12 deals of christmas!


12 deals of christmas at the pleated poppy

so, did you know that christmas is coming?  like, really soon?  are you ready?

well, i have good news for you!  i’m here to help!

for the next 12 days i will be having a fabulous new discount for you on most all items in my shop!

each discount will be for one day only, so be sure to check back in every day.  a new discount code will be listed each day at midnight.

so are you ready for today’s deal?!

12 deals of christmas at the pleated poppy

 i bet just about everyone on your list has an ipad or an e-reader.  these double padded cases not only protect the valuable technology, but they are cute to boot!  i have tons of different styles so i’m sure there’s one that you’ll find that will be perfect!

these cases are also handy for carrying all those pesky cords and plugs and attachments for traveling with your devices.  and an e-reader case can fit handheld game devices and several games, all in one!

so for today, until midnight, use code DAYONE at checkout to get a great discount on all e-reader and ipad cases.

{only one discount code per order}



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    Very cute!

  2. 2

    Oh no, the countdown has begun – I haven’t even started – Lord help me!!!! Thanks for the link up – I’ll be checking out the product line.

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