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i am so thankful so many of my favorite bloggers agreed to do this series with me!  i not only follow jeannett’s blog loyally, but she is a real life friend as well.  in fact, she was even my first v.a. (virtual assistant) – and she wrote a book on it!  if you are ever in the need of a v.a., or are looking for work as one, this ebook is a must read.  as is jeannett’s blog – i often go from crying to hysterical laughing in her posts.  she is a dynamic, witty writer that i’m sure you will love.  you may also know jeannett as the host of instafridays.

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After I agreed to the email Lindsey sent asking to participate in this series, I had a bit of a panic attack.

After all, the other bloggers participating are 100 times more stylish and fabulous than I am. My poor post would be so pathetic. But I had agreed, so the commitment remained.

My necklaces and most of my earrings are hung on these chicken wire plus empty frame turned jewelry holders. Thanks to my creativity muse: Pinterest and all of the crafty bloggers out there who help me tutuorial my way to a more fabulous life. I know what I like and I know what I don’t like, but I am at a complete loss when it comes time for original thought.

I love this system.

It is simple. It is pretty. It keeps things from tangling up. It decorates what would otherwise have been a blank wall in my bedroom. Bonus.

Bracelets and post earrings that won’t hang on the chicken wire live in my nightstand drawer. Also in the drawer are a pair of keys that I have NO IDEA what they go to but I’m terrified to throw them away because the next day is when I will find the forever locked item they go to.

This drawer never ever EVER looks this organized and clean. Mostly because of a certain pair of three year old hands who find my things vastly superior to the plastic beaded atrocities I buy from the Target dollar bins. But with company coming over, I decided to take the opportunity to make it presentable. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do the same thing.

Now, as I was putting this post together, a funny thing happened: I remembered that I really don’t have that much jewelry anymore.

Frankly, my husband who travels and finds himself in high powered meetings has a bigger seletion of arm candy than I do. And a nicer, leather and suede way to keep it all organized. He’s so fancy.

Oh yeah….now I remember…the Great Accessory Purge of 2012 was only a few months ago!

You see, before I was a stay at home mom, I dressed up for work. Pencil skirts, collared shirts, pointy toed shoes…and accessorized to the hilt. I distinctly remember someone noticing the one day I forgot to put on earrings. It just always happened.

Fast forward a few years: I have four kids. The oldest is 5. The youngest is 4 months. My work consists of changing diapers and making sure everyone is alive and has all of their appendages at the end of the day.

All those cute necklaces and funky bracelets were literally collecting dust. No. Really. DUST.

Earrings? I mean, maybe a pair of CZ studs on a good day.

I’m in the trenches of motherhood. Victory is waged the day I have my teeth brushed before noon. And you better believe that preschool pick up has happened after little more than a stick of gum is popped in my mouth and yesterday’s mascara is wiped away with a lick of my finger and strategic smudging.

That is, assuming, I wore mascara at all the day before.

I often tease Lindsey that the day I link up to her What I Wore Wednesdays, is the day that becomes a national holiday. Because, really, my whole post would be yoga pants and different colored ribbed tanks. Monday is blue. Tuesday is yellow…okay, maybe different flip flops. You know, so I can match.

A few months ago, I decided that I was tired of stuff. I was tired of hanging onto things I really had no business hanging on to. The truth was that a lot of my pretties sat unworn. And frankly, even if I did go back to work, most of them would be decidedly out of style by then anyway. Why was I hoarding baubles when there is a woman perusing the aisles of Goodwill who would jump at the chance to wear them NOW? Wasn’t it better to allow a fellow bedraggled mom the opportunity to get actual use out of that silver bangle set I bought at Macy’s than me waiting because someday I might want to wear it? Maybe? Because goodness knows it’s just taking up space…and taunting my kids to use as a plaything.

I wish I could blame my get-rid-of-half-your-jewelry-right-before-you-agree-to-write-a-post-about-jewelry on this book, but the truth is that I gave myself permission to live in this life stage without guilt even before I read it. I used to feel really bad about myself that I didn’t have the time or brain power to get all gussied up every day. I couldn’t figure out why I could hardly manage to pull a t-shirt over my beige nursing bra somedays. How was it that all of my friends always looked darling and put together and I was just happy to have a shirt on that hadn’t been spit up on yet. I felt like I was destined to live out the rest of my days frumpy and boring.

My poor husband.

As I bemoaned my failure at Cute to Lindsey once, she reminded me “Jeannett, when my kids were that little, I was the same way. It’s only been since they are older that I pull myself together. I mean, that’s why I started WIWW in the first place.

Oh. Lightbulb.

It doesn’t have to be like this forever. Duh.

So I decided to quit beating myself up about my looks-like-I’m-going-to-the-gym-but-I-haven’t-exercised-in-7-years uniform, and embrace this season of my life. Sure, I kept a few of my favorite pieces. Date nights and church still happen. I make it happen for those. But I decided that it was okay that I am only now just barely peeking out from the fog of newborn life. And it’s okay that it doesn’t include perfect hair and make up.

Besides, it’s a season. There will come a day when I can catch my breath and flat iron my hair again. There will come a day when those yoga pants actually find themselves in a downward dog. And you know what? I might even be sad that day.

That I have the time to do it…because it means the littles aren’t so little anymore.

(Full disclosure: my yoga pants will probably never actually do yoga. Ever.)



  1. 1

    Jeannett you truly have to be the funniest woman I know, and I only know you from your blog and Instagram! But everything you write is hilarious. Thank you for always making us smile and for keeping it real.

  2. 2

    Jeannette, you are a breath of fresh air for me…always. The Pleated Poppy and Life Rearranged are two of my favorite blogs- I admire your honesty Jeanette, you are an encouragement who is getting real about what motherhood with littles looks like. I’m JUST transitioning from Working Mama to SHAM and your post today really put a lot of things into perspective for me. Thanks so much.

  3. 3

    I am a mother of four and the opposite end of motherhood with them now being 26,21,17 (on Saturday) and 12(I am home schooling the youngest) and I just want to reassure you that you will find the energy and desire to get gussied up more often. Remember to keep yourself on the list of who you take care of, so many mom’s forget…..

  4. 4

    I have those loose keys too! A large bag that my hubby won’t part with for the same reason. Ha!

    Your blog is always inspiring. Our family (just the hubby & I – no kids) is also going through a “get rid of stuff we don’t use/need” season. I love it!

    I also have yoga pants that have never seen yoga. :)

  5. 5

    So well written! I love when moms can be real and talk about reality and motherhood isn’t always pretty. It is only a season. I feel like my kids were your kids age yesterday, and now one just went off to college. Even though raising young kids is a boatload of work and stress and drains every bit of energy you have after giving birth, enjoy every minute. I do regret rushing through life, not stopping to savor the little blessings each day. You can never get them back. But I will say that staying home with my kids throughout their lives (they are 18, 17, 15, 15) is finally paying back. I am now reaping the rewards of that. My 18 year old son recently told me he wants to marry someone just like me. You think that’s cute when your 5 year old tells you that, but I cried like a baby when my son expressed that to me. I guess it was all worth it …

  6. 6

    Loved this post! It is all so true and honest. Just having two boys who are 3 and 4 now instead of the newborn stage and early toddler age makes a world of difference–especially with my husband deployed. I feel like I’m actually having fun and enjoying my kids now as opposed to just trying to survive!

    I really love the yellow frames that you use to display your remaining jewelry.

  7. 7

    Love it! Seasons of mamahood can be rough, but the great thing is they are seasons and change pretty quickly!

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