschooling as well. Starting the day with these cards would be such a blessing and fabulous tool in our prayer time at the beginning.
    You have been such a blessing to me! I want to write you a real note soon & share more.

  14. 14

    We homeschool too. Would love the How to Pray with Your Child too. We’d probably use it at the breakfast table. First things first!

  15. 15

    I hopped onto their website. I love that they are a homeschooling family too!

  16. 16
    miranda sandlin says:

    I love the praying with your children cards. would be perfect for homeschool.

  17. 17

    I like the God’s Word for your childs heart. How cool!

  18. 18

    What a great giveaway! I love the praying with your child cards and the praying for your teen cards.

  19. 19

    I love the prayer journals, so beautiful! great giveaway =]

  20. 20
    Terri Hershey says:

    My son leaves for Marine Boot Camp tomorrow afternoon…I love that she has a “How to pray for your Marine” set of cards. That is the one I would definitely choose first!!

  21. 21

    I would use the gc plus my own money for so many wonderful things!! How to Pray for your Husband, How to Pray for your Business, How to Pray with your Child, How to Pray for your Pastor…. The list keeps going!

  22. 22

    I also checked out the blog… adding it to my reader! I was encouraged by her post a few days ago regarding how the lessons I learned through my disobedience to God can be taught and changed for my children. By God’s grace I have the opportunity to teach them to love and respond in love and obedience to Him.

  23. 23

    I think this shop is so wonderful. I love the items. If I won I would get the Praying for Missionaries and How to Pray with your Child. What great tools to use memorize scripture and remind us to pray.

  24. 24

    Def. Praying with your child! So helpful!

  25. 25
    Kimberly B. says:

    I like the God’s Word for a Child’s Heart, Spiral-Bound, Laminated Bible verse cards.

  26. 26
    Kimberly B. says:

    I visited the blog and found out that she used to teach elementary school for many years,

  27. 27

    Love this! I love your reading area! I used to have rain gutters in my classroom library. :) I love those cards on the spiral notebook…small and simple making it easy to do. Something my kids have enjoyed is praying through our Christmas cards each year. We choose 3-4 cards per day and pray for that family. It’s fun because you have the picture they sent and it keeps that family in my mind all day to be praying for them. XOXO

  28. 28

    Ooh I love the pillows in your homeschool room!
    From throne of grace, I LOVE the mustard seed journal. So sweet!
    thank you for the giveaway!

  29. 29

    I really like the legacy journal and the How to pray with your child. Love that this is available to everyone. Boy could most of us use help :) Thanks for the chance! Love your blog!

  30. 30

    Oh, which to choose? As a teacher in a Christian school I would love to use the “How to Pray With Your Child” cards with my students. Or I would also love to use the “How to Pray for Your Husband” cards to grow in the ways I can pray for and love my husband. Thanks for highlighting a business that is so encouraging!

  31. 31

    What a great site! I’d love a prayer journal and of course the prayer cards are great too! Thanks so much!

  32. 32

    I would love the How to Pray for Your Husband prayer cards! We just got married in November and I think that would be a great way to learn how to pray for him! I also really like the prayer journals!

  33. 33

    I really like the Throne of Grace blog. I was encouraged not only to continually pray throughout the day but also to incorporate Bible verses into your prayer life! I like how she gives examples on how to do that and is very open with her spiritual walk! A really encouraging blog! Thanks for the share!

  34. 34

    I would pick a couple of those prayer journals! They would make wonderful gifts for the holidays!

  35. 35

    I love the God’s Word for Training Your Child’s Heart and Praying for your Husband and Praying for your Children! The prayer journals are great too!

  36. 36

    Oh, I need those prayer cards for my 2 year old son! His prayers went from naming off everyone and everything that he’s thankful for to just saying “Jesus… AMEN!” I would love some guidance to teach him that prayer is a lot deeper than that.

  37. 37

    I love the prayer cards!

