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first off, i just want to say thank you.  thank you thank you thank you.  the 12 deals of christmas were a huge success, in fact i believe the best 12 days of sales i have ever had!  so again, thank you!

reusable bags

i gave you this sneak peek of a new product i debuted at the stitch market, and i sold out there so i wasn’t able to let you in on the secret.

but i have a few in stock now!  did you guess right?

reusable bags

reusable bags!  yay!

our town has gone green by putting a ban on all plastic bags, so if you don’t want to carry your goods home in your arms, you either bring your own bags or buy a paper or reusable bag from the store.  but those reusable bags?  they are big, and bulky.  and let’s be honest, kinda ugly.

reusable bags

so i have a solution!  i have made adorable reusable bags that tuck neatly in to a little pouch that snaps shut.   and the pouch is just about the size of my palm, so it fits great in my bag, and always there when i need it.  the bag is about the size of a traditional plastic bag, approximately 17″ deep by 15″ wide – nice and roomy!

reusable bags

the handles are fully lined for extra strength and the pouch coordinates with the bag’s lining.

and after my big sale i have a few items left that i am wanting to scootch on out of my shop – i need to make room for next year!  big things!!!

so check out my sale section for some extra good deals!

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so on to the tough stuff…

we are all torn up about what happened this week in connecticut.

i am adamantly opposed to watching the news, so i found out about it via social media.  i know very little details, and that is the way i want it to remain.  i don’t want to know the killer’s name or see his face, but i want the children and the families to be remembered and honored.

i wish all the details would disappear from all we hear, and just focus on the lives lost.

i didn’t want to tell my kids about this either.  i mean, why would i?  i know my kids will eventually hear about all of the evil in the world, but for now, i want to protect their hearts and minds from things too big for them to comprehend.  i mean, if we can’t understand it, how can i expect my 5, 7, and 9 year olds to?

but over the last few days, while out of the house, my oldest has picked up on mentions of the shootings.  mentions of children’s lives lost.  so sean and i sat down with her and gave her what she needed to know.  while i don’t know about the shooter’s mental state, we explained to her about mental illness, depression, sadness, and also satan’s evils.  we focused on the children and the families and the survivors and how they must feel.  we talked about how we should pray for them.  and we talked about how God fit into this.  we talked about how He is always in control and will use all things for His eternal purpose.

it is so fitting that today in church we learned more about the life of joseph.  we learned about his brother judah, who had originally thrown jacob into a pit to be killed, and then sold him into slavery instead.  we learned how judah’s life had changed so much that he was now willing to sacrifice his own life for the life of his youngest brother, benjamin.  we learned about all the hurt and pain judah had caused, and how God had used his life and changed him and now he was a foreshadow of Christ – willing to lay down his life for his brother.

God works in mysterious ways that we will never comprehend, that we weren’t meant to comprehend.

but we do know that God is Good, always.




  1. 1

    I love the bags- that is fabulous that your town is so green!! And regarding the awful events last weekend, I pray peace finds its way into those families’ hearts in this time of devastation.


  2. 2

    I love your reusable bags! Very cute.

  3. 3

    yes his is! May His goodness prevail through this all!

  4. 4

    The bags are fun & I love reusable bags. It’s great that your town has put a ban on the plastic bags.

    Thank you for your words about Fridays terrible events. God is good, we are not ment to understand or comprehend. God’s heart breaks at this tragedy but He will use these events for His good and the work of His kingdom, though we may not personally see the effects. What a great reminder this morning of God’s faithfulness.

  5. 5

    I am surprised that your town banned plastic bags. Very smart idea and cute! Great products!

    Just thought I’d let you know it was Joseph not Jacob. I don’t attend your church but based upon that story it would be Joseph. Jacob was Joseph, Judah, and Benjamin’s father.

    I love how the Lord always seems to tie together everything that we are going through or learning with His Word.

    • 6

      hey suz –

      aaah, you’re right! that’s what happens when i write late at night! thanks for the correction!


  6. 7

    Bravo to you & your husband for how you handled explaining this tragedy to your eldest.
    You & your husband are role models to your blog readers as well as to your own children.

    I too do not know what the killers name is or what he looks like.
    I’m a firm believer that when the media & people in general focus on the killer then that eggs on future fame-seeking would-be killers.

    The children & their families are what matters the most, what comes a close second is hopefully people will take a closer look at their own families & begin to see them as not a given. We focus so much these days on spying into other peoples lives (facebook, twitter, cellphones in general) that we don’t value or nurture the folks within our own homes. The folks we proclaim to value the most to us.

  7. 8

    today i had to put my hand over one side of the tv because i did not want to see his face anymore.

    and yes, God is surely in control. that is as well as my families only hope. and truly His ways are not our ways.

    All the time God is good….always.

    my prayers remain for the all those affected by this tragedy.

  8. 9

    thanks, lindsey, for sharing how you and sean talked about this tragedy with gracie.
    i’m far from home and the u.s., so i’m thankful to read what you’re experiencing in the u.s.
    thanks, mary.

  9. 10

    Such great comments so far. Like you, I do not watch the news so I found out via social media. We don’t have cable and I like it that way. That is the benefit of homeschooling being able to protect your children from what they might hear at school. Being able to sit down with your daughter and discuss together with your husband was a blessing and to have it follow Sunday’s lesson.

    I want to remember the names and faces of the children.

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