sunday shop update

i normally reserve shop updates for mondays, but since i’m stuck in bed with the flu, i’m going to at least try to be efficient in my awake hours!

we’ve got baby fever around here (not flu related)!  ok, not me, but my shop.  i haven’t ventured into the baby product market much before, but i decided to jump in with both feet and create some amazing products for all your mama’s of little ones.

diaper clutch at the pleated poppy

i introduced my new diaper clutches last week (which are almost all sold out – need to make more!) and now i have 2 more items to go with them:  stroller size baby blankets and more wet bags!

wet bags at the pleated poppy

wet bags are not new to my shop, but most of these styles are!  wet bags are a large zippered pouch lined with wipeable oilcloth or laminated cotton and are so useful.  you can use one in your diaper bag for all your cloth diapering needs, or as a holder for the soiled baby clothes and burp cloths.  as the baby gets older, the wet bag can also hold a bunch of messy snacks so they stay in one place, and not smooshed up at the bottom of your bag!

wet bags at the pleated poppy

but beyond babies, these wet bags are great for the pool – just toss in your wet suit so the rest of your bag doesn’t get soaked.  these even work for travel toiletry bags – keeping your messy lotions and potions away from your clothes.

baby blankets at the pleated poppy

what i am most excited about are my new baby blankets!  each one is unique – i had so much fun sewing each top differently!  i sized them to fit perfectly in a stroller, about 30″ x 24″, but also great for wrapping up baby in your arms, sling or any baby carrier.  the top is pieced together with beautiful pieces of designer cotton prints and each blanket is backed with super snuggly minky fabric – so cozy!

baby blankets at the pleated poppy

keep checking in this week – i have more new products coming and also the stitch market!!


  1. 1

    Praying you feel better fast! Love the diaper clutch!

  2. 2

    I love your new items in your shop! (I’m a new follower via Still Being Molly btw) By chance, do you have a tutorial for your diaper clutch?

  3. 3

    I love those baby blankets, they are so awesome! Too bad I don’t have any babies to give them to :(!!!

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