the 12 deals of christmas – day ten

the 12 deals of christmas at the pleated poppy

 everyone loves petal pushers!  i especially love them in pairs.  which are your favorite colors?



  1. 1

    Yes, yes, yes, I love them! I am wearing two now.

    Now, I have to wait until I get home to see what colors I need/want. Hope some are left…..

    Just this morning when getting ready I thought, “I wish I had _____ color” and of course I can’t remember which.

  2. 2

    Hey, I’m wondering what they are made of. Are they washable? Are they knit? Cotton knit? Polyester? Do they hold up if, say, your baby nephew tries to eat it off of your purse when you aren’t looking? :-) Sorry for the question bombardment. Thanks! They are super cute, I’d lvoe to get a couple when I get my next paycheck maybe. :-)

    • 3

      hi jody!

      they are definitely not machine washable, but maybe a very gentle hand washing. they are made of a cotton jersey. despite needing a gentle washing if dirtied, they are actually very durable and should be just fine for a little nibbling ;)


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