the 12 deals of christmas – day 11

the 12 deals of christmas at the pleated poppy

 this bag has so many functions – it works for every stage of life!

if you are a new mom, or use cloth diapers, this bag can be a lifesaver while you’re out and about!  just toss any soiled linens into this extra large zippered pouch and the rest of your diaper bag is protected!  how i wish i had something like this when my kids had accidents even through the potty training years!

this pouch also works well as a messy snack bag, and can be easily wiped down or washed on gentle when you’re done.

i originally designed this bag as a large toiletry bag, to contain all those accidental spills from travel lotions, shampoos, and hair products.

what i use it mostly for is as a wet bag to contain my kids’ wet bathing suits after swimming. rather than balling them up in a towel, risking soaking through the swim bag and onto me or my car, this bag keeps all 3 suits neatly tucked in the pouch to be rinsed and hung to dry once we’re home.

the pouch is quite large, at about 10″x7 1/2″, with a wide gusseted base to sit up nicely and make the interior more roomy.  but its not too large that it can’t be tossed into your diaper bag, purse, or swim bag.  each pouch has a designer cotton exterior, with either an oilcloth or laminated cotton base and interior liner.

what will you use yours for? ;)


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