playroom & studio tour


its been a little while since i took you on a playroom tour, and since we were part of a homeschool room tour a couple weekends ago, i figured i should take some pictures while it was clean!


 as some of you may know, we homeschool part time, 3 days a week, so this room gets used for that a lot.  but beyond schooling, we LIVE in this room.  this is where we do art projects, where most of the toys are, where we spend most of our days.

my husband’s company built the desks and storage areas, so we got to design everything to fit our needs.  we were able to build 4 desks along the window wall, 1 for me and 3 for the kids.


 the big wall is our main storage wall, helping to keep everything in its place.


 behind those big doors are 2 huge plastic dollhouses, a broken tv (why?!), and piles of fabric.  the drawers are used every day and hold:  puzzles, playmobiles, polly pockets, and stuffed animals.


 this side of the wall holds miscellaneous crafts supplies, office supplies, our printer/copier, and some work supplies, like ribbon and fabric scraps in teh locker baskets.


 this side is lily’s desk and holds some homeschool supplies & curricula and kids craft supplies (which are scattered throughout the house as well).


 the colored baskets are from land of nod and hold yarn, ribbon, and math manipulatives.  the silver boxes hold craft paints and stamps/ink pads.


 i think most of these jars are from walmart and target.  i love them!  i use them for my sewing supplies as well.  i like to be organized, but still see what i have.


since the kids don’t always love sitting at their desks, they work here at the table a lot.  my mom got me the vintage chairs.  the basket under the table holds blankets for fort making and snuggling.


 this old coke crate is key to organization.  my kids like to draw.  A LOT.  so having a central place for them to find all their supplies is key.  and, since they are able to find it easily, they are also able to put it back easily (in theory).


 and here’s my “studio” space.  i actually love sharing space with the kids.  they are at an age now where i can leave my work out and not worry about them getting into it.  thats good and bad since i just tend to leave it out and let it pile up!


 i spend a lot of time here – thankfully the view is pretty amazing from my desk!  and for the record, my desk is never this clean!  it usually has homeschool papers scattered to the left of my laptop and work papers scattered to the right, along with random projects and mending to be done.


 this also is a rare sight:  a clean cutting table!  i tend to work on multiple projects at a time and this space gets pretty piled with stacks of fabrics i want to use together.  then they just wait there until i can actually get to them.


this is the most bare my fabric shelves have been in a long time, but that may be because the drawers below are filled with fabric as well!  i love having all the clear jars above holding all my notions right where i can see them.


 the sliding baskets below hold bolts of fabric, miscellaneous projects that have literally been waiting for 3 years to get completed (not happening), bloom belt supplies, post cards and promotional fliers, works in progress, scissors and al sorts of glues and glue guns.


 i always like looking at how other people organize things, so i thought i’d share my drawers with you:  this drawer holds most of my work office supplies (i have another drawer for school office supplies) – phone & camera cords, misc batteries & plugs, stamps, tape, business cards, envelopes…


 and the bottom drawer holds lots of tiny sewing supplies.

 for those of you interested in how i homeschool in this room, i’ll be doing another tour soon, walking you through the homeschool aspects of our playroom!

 (click here for the homeschool tour!)


  1. 1

    What a fabulous space! I can see why you spend most of your time there, it has everything! Thanks so much for sharing. Love that Coca Cola crate :)

  2. 2

    I would love to hear more about your homeschooling. I’m homeschooling my 6 year old and loving it! I just found a hybrid homeschool group where she would go for one full day and then the rest of the week I would do the lessons with her at home. Seems sort of like what you do, I think? I haven’t decided if I want to give up doing my own lesson plans or if it would be too much to keep doing our fun unit studies along with the groups lesson plans. They do a few great curriculums and would do the lesson planning for me which is pretty huge. Just wondering your thoughts on that method and how it’s worked for you.

    • 3

      I would love to hear more, too!

      • 4

        hi nicole (& brooke)!

        great questions! i love our school situation. what you’re describing, the 1 day a week model, sounds similar to classical conversations. each hybrid model varies quite a bit from the next, but i do really enjoy having all my lessons planned for me, and i definitely need the accountability.


  3. 5

    This is absolutely amazing! My goodness I can’t believe all of the pretty and organization. I want this exact room in my house.

