jewelry storage made beautiful {series}

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

 does your jewelry sit in a pile on a table, or tossed in a tangled mess in a drawer?  well this week will be full of inspiration for you!  i have gathered some of my favorite bloggers together to open their homes to us, and share their creative ways to store jewelry.

to kick things off, i thought i’d share my jewelry storage ideas with you:

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

 i keep my jewelry displayed in our bedroom, out in the open.  i’ve found that if i tuck away my pretties then i am way less to wear them, and then what’s the point of having jewelry if you don’t wear it?  so out it sits.

jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

a friend gave me this frame as a hand-me-down a few years ago and it is perfect for displaying my necklaces.  it is a vintage frame with a cork board backing covered in a cream damask fabric.
my statement necklace collection has, um… grown over the last few months, so i started my organization with them.  and what is happier than hanging them up in rainbow order?
then i collected my smaller, more dainty necklaces in groups and hung them on some of the openings.
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
i love that having this board in my room, all framed up pretty, is like having a piece of art on my wall.
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
 i love how pretty my “every day” necklaces by lisa leonard are framed by my rosies by allora handmade – i have really talented friends!
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
each piece is simply hung by a sewing pin, pushed in at an angle.
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
i love that my little gold collection is growing – so happy lisa is now creating in gold!
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
but i have more than just necklaces to store…
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
this sweet birdbath bowl was a gift from a sweet friend, and it holds all my posies and petal pushers and poofs… everything pinnable!
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
no, this little heart collection isn’t jewelry, but its sits happily alongside my other collections in a ring bowl by lisa.
i thought i was so original with my idea to use the anthro egg dish to hold my rings and earrings, but no.   pinterest has advised me once again that i am not original.
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
i have found that bracelets are really hard to display, but using vintage bottles has worked for me!
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
i have one special piece of jewelry that sits on a nearby framed picture of sean and i when we were dating.  sean bought me this vintage rhinestone necklace while we were engaged, and i wore it on our wedding day.
jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy
how do you display your jewelry?  are you short on ideas?  join me the rest of this week for lots of fun inspiration!


  1. 1

    Love your necklace boards! I’m looking forward to seeing more ideas throughout the week… great idea for a series!

  2. 2

    Beautifully done!
    I am still trying to find the perfect frame to get started with.
    All my pretties are hid away and most of them don’t get much wear these days, not because I can’t see them, but because I have a 1 year old who thinks if I wear it she must tug on it ;) What a wonderful problem to have, my jewelry will just have to wait until tiny fingers understand the rules ;D
    Love your storage!

  3. 3

    I love it all. the vintage bottles are my fav. I’ve been using a belt hanger in my closet for necklaces, but needed an inspiration for the bracelets. Love.

  4. 4
    Robyn Villacampa says:

    You ARE original! :) One of a kind, made uniquely by God! I know you know this, and that your pinterest comment was made in fun, but I just thought I’d remind you. :) Anyway, I love, love, love your Jewelry Storage. I’m a regular viewer of your blog, so I’ve seen it before, but I’m glad to see it again. I need to use some of your ideas for sure!

  5. 5

    Love Love Love how you display all of your jewelry! I need to get a better collection going!
    Thanks for sharing looking forward to reading more this week.

  6. 6

    This looks great; i am getting ready to take on the task of organizing my jewelry. You have given me some great ideas…especially putting the bracelets on vintage bottles. Good idea!


  7. 7

    I love the idea of vintage bottles as bracelet holders! I have a few stone bowls and a memo board for my necklaces but I’ve been wanting to “upgrade” to the frame idea for awhile. This could be a good winter project.

  8. 8

    Love this! I am also smitten with the allora handmade necklaces. Hoping Santa brings me one! You (and your friends!) are all so talented!

  9. 9

    oh lindsey, this is so pretty! can you just come over and do this for me! i have such issues with my room! ha! XOXO

  10. 10

    So beautiful!! Love it all!!!

  11. 11

    Love this! I display my jewelry too, but not quite as prettily.

    This is what I made to store my pretties.


  12. 12

    Wow! I thought I had a lot of jewelry! :) Looks great!

  13. 13

    Lisa, I am so inspired and could not love this any more. All of my jewelry is in bags and pouches and drawers and on a rocking chair in my bedroom and on my beside table. You get the idea.

    I forget pieces I have.

    I love your idea! Now off to find a frame….. this might be my Thanksgiving week project.

  14. 14

    I love this! Those frames you have on the wall are beautiful, as well.

  15. 15

    I love your jewelry collection and your storage!

  16. 16

    I love your jewelry, would love to shop in your closet. I have a huge wooden frame I painted teal and put chicken wire on to hang my jewelry similar to what you have done. I so love being about to see everything.

  17. 17

    I love having the jewelry collection on display, makes it so much easier to decide what I want to wear (: I have a few old bottles that I may need to use for my bracelets now, adore that idea. Here’s how I organize mine: My favorite thing I think would be using buttons to keep my pairs of earring studs together!

  18. 18

    Beautifully organized! All your jewelry is gorgeous and deserves to be framed as they are! Here’s how mine is currently organized, however after seeing yours, I’m seriously considering some changes ;)

  19. 19

    Beautiful and inspiring way to organize jewelry! It certainly has given me the motivation to try this and I will be looking forward to your posts.

  20. 20

    My husband’s grandmother bought me a revolving jewelry holder/box/thingy a few years ago for Christmas. Its double sided. But the problem with it is that I cant see everything out in the open. So I utilized some neat sconces in our bedroom and hang my statement necklaces on those. Its amazing how seeing everything out in the open helps:)

  21. 21

    I thought I was so clever using my egg dish for my earrings, but I see it’s not a new idea. It’s definitely a good one! I love all your necklaces.

  22. 22

    Great way to display all the pretty things — it does make it so much easier to use all that you have when you can see them all waiting to be worn. Can you tell me what size your green rosie is? I love that it’s so petite.

  23. 24

    I LOVE this!! I found you through Jones Design Company and have fallen in LOVE with your blog!! I am a new blogger and just beginning to navigate my way through and hope to have something like this one day soon! Beautiful blog and great ideas for all of your designs!! I now have a need to display my jewelry!! :) I’m following too!!


  24. 25

    I just went out and bought a jewelry holder for my necklaces and bracelets, but so wish I would have seen your great ideas first. Very unique and your jewelry displays look fantastic.

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