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what do i do when i have a full list of to-do’s?

make cookies, of course!

well, first i dropped the kids off at school, then ran to ups, usps, the craft store, and i dropped off my sewing machine to be serviced.

and by the time i did all that, i got a call from the school saying lily wasn’t well.

to school i went to scoop up my girl.  poor thing had a raging headache and fell right asleep when she got home.

so while she slept i baked.  i knew she was really not feeling well when she didn’t even come out to help me.

 our family has been on a baking kick lately.  sean and lily have been baking bread a couple days a week – he bought her a dutch oven for christmas.

and i made a couple coffee cakes last night – we polished one off this morning, and i’m thinking of stealing a slice for dessert tonight…

this recipe is my maternal grandma’s.  i have another great one from my paternal grandma – i’m thinking i need to make her’s soon, just to compare, you know? ;)

 we have a small but growing pile of christmas decorates we forgot to pack away.  it will most likely stay in our house for a month.  i’m a piler and i have a really hard time getting through random piles.

 delivery day!  more scarf fabric arrived today and even more should be here tomorrow.  and fabric for this scarf is on order now, too.

once i put away the nativity scene, i had to fill the empty.  this works for now, but i’m sure i’ll start tinkering with it soon.

every year i feel kinda guilty putting away the nativity scene, like i’m putting away jesus.  anyone else feel that way… or am i just crazy?  if i wasn’t afraid of it breaking, i think it would be cool to keep it out all year.

after i picked up the other 2 kids at school, we came home for a few, then off to gym (gymnastics).  since the kids don’t start at the same time, i bring some of our homeschool work with so we can get a jump on the next day.

 in an attempt to add some sparkles to my mantle, as a new year kinda thing, i pulled out all the silver items i had and the milk glass.

 this picture looks far prettier than it is in person.  in real life, it looks more like a really good garage sale!  too much clutter.

 a few times a year, i make a huge batch of chili.  i mean HUGE. tons of veggies and beans and meat and good stuff.  anyhoo, i put it all in gallon freezer bags and have a meal in each bag.  since we don’t get home until late, the bag of frozen chili is a welcome meal – just pop it in a sink of warm water, then reheat it over the stove.  and we made some honey butter to spread on our fresh bread.  super yummy.

we’re trying to cram in some extra school work because i’m heading out of town on thursday, so we’ll be missing on 2 homeschool days.  we spent after dinner on math and history and lit.  while i read to si, sean read the girls one of their history books.  it made me thankful to have a husband that is willing to team up with me on my crazy ideas.

now that the kids are all snug in their beds, i’ve already written 2 posts, painted a background on 2 canvases, started a load of laundry and eaten one cookie.

oh, and watched an episode of numbers on hulu – its so good!

and watch out other cookies… i am coming after you!


  1. 1

    I’m curious, what kind of veggies do you put in your chili?

    • 2

      oh everything! whenever i have veggies on hand that i know we won’t be able to eat before they go bad, i chop them up and freeze them for the next batch of chili. broccoli, bell peppers, onions, carrots, corn, asparagus, celery…

  2. 3

    One of these days, (when I am not 9 months pregnant or have an infant…) I hope to see days that are so productive. Right now, I’m not accomplishing much but growing a baby ;)

    • 4

      you’re keeping someone alive, and you will be for quite awhile – thats a huge job! i wasn’t nearly this productive when i had an infant. i miss the days when i was glued to the couch, nursing my babes…

  3. 5

    I know a woman who keeps her nativity out year round! I totally get your point and hers.

  4. 6

    Your coffee cake sounds good…secret recipe ? Or something you can share ? (Hope so !)

    Have a good day!

    • 7

      oh i can share, its just a matter of getting to it. i’ll add it to my list!

      • 8
        Virginia Anglin says:

        Will look forward to viewing your grandmothers’ coffeecake recipes, as well. Those family handed-down recipes are the BEST! Hope Lily is feeling better! :-)

  5. 9
    Virginia Anglin says:

    Oh, BTW what kind of cookies did you bake?

  6. 12

    Every year I take my nativity set out as soon as I can . . . errr . . . as soon as my hubby will let me and I let it linger in the house until someone makes a comment about Christmas being over. It is part guilt ( no one puts baby in a corner . . . not even baby Jesus.) and part love that I keep it out so long and am so hesitant to put it away. It is a beautiful painted black clay set from Oaxaca that I bought while i lived in Mexico and really shouldn’t have afforded, but now I do not regret over spending on it at all . . . I love seeing it everyday, being reminded of Jesus’ daily presence and the lovely time I spent in Mexico . Maybe this is the year it stays out . . .

  7. 13

    That cookie dough looks so good! Do I see chocolate, white, and butterscotch chips?

  8. 14

    Mmm… homemade bread is on my “learn to” list for 2013. (hint hint) :)

  9. 15
    Yasmin Bennett says:

    Have you ever made elephant ears with the bread dough? A friend introduced me to them and they’re so good! I want to make bread just so I could have some. You take the raw dough, flatten it out and then fry it in some hot oil. Cook both sides and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and honey.

    Love this post by the way. Fun to see what your day was like. Super cute that Lily got a Dutch oven for Christmas!

  10. 16

    I think the mantle looks good. I hate after you put all of the Christmas stuff away the house always looks so bare! I am trying to sprue our place up a bit too before we settle into depressing January.

  11. 17

    This is the best no-knead bread with a dutch oven. I could eat the entire loaf. http://www.frugallivingnw.com/frugal-homemaking/amazing-no-knead-bread-step-by-step-recipe/

    • 18
      Virginia Anglin says:

      I definitely want to try to make artisan bread, using your recipe/instructions! Thanks for sharing, Kate! :-)

  12. 19
    Michalina Peterson says:

    Hi Lindsey,

    I am technologically challenged, sooo, when I went to your shop to pin an item I liked, I couldn’t figure out how to, I thought there would be a button somewhere?? Anyway, instead, I went to my pinterest page and looked you up that way and then pinned an item with the hashtag to one of my boards. Does that count? I’m so sorry! I feel silly for asking, just want to make sure I”m doing it right! Have a great day & thank you!

  13. 20

    Those cookies look yummy!

  14. 21

    Can you please share your chili recipe?!:)

    • 22

      i’ve tried to write it down before, but i change it every time i make it! i need to make another batch soon, so i’ll try to get it all down on paper!

  15. 23

    I used to feel guilty for stashing baby Jesus away after Christmas, but then I always remember: “He’s not a baby anymore… He grew up and is not seated at the right hand of the Father”. Hope it helps you, too! ;)


  16. 24
    Virginia Anglin says:

    You Sharing your chili recipe would be great, too!

  17. 25

    I DO keep my nativity set up all year! my mother-in-law hand painted it…it is WAY too cool to only have out one month a year.

  18. 27

    I want to live your life. Sick kids and all.

  19. 28

    What curriculum do you use for homeschooling? This is my first year homeschooling my son (6). Right now I’m sort of using a hodge podge but I think I need something a little more all inclusive. Thanks!

    • 29

      we actually attend a school 2 days a week and they have customized their own curriculum that we use. sorry to be unhelpful!

  20. 30

    Wow! That’s a full day! Looks like you got a lot done!

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