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i’m not sure how many of you know this, but i started my shop “accidentally”.  and it all began with the crazy idea of a handmade christmas – every gift i gave one year was handmade, at least in some part.  you should see me as i type this… rolling my eyes.  it was a HUGE task!  making gifts for teenagers is hard and even harder for men!   it goes without saying that was my last year of all handmade gifts!  and my shop slowly evolved by my readers asking me to sell what i had made…

but… i still do love to give handmade gifts, and i’m assuming some of you do as well!  i dug around in my archives and came up with a handful of fun handmade gifts that you can give for christmas!

crayon roll tutorial at the pleated poppy

my most popular tutorial, by FAR, is my crayon roll tutorial.  these take a bit of time, but very little fabric, and kids LOVE them!

bow tie tutorial from the pleated poppy

a really fun gift to give, and perfect for family pictures, are these adorable bow ties.  and they are a no-sew project!  all you need is a hot glue gun and a scrap of fabric.

scrappy lampshade tutorial by the pleated poppy

i made one of these scrappy lampshades for my girls’ room and a bunch to sell.  they are super easy and can be made to go with any decor.  think how pretty an all white one would be!  or doing an ombre effect for a friend… looks like i’m giving myself some new projects as well!

  cape tutorial from the pleated poppy

it is so fun for me to look back over my archives and see the projects i’ve made!  i used to make these super hero capes for birthday gifts and also for my shop.  every. single. one. CUSTOM.  yikes!  that was a lot of work, which actually pushed me over the edge to stop accepting custom orders.  but looking back it was really fun to do all these special orders, especially that one with the pieced together back!

inspired canvas tutorial by the pleated poppy

this was one of may favorite projects ever!  making this canvas (inspired by one i saw at world market) was so much fun!

you can easily make a smaller version of this as a gift for a friend.

how to make a pillow from a tea towel by the pleated poppy

have you ever bought a tea towel that is just too pretty to use?  i kind of feel that way about all tea towels from anthropologie, so i found a way to “preserve” them: by making tea towels into pillows!

scrap stash busters from the pleated poppy

and if you need a whole bunch of quick ideas for easy gifts, look through the collection i made of scrappy ideas!

happy gift making!!!


  1. 1

    Thanks for posting this! I so want to make capes for my kids now. and those ideas for scraps of fabrics look good too!

  2. 2
    shannon stinson says:

    i STILL love my capes that you made for the kids….you know that one with the “pieced together back”! and my son especially still loves his sock monkey one you made as well! i hope i didn’t drive you crazy in that process and “push you over the edge”! lol……
    i love your stuff….great quality and beautiful! i also enjoy your blog….i find it very inspiring! and one of these days, i am going to learn how to use my sewing machine and attempt one of your tutorials! : )

    • 3

      hey shannon!
      no no, it wasn’t you! it was me putting too much pressure on myself and taking on too much! i am so glad to hear you guys still love your capes – those 2 were my favorite!


  3. 4

    I loooooove these, Lindsey. And I didn’t know you started your shop from a handmade Christmas–how awesome is that? I love when a hobby can turn into a business, and you are amazing at what you do!

  4. 5

    Ok, this is going to sound all kinds of hokey-cheesy, but I’m seriously sitting here with tears in my eyes. “Why?” you ask. Because for some reason in all the times that I’ve popped over to your blog from a WIWW, I’ve never actually looked at your shop. And when I just did, it was like freedom overflowed. I haven’t been able to narrow down what I want to put in my “handmade” shop and so I literally vacillate almost every day about whether to have a little shop at all or not. I cannot handle the idea of having to make about a million of one thing over and over…but I love creating at the same time. When I just clicked over and saw that your shop was just made up of creations that are uniquely yours, it’s like a ton of bricks just lifted off my shoulders. I love how God does that.

    Anyhow, thank you for just being you and for sharing life with all of us! You are a precious soul! {{hugs}} from Indiana!

  5. 6

    The ideas about handmade-gifts are great………..

  6. 7

    The ideas about the handmade gift ideas are wonderful.By using this we can made our own gifts to our friends.

  7. 8

    Love this. My fave is the lampshade, If I had a daughter or a craft room or even an office I would totally get it for myself. I shall save this page. The handmade ideas are wonderful!

  8. 9

    I made the exact same owl tea towel into a pillow for our nursery a few years ago. I saw it and knew right away I could sew that booger up and it would perfect!

  9. 11

    Thanks for posting! I especially love the crayon holder for my little girl! She will absolutely love it! Then if I make it in her favorite colors … oooh how excited she would be. Perfect!

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