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it is gift giving time!

i give specific gifts to family and close friends, but being short on time and spare energy, i like to come up with one great gift (in mass quantity) that we can give to lots of people, like neighbors, teachers, tutors, sunday school teachers, etc.  these gifts are to focus in on the people who dedicate their time to enriching the lives of others (mainly my children).  i want to pour in a little to the people who pour into my kids.

 the gift this year is all about warm & cozy!

  i found everything i needed for our gifts at world market this year:  3-in-1 gloves, hot chocolate, a package of cookies & an adorable mug to hold it all!

i have a hard time giving a gift that doesn’t at least have a little handmade something to it, so i whipped up these cute packages to hold a handful of cookies.

and if you know me, i’m not much of a baker, so i grabbed some of my favorite caramel wafers from world market as well, and added them to my packages.

red and aqua is just about the best combination of christmas colors, so i grabbed a package of parchment paper in each color.  i love sewing with paper and i knew parchment paper would be perfectly food safe.

the parchment paper comes in sheets, folded in half.

 i kept it folded in half and either used the lines or the dots to guide my cutting line for the sides of the package.  i was able to get 3 small packages out of each piece of parchment paper.

 i chose a fun blanket stitch on my machine and used a bright green thread for a contrast.  almost any stitch will do, just make sure its not too tight as it will perforate the paper and could make it tear easily.

see?  cute, huh?  next step is to trim the threads.

then stuff with the wafers!

 fold the top flap down and stitch over it as well.

 3 wonderful things, all packaged up together:  thread, paper, and cookies!

but then i realized that not everyone can sew or even has a sewing machine…

 washi tape to the rescue!

 i just ran a length of tape up one side, then folded it over the other.

 fold over the flap and seal it with more tape!

 we are so thankful to have so many wonderful people in our lives, so many who love on my kids and help them to become better people.  this will be a fun week passing these all out!

i must say, shopping at world market was really difficult.  i mean, if my family ever expected me to come home in a timely manner, they were mistaken!  i kept doing laps and laps and laps!  there is so much there that i loved!  i had a really hard time thinking of others while i was there (too honest?), because i wanted it all for me!

this was my cart after a lap or 2.  and the contents changed several times.  some of that came home, some stayed.  some multiplied.

if you don’t have a world market nearby, don’t fret!  they have online shopping that is almost as wonderful as the real deal!

world market also has something amazing for you:  share the joy sweepstakes

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    This is WAY too adorable, Lindsey!

  2. 2

    Followed on both Pinterest and Facebook!

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    OMG You did such a great job on this! What cute ideas! I’m going to steal these ideas for teacher gifts this year! Thank you for sharing!!! :D

  4. 4

    What a great gift idea! I like how you added your own personal touch, that just makes it perfect :)

  5. 5

    Followed on both! Love world market!

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