monday shop update!

ok, strap on your seat belt, ’cause this is a BIG one!

i spent 9 hours on saturday just listing products (holy moly!).  ok, so maybe i got a little distracted on pic monkey for awhile …

infinity scarves from the pleated poppy

you want scarves?  i have scarves GALORE!  i just listed 13 new scarves!  and many of you are asking if the sold out ones will come back in stock… some will, and some won’t.  much of the fabric i can’t get anymore, but some of it i’ve reordered and is on its way (kelly green and heather grey fabrics are on their way to me!).

infinity scarves from the pleated poppy

i added a new version of infinity scarves – the 1/2 & 1/2 scarves.  i used 2 different colors of fabric on each scarf for some fun options.  you can wrap it so the colors alternate around your neck, or you can chunk them so it has more of a color block look – you choose!

messenger bags from the pleated poppy

i also relisted several messenger bags – some of these styles sell very quickly, so if you see one you love jump on it!  i am constantly making more of these so if you miss out on the one you’ve wanted it may be relisted or another style you love will be coming soon.  as always, these messenger bags serve several purposes. originally designed as a laptop bag, the messenger bag is heavily padded and interfaced for structure and stability.  it has one long handle to wear messenger style across your body, and has 3 interior pockets – 1 for your phone, 1 for a pen, and 1 extra larger pocket.

messenger bags from the pleated poppy

my favorite detail is the key loop!  it may not seem like a big deal at first, but if you have a caribeaner on your keys, then you can easily hook them onto the key loop.  i never haver to dig for my keys!  this bag also works as a large purse for everyday (thats what i use mine for), or even as a diaper bag!  it has a magnetic snap at the top to help hold it all together.

covered notebook from the pleated poppy

i also relisted a couple styles of covered notebooks.

tiny pouches from the pleated poppy

my favorite tiny pouch is back!  this is the one i use and it makes me happy every time i use it.  i like to use my tiny pouch when i’m using one of my wristlet clutches – i just put in my i.d., a credit card, and a little cash.

boys ties from the pleated poppy

boy’s ties!!!! oh i just love how little boys look in ties!  i have 4 new prints to go with all the other choices available.  are you taking family pics soon?  these could be perfect!

boys ties from the pleated poppy

and i am all about details, whether it be topstitching or a ribbon pull tag, so these ties had to have something special to them – the back side of the tie has a contrasting fabric!  you know ties never stay put on little guys (i think it has something to do with jumping, running, and wrestling?), so when it happens to flip over, you’ll see some cute combination of fabrics!

ok, i think thats it!  be on the lookout later this week for a brand new product!  i also have some fun projects i’m working on and hope to finish this week.

oh, and did i tell you i’m going to allume next week?  um, yeah, totally crazy and last minute, but i’m so excited!  only problem, i still need to find roommates…

 aaaaand, be sure to check my facebook page for something special tomorrow morning!


  1. 1

    yay! i can’t wait for my new tiny pouch to arrive!!

  2. 2

    Everything looks so great!!! :) Love the scarves!!!

  3. 3

    love love love the scarves! what a fabulous color combo you have arranged! they are gorgeous!

  4. 4

    This all looks amazing! I can’t believe I’m on a spending freeze! ah!

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