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jewelry storage made beautiful at the pleated poppy

 thanks so much for joining me in this series!  our next post is by the nester.  i have long followed the nester in the blog world, and have so enjoyed visiting with her at various conferences.  she is a delight and has a home that is as welcoming as she is.

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I’ve had to come to terms with my jewelry storage. Because I just looked down as I typed this and my wedding band is sitting next to the computer, I don’t even remember taking it off, for real, I was shocked when I saw it as I sat down to write this post. It’s one of the many reasons I don’t wear a diamond. I’m a stripper. A jewelry stripper. At the end of the day there’s a trail of jewelry all over the house. So in our room I try to corral it on the white dresser.

Necklaces go on the bust,

Little junk goes on the three tired stand.

But I’ve learned to put bowls around the house so I can just set abandoned bracelets in there without having to walk upstairs. Oh the humanity of walking up the stairs.

You can tell what I wear often because the same stuff shows up in most of my jewelry bowl pictures.

I wish I would have thought of the jewelry bowl in the family room and in my office years ago, it would have saved me from feeling really disorganized and I’d probably have a few more cute pairs of earrings that wouldn’t have gotten lost around the house.


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    What’s great about this organizing technique is that it works with her personality rather than pigeonholing her into a system that doesn’t work. Pretty bowls, busts and tiers only get prettier when they are accessorized.

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    Ha ha, too funny. I just posted a pic of my new cute jewelry bowl last night. I LOVE it…finally the perfect place to store my rediculous amount of bracelets and cuffs. I got mine at Ross’ for like 7 bucks. Also funny, I’ve spent the last few weeks looking for the perfect necklace holder/bust…haven’t found one I LOVE but do love yours. Where did you get him??? Would you let me know if you get a second? Thanks Jess

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    You know what I did? I made two “T’s out of metal pipe, the kind you can buy at Lowes. The flat piece that you could attach to something – flange – is the base. Then you use pipe and elbows to make a T shape and cap the ends of the T with the caps they sell next to the pipe. I did not have to paint it or anything. The one for my bracelets is short and the one for the necklaces is tall. They stand side by side on a vintage mirror on my dresser.

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    Clearly a boy mom. If I put bowls of jewelry around my house, my girls will take them over. I’ll find some on a stuffed animal, my oldest will be wearing my faves, and my toddler will be eating the rest. These are my issues. :)

    I do so love your bowls though. They are super cute.


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    OMG! What a great idea. My husband has a Beethoven bust that he bought long before we got married (11 years ago). I’ve never been able to convince him to get rid of it. NOW I’m going to steal it for myself. THANK YOU!


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