monday shop update

chubby button hair clips

happy monday!

i updated the shop with some new items and a few restocked ones.

one of my faves are these chubby button hair clips!

messenger bags

 i am loving this new design for a messenger bag!

posy pins

it’s been awhile, but i added several new sets of posy pins in the shop!

covered notebook

 and several of these covered notebooks are restocked!

*     *     *     *     *

my weekend was full.  full of goodness, family time, and beauty all around.

i found time to do a little valentine’s decorating – so fun!  more on this coming soon…

 my job is messy.

 i got some organizing done with the kids help while we watched i love lucy episodes together.  i love taking something messy and it turning into pretty!  not all organizing is this way!

 and this took me several nights to go through:  3 baskets of scraps!

the top basket holds my posy pin parts.  the middle basket holds all my medium size scraps.  and the bottom basket holds all the pieces ready to be cut into posies and covered buttons.  yes, i keep all the scraps until they are smaller than a quarter!

we also went on a beautiful hike near our house – we even spotted our house from the top of the mountain!

after this busyness, i was exhausted come saturday night.  and sean and lily spent all day (literally) making a yummy chicken sausage gumbo, so a relaxing night at home was in order.  plus, with our new change in sleeping patterns (waking up earlier.  ugh.) my body is having a hard time adjusting!

 i have a really full week ahead – how about you?


  1. 1

    I love the valentine mason jars. We are heading up to Oakhurst to enjoy some snow and family time. Might go into Bass Lake or down to the Valley, but we’ll see how the littles do. Have you ever been in the snow or just usually in the summer? Any tips or places fro good sledding?

    • 2

      so fun! we’ve been tons of times in the snow – it is so beautiful in the valley! as for sledding options, it depends on how much snow there is, but there are some options as you head towards the valley. if there’s enough snow, you can go to the tenaya lodge and there may be some around there. you can also ice skate there or in the valley. if you do go to the valley, take a break at the ahwahnee hotel by their gigantic fireplaces – it is so magical!

      • 3

        Thanks!!! Should be so fun. I heard they just got snow, and there may be more coming. My hubby took me on a date to the ahwahnee for my birthday probably 10 years ago…maybe we can get a repeat!

  2. 4

    I’m a HUGE fan of I Love Lucy. I have all the seasons on dvd. My girls and I love to pop one in and watch while we are surfing the internet, pinterest or doing a project. For my birthday about 10 years ago, my husband bought me an I Love Lucy jean jacket. It is a conversation piece to wear. Have a great day!

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