  4. 6

    I have a vintage crate just like that on our dining room table filled with art supplies for my girls. I got it at a barn sale last year and have filled it with milk glass containers that hold crayons, pencils, pens, scissors,etc…( The girls LOVE having everything at their fingertips and I love how organized it looks. Plus it makes it easy for them to put things back where they belong:)
    I also spy the poetry recitations your kids must be working on. As soon as I saw “Who Has Seen the Wind” I started saying it in my head. My kindergarteners are learning that at school right now. :)

  5. 7

    For the last couple (few?) months when I pull up your blog it’s messed up: no banner, titles, tabs, links, ads, etc. The first thing is the first sentence of your most recent post. Any idea why? I assume it’s something on my end, but don’t know enough to know how to fix it.

  6. 9
    Joy in AL says:


  7. 10

    What a beautiful space! I want one like this in my house. :) Oh and I LOVE your Coke crate!

  8. 11

    Beautiful and happy!

  9. 12

    Do you know what the color and brand paint you used on your walls?

  10. 14

    Wow! I love that! So organised! I love the vintage crates and the jars! Realizing that I need to get us more organised here at home:) Thanks for all the inspiration!

  11. 15

    wow! what an awesome space! that is so great to homeschool. i just have one child (so far) but i was wondering about doing some homeschool someday. how did you get started?

    • 16

      my friend started the school we’re at while my kids were still little. after watching it grow over the years, we were able to slowly make our decision on what we wanted for our family.

  12. 17

    This looks so cool. I would love that space. I have been working on how to re-do our ‘playroom’ into my office & a work space for the kids to do their homework & use the computer. It is a work in progress. I do have one question for you…Where is the sewing machine? Do you do that in another room?

  13. 19

    just beautiful and perfectly put together!!!

  14. 20

    I love your house! I need you to come to the East Coast and decorate/organize mine for me.

  15. 22

    Lindsey, real life work room/studios are my favorite tours ever! Thank you for sharing yours!!

    Wow, a homeschool tour…what an incredibly fabulous idea…I wish I had thought of that when we did!

  16. 23

    oh my heavens, i’m drooling. i dream of having a house where we can have a separate room for homeschooling. yours is beautiful!!! thanks for sharing!

  17. 24
    Rochelle Phillips says:

    Love the room…thanks for all the pictures!! I love the jar idea where you can see the contents but it’s not messy. We have a schoolroom that we set up earlier this year and it has helped contain the mess associated with homeschooling. My kids love to color and draw too so I love the crate idea. One question, what do you do with all their artwork? I throw a lot of paper away but if I kept everything they drew (they are 2 and 5) I’d be buried under all the paper….

  18. 25

    Lindsey I really enjoyed meeting you at Allume. And this peak into your studio and homeschool room is delightful! I am a huge fan of glass cracker jars too!
    We started HS last year and currently everything is contained on one small shelf, but I know when our girls start school and as we continue on the supplies will multiply.

  19. 26

    Ooooh, I love this!! I plan on homeschooling and this looks like such a perfect space to homeschool in! I plan on showing my husband this post and asking him to prepare himself to help me create a space like this one in the future. =) Thanks for the inspiration!!

  20. 27

    It’s amazing how you can get so much stuff into that size of a space without it looking cluttered and messy. I also use glass jars to store my notions. I love the look it adds to my space. Right now with little hands around (2yr old and 4 yr old), I need to keep everything up high. I can’t wait to start being able to leave things out!

  21. 28

    great, fun space! love that you can see that you actually live there and use it and enjoy it…so great!

  22. 29

    Hi! I’ve recently found your blog through your instagram, and love it! I have a question though, that may have been answered elsewhere on your blog. I saw on another post of yours, a glimpse of the print that is here in your playroom under your turqouise clock and I am so interested to read all of it and find out where you got it! Thanks in advance for your response! : )

  23. 30

    Hi! I love the space you have created. Could you please tell me how your husband built the shelves/closet? Where did he/you get the wood, closets, shelves, etc.?

    • 31
      lindsey says:

      hi lonnie!

      actually, my husband owns a company that specializes in closets and storage solutions, so they customized all of our cabinetry in the playroom.

  24. 32

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