  38. 38

    We pray at dinner together and our kids prayers are starting to always sound the same, so it would be nice to have “How to Pray With Your Child” to help steer our words.

  39. 39

    I looked at the site and really the one I love the most is “How to Pray with Your Child.” What a great idea to encourage them to pray Scripture into their lives. We pray for friends and family every night at dinner, but I struggle with topics for prayer each day. What an awesome idea!

  40. 40
    Molly Hanson says:

    The “How to Pray with Your Child” cards are just exactly what my husband and I have been talking about with our children! I was thrilled to see something like this already in print!

  41. 41

    How to Pray with your Child cards! What a great idea and prayer-starter!

  42. 42

    I’d have to start with the first volume of God’s Word for Training Your Child’s Heart. But those prayer journals are precious, too…just for momma time with my God. Blessings!

  43. 43

    I would want the how to pray cards! Great Idea!!

  44. 44

    Just checked out the website! They have sooo many great products!

  45. 45

    What a great way to start your school day. I would love to start ours the same!

  46. 46

    I would get the mustard seed prayer journal!

  47. 47

    I would probably get the “How to Pray With Your Child” to use with my younger two children and then a nice prayer journal for my oldest.

  48. 48

    You’ve convinced me I want the prayer cards :)

  49. 49

    I love the How to Pray with Your Child cards and the God’s Word for a Child’s Heart set!

  50. 50

    Wow, what a treasure trove! I’d definitely buy the Praying With Your Child, and then the one for your husband! Thanks for sharing such a great resource!

  51. 51

    I am a teacher and expecting my first baby … so i’d get the ‘how to pray for your students’ and ‘god’s word for training your child’s heart.’

  52. 52

    love the “how to pray with your children” cards! so beautiful and meaningful!

  53. 53

    I really love the pray for your husband/wife cards. Such a great idea! What a great website overall. Thanks!

  54. 54

    I love the idea of the “how to pray with your child” cards…definitely relate to the need for opening my daughters mind and heart to some other ways to pray. Even I get in a rut sometimes!

  55. 55

    I think the how to pray cards are a wonderful idea! i would be interested in the child training set as well.

  56. 56

    I like the God’s Word for Training your Child and the Prayer for Husband books.

    I LOVE that you have the Catherine Vos book. I grew up with my parents reading those stories to me and my siblings. Our family copy is falling apart…it was my mom’s when she was growing up. I think it is the best Bible story book available.

  57. 57

    These are too cute! I definitely want the Training a Child’s Heart books!

  58. 58

    I like the prayer cards.

  59. 59

    The prayer cards, absolutely.

  60. 60
    Anne Luhmann says:

    I love the Mustard Seed Prayer Journal, Altered Composition Notebook.

  61. 61

    I would love the mustard seed prayer journal and the prayer cards for my boys. thank you

  62. 62

    I love the prayer cards and journals!!

  63. 63
    Cindy Schneider says:

    I love the legacy prayer journal and would also like the ‘How to Pray with Your Child” and “Prayers for a Child’s Heart’ prayer cards. The prayers cards for a new mama would make such a wonderful gift as well. Genius! If I don’t win…I’ll be buying :)

  64. 64

    HOw to Pray with Your Child would be awesome for our little homeschool! I love the glimpses into other homeschoolers’ days!

  65. 65
    Amber Treat says:

    Love the prayer journals!

  66. 66

    I home school also, and try to start each day with prayer. I’ve found the same thing happens with my daughter as far as praying the same prayers every time. I love the idea of the prayer cards to give ideas to pray for each day!

  67. 67

    I would love the mustard seed prayer journal. I liked the cover, and was pleasantly surprised when I enlarged the image, our family verse is on it!

  68. 68

    The set of prayer cards for husband/wife. It reminds me that I need to be praying for my spouse daily. Felt a little bit of conviction!

  69. 69

    what a cool shop!! I love the mustard seed prayer journal!

