a sweet little seat

even at 5, 7 and 9, my kids are still too short to sit at the dining table (on their buns) and be comfortable. they tend to want to stand or squat on their toes, making them extra wiggly.  am i the only one with this problem?  i feel like i am constantly saying “knees or buns” to my kids to remind them to be seated.  while my girls are at an in between stage – a little too big for a booster, a little too small to sit tall enough – silas is at the perfect height for a booster.

these booster seats from sweet seats are amazing!  i love that they look like something you’d find in a 1950’s diner!

we love to host gatherings here and i want our house to work for parents and kids of all stages.  while we didn’t hang on to our huge high chair, we did keep a smaller strap-to-a chair version with a tray for the littler babes that need to be strapped in.  but for bigger kids, i needed another option.

for the baby shower i hosted for my friend joy, i pulled out our sweet seat for her daughter and it was perfect!  because the seat is made of laminated cotton, the seat didn’t slide around, but kind of stuck in place on the chair.

while i tend to want a punch of color, the neutral side of me won out.  i didn’t want little boys to refuse to sit in a girly chair, or vice versa – so khaki i went, with just a touch of a pretty pattern on it.  but look at some of the options you can choose from!

it is super easy to wipe down to clean, and doesn’t have a ton of crevices for food to get stuck in like a traditional high chair or even the strap on kind i still have (such a pain to clean!).

but beyond all of the wonderful practical goodness behind sweet seats, i love the company.  it grew from a husband and wife team that needed a solution for their 3 wiggly boys.  and they still create the seats by hand themselves, on their farm in texas.  there’s something amazing about that, isn’t there?  maybe its because i dream of the day sean and i could run a business together…

if you are ready to give up the bulky high chair, or even just want a seat for your kiddo to sit in at the play table, you should check out sweet seats.  and even better, here’s a discount:  use code POPPY for 10% off!

{disclosure: sweet seats sent me a seat as compensation for this post, and is a paying advertiser on my site, but these opinions are genuine and all mine!}


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    We struggle with this same issue so bad! just last week i was trying to make some sort of booster seat that i could be happy with to keep nyla still in her seat plus high enough at the table. this is great! thank you so much for the idea that i really needed right now!

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    I can’t tell you how much we love our sweet seat! My daughter loves to sit in it, at the table and even sometimes on the floor in front of the tv. I love how stylish it is too.. not like some of the less atttractive booster seats out there!! If you don’t have one.. go buy one now! They are worth every penny and then some!

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