playroom tour {homeschool version}

homeschool room tour

after taking you on a little tour of our playroom & my studio space, i wanted to give those of you interested a deeper look into the homeschool side of things.  if you have no interest in homeschool stuffs, then feel free to move on from this post!

and please note, i am not a full time homeschooler.  i do this part time, and i don’t have it all figured out.  but i am on my 5th year of doing this, so i have learned a few things!

homeschool room tour

 we have very little wall space in our playroom (homeschool room), so i have had to get creative on space.  aesthetically, it pretty much goes against every bone in my body, but i’ve had to learn to give up on lots of things in here!

homeschool room tour

 i keep a big roll of butcher paper on hand for random projects and it works great to put up the poems the kids are working on reciting.  i also put up the latin words the kids are learning at school.  now, we rarely ever go over these words, but with what they’ve learned at school and seeing these flash cards posted all the time, they totally know these words.  they are just on 3×5 cards and taped up with washi tape i got from target.

homeschool room tour

 i am a huge fan of the workbox system!  i was introduced to it sometime last year i think and it has really helped smooth out our homeschool days.  not only does it help keep the kids on task, but also keep me organized!

homeschool room tour

 since our school is a combo of at home and at school, we get this thing called “the grid” that sets us up for our week – all our curriculum layed out for us – books, page numbers, everything.  up until recently, i just stacked the grid for each kid and then thumbed through them when i needed to set up the boxes.  but now i have each grid attached to each kids’ workboxes and it has saved me so much time.

each of my kids have their workboxes set up differently.  gracie has hers sitting right next to her, lily has hers tucked under her desk (she has the biggest desk space), and silas’ is on top of the desk space next to him.  its not ideal, but it actually works really well for us.

homeschool room tour

 this is our biggest stretch of wall, and i have tried to use as much of it as i could.  i used to have the workboxes lined up where the book shelves are, but i really needed space for books, hence the odd positioning of our workboxes now.

we use the white board throughout the day and the kids love standing on a chair to do work there.  since we are focusing our studies right now on america and colonial times, i was ok with putting our calendar up over europe and asia.  i’m not sure at this point where the calendar is going to move to, but we have enjoyed having it as a new addition to our room.  the kids love seeing what is coming up in our month ahead.

the yellow and green papers on the door are sight words on post it notes i got from an office supply store.

homeschool room tour

 so, i’m not super crazy about the gutter book shelves.  i do love that it displays so many books front facing, which really is so much more enticing for the kids.  but… the books tend to fall forward rather than lean back against the wall.  and the gutters are sagging because some of the supports pulled out of the wall.  and only shorter books can go on the bottom shelves.

homeschool room tour

also, there are these random sized spaces where the supports had to go, that won’t fit books.  thankfully, i needed a spot to hold our whiteboard supplies (and a few other small things).

homeschool room tour

 this is the start to our timeline.  i have always shied away from doing a timeline on paper, but having a tension wire (from ikea) has made it more interactive and repositionable.  so after the kids read about a historical event, they can draw something to add to the timeline and we just pin it up in the right spot.

homeschool room tour

 these shelves are above lily’s desk and hold most of our random homeschool supplies.  those books are more of our books from previous years of school.

homeschool room tour

 next to lily’s desk are some of our manipulatives.  the bottom 2 shelves hold the math manipulatives and the next one holds the language arts manipulatives.

homeschool room tour

on top of silas’ desk is a cute dr. pepper crate holding all of his books for his kindergarten year, some that he will eventually read to himself and some that i read to him.  lily also knows that all of these books are at or below her reading level, so she can grab any one of these for her reading time.

homeschool room tour

and here’s my homeschool space!  these are all the random supplies i need to get the workboxes ready and books marked; printer ink; supplies; 3-hole punch.

and that’s it!



