globe themed adoption shower

globe themed baby adoption shower

a couple weeks ago i had the pleasure of hosting a shower for my sweet friend joy, who had just welcomed home her 18month old son ezra  from korea!  we had been waiting for him for about 2 years, so this was cause to celebrate!
as soon as we first saw his picture, i started planning his shower in my head, and then on pinterest.  my ideas changed over time, as you can see on my pinterest board, but i am so happy with where i ended up!
globe themed baby adoption shower
because ezra had to travel across the world to get here, i thought a globe theme seemed appropriate ;)
globe themed baby adoption shower
most of the globes were from my collection i keep above my kitchen cabinets and scattered throughout the house, and some were borrowed.
globe themed baby adoption shower
i ran a roll of kraft paper down the center of our big dining room table, and covered the 2 additional folding tables in white sheets.
globe themed baby adoption shower
because joy is so well loved, i had a lot of help with this shower.  another friend of ours and her kids wrapped all the bottles and jars with varying colors of blue and green yarn.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 we originally talked about using a variety of white flowers for the bottles, but there wasn’t much available, then my friend found these feathery grasses on the side of the road and they worked great!  and they were free, which is always good, and added a bit more masculinity to the whole look.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 even though its more work, if i can i love having the tables set for the guests rather than having a stack of plates near the food.  there’s just something extra special about it.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 my friend also cut strips of an old map and wrapped them around the napkins, and sealed it with a little sticker with ezra’s name, his birth date, and his homecoming date.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 ezra came home to 3 older siblings and this is his big sister realizing her baby brother’s name is on a sticker!

globe themed baby adoption shower

 i have been wanting to try making some paper medallions and this was the perfect time to try them out.  they were so easy that even sean and the kids made some for me.  the ones with more intricate designs were from a martha stewart kit i got from consumer crafts (on sale – yay!).

globe themed baby adoption shower

  joy and i always throw showers together since she is so good in the kitchen and i’m… not.  so thankfully, another friend came to the rescue with a ton of cooking experience and organized the whole thing – yay!

we asked several other friends to help out by bringing baked goods and guess what:  they ALL brought scones!  it was pretty funny to have a buffet of scones, but i didn’t complain since i love them!

globe themed baby adoption shower

our friend heading up the food also made some homemade yogurt, topped with fresh berries and sliced almonds, which we kept in a bowl of ice on the counter.


globe themed baby adoption shower

 each yogurt was in a tiny mason jar (the ones my kids drink out of) and the lid was topped with a piece of paper and a spoon was tied on with a few wraps of baker’s twine.

globe themed baby adoption shower

i kept the drinks super simple, just water, lemonade and coffee.  these 2 drink containers have really come in handy over the years!  the white one was from pottery barn and the igloo one was from a garage sale, i think.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 one difficult thing about using mason jars at parties is that everyone’s glass looks alike, so adding some simple tags with washi tape (from target, in the office supply section) solved the problem!

globe themed baby adoption shower

 a fun container with crazy adorable paper straws is such a fun touch.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 and i added a little washi tape to wooden stirrers for the coffee drinkers.

 joyful :)

globe themed baby adoption shower

 a couple washi tape banners strung on baker’s twine, hanging from my shelves.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 and i just swapped out a few details on my mantle – added the wrapped jars and a “welcome home ezra” banner.

globe themed baby adoption shower

 one of my favorite details of the shower was that joy’s sister gave the devotional.  joy also was adopted from korea as a baby and her sister was able to share her memories of their mom praying for her baby across the world – it was so sweet!



  1. 1

    Love all the details and the colours of the paper medallions. Looks like you had great fun before and during the shower.

  2. 2

    Beautiful set up, beautiful details and I am sure Joy and her new son’s story is even more beautiful!

  3. 3

    It was such a beautiful, heart-felt shower from start to finish, Linds! I am so thankful to be surrounded by amazing friends who have prayed us through the entire process. We feel so loved . Thank you, thank you!

  4. 4

    So very very glad I saw this today! I have dear, dear friends who are becoming foster parents to a special needs 18 month old. I CAN’T WAIT to throw them a shower… their youngest child is 12 so they have NOTHING. I loved every detail of your shower, from the decor to the devotion and everything in between! I pray that Joy and her family {which now includes Ezra!} are BLESSED beyond measure! Jules

  5. 5

    So beautiful! What an amazing shower.

  6. 6

    Fantastic job! Love all the little details and the theme was perfect!

  7. 7

    Incredible job! You have talent, lady!!

  8. 8

    Wow! This is a beautiful setup. The pictures belong in a magazine. You put so much thought into every detail. I love the globe theme and the colors. Gorgeous! What a special day!

  9. 9

    What a lovely setup you had. And the best part was that you all came together to pull it off. Its so nice when you don’t have to do it all alone. Less stress=more joy!

  10. 10

    Love all the details…so well thought-out! Visually beautiful too :)

  11. 11

    This is seriously SO LOVELY. I have a daughter who was born in Ethiopia…I LOVE the idea of the globes for the international adoption! This post just brings me great joy :-) Thanks for sharing.

  12. 12

    I ADORE this shower! I’m planning one next sat and have gotten a ton of my inspiration from this site and your pinterest board! :o) We are hosting a ‘virtual shower’ for a friend who is overseas and sending money instead of gifts. Hoping mine will turn out even 40% as awesome as yours!! Thanks for the eye candy!!

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