  70. 70

    wow – love these products!! I love the praying with your child cards which remind me of the fundamentals of “shepherding a child’s heart” and the prayer journal…and the praying for spouse…I see of a lot good Christmas present ideas!!

  71. 71

    I love the “How to Pray with Your Child” book. I’ve been trying to work with my son on prayer, and this sounds like it would be a great way to help us focus on others.

  72. 72

    Gods word for a moms heart, I love!

  73. 73

    These are great! My daughter seems to pray the same things over and over again, too. I have been struggling lately with guiding her prayers so that she understands the freedom she has to talk to God, but I don’t want to tell her exactly what to pray since I think it should come from her heart. The cards would be perfect with the simple prayers and explanation!

  74. 74

    I would love to get one of the Legacy Prayer Journals:

  75. 75

    I enjoyed reading some of her blog posts – they read a lot like a devotional.

  76. 76

    I love this! Yes, we can certainly use a little guidance in this area. I just had a talk with my son tonight after his prayers about saying the same things. I told him that he didn’t have to make sure he fit it all in the same every night. It would be so great to check out the “How to Pray with Your Child” book. I also like the praying for your husband/wife set. It’s funny, the wife’s name used is Joy, and I initially thought I could use help in praying for some joy from time to time!

  77. 77

    I would get the “how to Pray with Your Child” and “God’s word …” Books. What a great resource.

  78. 78

    What a great blog. I was reminded that the same behaviors I see as Ugly in my kids are also ugly to my heavenly Father when they come from me. But I’m so thankful that
    “…he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.
    For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so great is his love for those who fear him;…”

  79. 79

    What a great shop! I love the ‘praying with your child cards.’ :)

  80. 80

    I love the prayer cards. The prayers for my grandchildren one would be a wonderful gift for my mom!

  81. 81

    I love the praying with your child cards, great idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

  82. 82

    I don’t see it in their shop but I know they have a ‘how to pray for your foster child’ and I would definitely get that one!! Met them this summer in Long Beach. They were darling and I had a cute little foster girl throwing a huge fit and had to leave. boo.

    • 83

      Hi April,

      You are right, we do have two sets for Foster Families – “How to Pray for Your Foster Child” and “How to Pray for Your Foster Child’s Birthparents”. Those are our newest sets and we’ve got them photographed, just need to get them up in the shop! Hopefully this week…but you can always contact us if there is something you want but can’t find! :) It was great meeting you at Penelope Lane! Thanks for commenting!

      Molly and the Throne of Grace team

  83. 84

    I have bookmarked the etsy shop, as there are so many good ideas but my favorite are the ‘how to pray for…’ index cards – what a great way to enrich our prayer lives!

  84. 85

    so many neat things to choose from! if i didn’t just buy a new prayer journal i’d definitely be interested in one of those. the how to pray with your child cards caught my eye. i’m struggling to teach my 7 year old and 3 year old how to pray. i really think these prayer cards would come in handy.

  85. 86

    i like a whole lot of their products!
    but if i had to choose… i’d pick the legacy prayer journal or the “how to pray with your children” notes.
    but honestly, everything is fabulous!!
    great giveaway!

  86. 87

    I love the little pray for cards. That would be amazing for our family’s devotions. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  87. 88
    Angela Calvert says:

    I would get the How to Pray with Your Child book. Definitely would come in handy with the night time prayers!

  88. 89
    Maegan Keel says:

    I would really enjoy the pray with your child cards. We are just starting praying together and this would be great! Thanks!!

  89. 90

    Those praying with your child cards look and sound great!
    We all were reminded yesterday in church that everything we do should glorify Him.
    Our family could use these a lot!

  90. 91

    I LOVEEE these! What a great idea. I’d love any of them but if I had to choose, I’d pick between one of the prayer journals and the How to Pray for your Husband/Wife. :)

  91. 92

    I love the How to Pray for your Child and the How to Pray for your Husband books.