  1. 1
    Jenni Harrison says:

    What an awesome space. I have toyed with homeschooling for many years, but I can’t even get my kids to put their dishes in the dish washer! I expect though if the had a space like this
    They would look forward to
    Learning each day:)

  2. 2

    I’m not a homeschooler, but loved seeing this awesome use of space. Gives me some ideas for our very small and tightly packed playroom. I love the tension wire used to display art work. How is it attached to the wall, and where did you get the little silver clips. I made one using twine and clothes pins, but yours looks much nicer. Thanks for sharing

    • 3

      i got everything i needed from ikea. the tension wire comes in a kit with the wall mounts and they also have a set of clips with hooks to go on the wires.


  3. 4
    Elizabeth Torma says:

    Looks awesome – so creative and organized. Well done!

  4. 5

    I began homeschooling my 12 year old last year and like a lot of mothers, I use to think it was too difficult a task to add fro a mother of 4 I must say after a year under my belt that I am so happy with what we accomplished. Taking that leap was a hard step, but i haven’t met a homeschooling mother yet, who wishes they hadn’t. I wrote my reasons for homeschooling in a blog post last week

    You have created an amazing space for your children. Congratulations!.

  5. 6

    Love the space! I was homeschooled and loved it. I am curious what “part time homeschooling” means. Does that mean your children go to a private/public school part-time as well?

    • 7

      yes! our kids go to a private hybrid school – they are home 3 days a week and are at school 2 days. the at school days are fairly traditional, but with small class sizes of 14 kids. its really the best of both worlds for us!

  6. 8

    I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the work box idea. This is our second year using it, and it changed my homeschool life! When I saw it on your blog before we started school last year, I got so excited, because I knew this could simplify our day. Last year I had a senior, 4th grader, 1st grader, and a K-4. I used for all but the senior, and it was our best, most organized year ever! Thank you for helping to make years 13 and 14 of homeschooling so much easier!

  7. 10

    What a wonderful room. So organized, yet creative and inviting to little minds. I homeschool my 2 boys (ages 8&6). I love your timeline idea! I’m off to ikea! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. 11

    Hi Lindsey!
    Love your homeschool space. I do not homeschool I work full time but on the weekend I will be starting to supplement my children’s learning. They are in 1st and 2nd grade. I am thinking of using Singapore Math but do you have any advice on what I can use for grammar, comprehension, math, reading, history, etc.? I know that is asking a lot. Maybe another blog post by you…”What I teach and what I Use” :) Any advice would be great! Thank you again!

  9. 12

    We are a homeschool family too! I love having my children at home and learning, but it makes it a bit tricky to stay organized and clean around here.

    Would you mind sharing your weekly grid sheet? I keep looking for the best way to keep us on track for the week.

  10. 13

    Wow! This is an incredible and beautiful space you have made! I want to come learn with you! Love the Latin, my kids learn it too.

  11. 14

    You know you’re a teacher when…you use your hand to cover up half the Latin flashcards on the computer screen to see what you can remember from high school Latin class! Happy to say I did pretty well! :) Love getting a peak into the home school world of education!

  12. 15

    As I gear up to homeschool next year, I keep coming back to your room for inspiration. Where is that huge cabinet found on the ikea page? Would you mind sharing? My husband is quite handy and was going to just make me some bookshelves…but the idea of all the clutter visible is disconcerting. I also only have two small walls to work with, one for storage and one for display…desks also going under the windows. :) Thanks for sharing your room.

    • 16

      hi sara!

      actually, that huge cabinet is not from ikea, but from my husband’s company that sells custom cabinetry locally – sorry!


  13. 17

    I love y’all’s space! Thanks for sharing! We recently had our spare bedroom converted into a office/homeschool space and y’all’s playroom/homeschool room was the inspiration! Would you mind sharing where you found the white chairs for the kids?
    Happy summer and hoping for a wonderful upcoming school year!

  14. 18

    I there, I homeschool my 7yo and 5yo and try my 4yo when he allows it. We just moved into our new home, and have sort of built our school room like yours (with their desks along the window wall). I was wondering where you got your left hand wall shelves from?

    Your room looks amazing btw!

    • 19

      hi jennifer!
      my husband owns a company that builds closets and offices, so they made all of the cabinets and shelves for us.

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