chevron bandana quilt

chevron bandana quilt from the pleated poppy

i recently received a shopping spree opportunity with, an online craft store.  it took me forever to decide what i wanted to buy because it was like walking around a craft store and being told, “get whatever you want!  what are you going to make with it?”.  kind of stressful, but oh so fun!  the site is amazing and i had to focus on making a fun craft – i kept getting distracted by all the supplies that would be great for a variety of homeschool activities.

since my strength is in sewing, i deciding to narrow my focus on something i could sew.  i found the section with bandanas and was lured in by all the color options!  and at 97 cents a piece, i was able to get a bunch!   Consumer Crafts has amazing prices!

with us smack in the middle of soccer season, i thought we could always use another picnic blanket to throw on the grass for watching games.  i really wanted to do a rainbow colored pattern, but decided to go much more masculine since 2/5 of my family members are of the male species ;)  i chose navy, grey and white.

after making this quilt with a little strip of chevron on the back, i really have been wanting to do another on a larger scale.

i ordered 8 navy, 8 grey, and 3 white bandanas for this project.

materials needed:

21 bandanas

full size sheet for backing

quilt batting (i prefer warm ‘n’ natural brand)


sewing machine, cutting mat, rotary cutter, and ruler

patience ;)

chevron bandana quilt

 1.  first things first, wash and press the bandanas.  and because bandanas are never truly square, i needed to even them up a bit.  i followed a thin black line on the outer printed section of the bandana, measured an inch out and cut off whatever was beyond that.

2.  next i cut the square into 2 triangles, cutting from one corner to the next, using the rotary cutter.  its ok if it doesn’t line up perfectly straight since you’ll be squaring it up later.

3. & 4.  cut the 2 triangles in half again, making a total of 4 smaller triangles from each bandana.

chevron bandana quilt

 1.  see those angled lines on the cutting mat?  i used those for the first time!

2.  i stacked up the smaller triangles 4 at a time, lining up one corner and the base line.  then i lined them up along that 45 degree line and whacked them off so they were all even.

3.  then i turned the stack of triangles around and evened out the other side along the 45 degree line.  then i did this to all the other bandanas.

chevron bandana quilt

 1.  now comes the fun part!  i just wanted one row of white chevron and then alternating rows of navy and grey.  as you can see in the first pic, i basically made a bunch of squares out of all the triangles.

2.  then when all the squares are lined up, they make rows or chevron stripes.  now this is important:  take a picture of this part!  you’ll use it soon…

chevron bandana quilt

 1.  now comes the sewing, and even though its a lot, it goes really fast.  just a bunch of straight lines.  first i sewed each of those squares, then set them right back on the ground in their place to make sure i kept the pattern in order.

2.  once i sewed all the squares i pressed all the seams open.

3.  then i layed them all out again in order (referring back to that picture i took earlier).  then i stacked them all up in their rows.

4.  working at my machine with my computer right next to me so i could refer to the picture, i started sewing all the squares together in strips.

chevron bandana quilt

1.  next i pressed those seams open and then sewed all the strips together.  then i pressed those seams open and voila!  the quilt top is done!

2.  i just wanted to show you a picture of the quilt batting i use.  its so much softer than the yucky cheap batting.  i used a 40% off coupon at my local fabric store.

3.  i layed out the batting nice and flat, making sure that there were no wrinkles, then spread the quilt top (right side up) on top.  i started at the edges and smoothed it out nice and flat.

4.  then i trimmed the extra batting off and pinned the top to the batting at each triangle point.  i pinned a ton because i didn’t want the batting to shift at all.

chevron bandana quilt

this next section is where i cheat as a quilter!   i don’t like to bind quilts (ok, i’ve never bound a quilt!), so i figured out a way around that to finish the edges:

1.  i bought this sheet set on sale at target – it just went perfectly with the bandanas.  i like to use sheets for quilt backs because they are inexpensive and huge!  for an inexpensive option, you can get flat sheets at walmart.

2.  now i spread the sheet out on the ground, face up, and layed the quilt top/batting on top, face down.  i pinned the sheet to the top/batting around the edge.  then i trimmed the extra sheet off.

3.  starting in the middle of one edge, i used a slightly larger seam allowance (to make sure i captured all 3 layers) and stitched all around the edge, leaving a gap about 1 1/2 – 2 ft wide.

4.  see the opening?  thats where i turned the quilt inside out.  i was really careful to go slowly so i didn’t stab myself with the pins i had on the quilt top.

chevron bandana quilt

 1.  i trimmed the excess fabric off the corners.

2.  then i used a chopstick to poke out the corners.  tools of the trade ;)

chevron bandana quilt

1.  see the opening?  i pressed the edges under while i was pressing all the edges of the quilt to make them nice and flat.

2.  i stitched the opening shut using a really small seam allowance, going as close to the edge as possible.

3.  then i topstitched all around the perimeter.

4.  then i layed out the whole quilt flat again and repinned the pins that were still holding the quilt top to the batting so that they now went through all 3 layers. next i did what’s called “stitch in the ditch” – where i stitched down the middle of a seam.  i did this along the chevron pattern so that on the backside of the quilt had a chevron pattern stitched in it.

last step:  wash it!  i love the way a quilt puckers and puffs when its been washed and dried a bunch of times.

chevron bandana quilt


chevron bandana quilt

 right now consumer crafts is running a “Refer-a-Friend Contest”. who doesn’t love free crafts supplies?

you can find consumer crafts on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and YouTube.

i wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with consumer crafts and blueprint social. the opinions in this post are my own.