  92. 93
    Jenny McDaniel says:

    I really love the journals! And I really like the How to Pray with your Child.

  93. 94

    I love the How to Pray with your Child cards. Such a valuable resource!

  94. 95

    I would get the how to pray with your child. The prayer journals are also a great idea!

  95. 96

    It is so funny that this is the blog post I read today because just last night while I was saying prayers with my son I thought, “I wish there was a way I could really teach him to pray.” So the How to Pray with Your Child cards would be perfect! Of course I would also love the How to Pray for Your Husband cards too. What a great shop! Thanks for sharing!

  96. 97

    Beautiful shop with really inspiring gifts! I’d buy the Pray with Your Child cards also. My 3 year-old twins love to recite/pray the Lord’s Prayer with my husband and I. But now that they are gaining confidence and personalities, these cards would be great to prompt them and us!

  97. 98

    I hope this giveaway is still open…I would love to have the How to Pray with your Child. Thanks so much!

  98. 99

    I would love the How to Pray with your child or the Prayer Journal. What awesome ideas!

  99. 100

    Loved these products! I would want to get the prayers for your child, your husband or during challenging times.

  100. 101

    Beautiful products !
    I would love to get the “God’s Word for Training Your Child’s Heart” , or the prayers for your child or any prayer journal !

  101. 102

    Oh my goodness, I love it all! Such wonderful ways to teach our children, and to teach us how to live our lives! I like the mustard seed prayer journal–I am always looking for new journals to keep by my bed.

  102. 103

    I just read the blog and always enjoy reading this: O Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth! Unfortunately, in my busy life, I sometimes forget this, and this is a good reminder for me to look for God in all places and at all times.

  103. 104
    Michalina Peterson says:

    Love the “How to pray with your child” cards. Sometimes I feel like we get in a “praying rut”, new inspiration would be great! Thank you for the opportunity, what a blessing!

  104. 105

    Love the Prayer Cards & the Mustard Seed Journals! Thanks for offering the give-a-way chance!

  105. 106

    i would love the prayer cards that they sent to you. looks like a wonderful giveaway!

  106. 107

    Absolutely LOVE THIS!!!

  107. 108

    they look beautiful. i’d love to add them to our day :)

  108. 109

    I want them all! But if I had to pick I’d start with the Gods word for training your child’s heart(Vol 1&2) :) and a journal too!! I will be shopping there for sure.

  109. 110

    The prayer cards for sure! Thanks for the chance!

  110. 111

    I have really been struggling on how to pray with and for my children. The childrens prayer cards would be so awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  111. 112

    I would love the ‘how to pray with your child’ cards. I’ve been homeschooling for a long time and can often forget this critical part of our education….our hearts! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  112. 113

    I think I could really use the “how to pray with your child” cards because I too find our prayer times to be very repetative. I also liked the “God’s word for teens” set. Thanks!

  113. 114

    I think I would choose the “How to pray with your child” for the same reason as many others. We take for granted that our children will just “get it”, when really they need a lot of direction

  114. 115

    I love the “How to pray with your child”, what a wonderful thing to keep out on the kitchen table to use as a tool during prayer time. Awesome! Thank you for showing us this site.

  115. 116

    Love the Legacy Prayer Journal, Bound Book

  116. 117

    I love the Legacy Prayer Journals. They are beautiful and I love the layout of them.

  117. 118

    I would love the How to pray with your child. We seem to have a difficult time deciding what we need to pray for.

  118. 119

    I would get the “How to pray with your child” cards. The prayer journals are all really pretty too…would probably have to get one of those!

  119. 120

    Oh these “pray with my child” cards would be so perfect for us! We have a 5 yr old and a 2.5 year old and direction is always SO helpful!! what a great shop they have!!

  120. 121

    Found a new blog to add to my google reader!!
    thank you for introducing me!!

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