  1. 1

    So ridiculously cute!! I NEED bandanas NOW!!

  2. 2

    I hate putting binding on, so now you’ve given me a great alternative! Thank you!

  3. 3

    What a great idea! Love how it turned out!

  4. 4

    I bind my quilts the same way! This is so cute! I want to make one for my bedroom! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5

    super, super, SUPER awesome!!

  6. 6

    this is awesome!!!! thanks for the tutorial!

  7. 7

    Love it! Quilts have always intimidated me but I think I can try this one. It’s so cute while still being boy-ish, which is very important in my house!

  8. 8

    Beautiful!! My sister will enjoy this tutorial. She’s the quilt maker in the family.


  9. 9

    What a great quilt idea! I love chevron and this is a quilt hubs would actually use. I just wish they made flannel bandannas, then it would be perfect & cozy :)

  10. 10

    Oh my you have no idea how long I’ve been looking for a chevron quilt. The only one I found was at either Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie and it was WAY out of my budget!

    • 11

      You could make this with HST if you want a very clear defined chevron use a a white and a fabric that will pop or stand nice against a solid such as white, ivory or any solid tgat will compliment your print of other solud. I am doing one with navy, orange and white background in a 10″ HST. Tge chevron tutorial video is on youtube by MSQC. They have tons of videos for precuts and fast but tradional quilts. They take the work out of beautiful traditinal quilts like Cathedral Window quilt. That is a beauty. One of my faviorite bloggers just made one her way and its fast, beautiful and no binding. She lices quilt as you go, but you have to see it. Her site is its by Jera B. Sge wrote Quilt as you go modern and just released a beautiful fabric libe called High Tea. Anyway chevron is by far a fav of mibe. This babdana quilt is so nice. Great fir the boys too, but pink or more femine colors for girls too. I love how defined the chevron is with use of darker colirs and only obe white strip. This is a keeper for me. I wish I knew measurments or at least block size.

  11. 12

    Super cute!!!

  12. 13

    What a fun project! It turned out awesome and looks super cozy too :)

  13. 14

    love this! think this would make an awesome christmas present!!

  14. 15

    The effect of those bandanas is amazing! Great quilt. What? You’re putting it in your store? Hahaha sorry, no way could I sew something like that. You’re an amazing sewing lady (seamstress)!

  15. 16
    schronlisa says:

    wow. this is seriously adorable! you are so talented! thanks for sharing! i think i will see these popping up all over the place!

  16. 17

    You should sell these in your store! I can’t sew, but I’d buy one!

  17. 18

    I just pinned this because it is so adorable and I want to make it someday! Yay.

  18. 19

    I am in love. This looks amazing. And maybe even attemptable for my first blanket project!

    If- scratch that- when I make it, I will let you know-


  19. 20

    That is so cute! I would have never thought to use bandanas for a quilt top. Thanks for challenging me to look for alternatives in my creative ideas!

  20. 21
    Jane Andrew says:

    This is a great idea and will go together fast. Will be great idea for a men’s recovery house quilt. Thanks.

  21. 22

    Oh my! I love it!!
    Close to my hotel in NY there was this super cheap jeans store and they had .50$ bandanas. I bought about 30! I was going to make a table cloth, but I love this project so much better…
    Thanks & love from Spain,

  22. 23

    wow! that turned out really nice! love the idea of using a bandana. : ) I bet its super soft too!

  23. 24

    Such a great project! I’m impressed. And picnic blankets are always such a nice practical thing to have, it’s so cool that you made one out of bandanas!


  24. 25

    I LOVE this!! We finally finished our bedroom makeover last Sunday. I may need to add a quilt to the foot of the bed now! Thank you!!
    – Claire @ a

  25. 26

    After reading this I went right out to the craft store and got some bandanas. Can’t wait to start tonight!

  26. 27

    I am in LOVE! This is by far one of the cutest and easiest quilts I have seen in a long time! Definitely moving to the top of my quilting list- thanks so much for your awesome ideas!!!

  27. 28

    Love this quilt!!! My mother quilts, she would think that this is pretty cool!

  28. 29

    Do you by chance have an estimate on how much this quilt cost you (in materials) to make? Just curious!

  29. 30

    hmm, the bandanas were 97 cents each (x 21) = about $21, then about $10 for the sheet and about $10 for the batting, so about $41. crazy that it is almost always more expensive to make something yourself, isn’t it? but it is fun to make something exactly how you want!


  30. 31
    Debbie white says:

    I just love this one
    How many bandanas would i need for a
    Queen size bed
    Thanks Debbie

  31. 32
    Debbie white says:

    If i got 30 bandanas would that be enough For queen size bed and
    Ill use something eles for the bottom
    Thanks Debbie

  32. 33

    If orderde 8, 8, & 3 that isnt 21? So did you have extras at home or is numbers off? Im not sure if that effects the rows or not. Can you post block size and quilt size?

  33. 34

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