31 days to a heart of hospitality ebook {giveaway!} CLOSED

blissdom 2013 is just around the corner!  it was 4 years ago that i was surprisingly blessed with 2 fantastic roommates:  kristi and edie.  i didn’t know either of them before going to the conference, and was so freaked out by being outside of my comfort zone.  but both of these women were so warm and welcoming that they eased my fears and blessed my time at blissdom.

 putting others at ease is edie’s gift.  she loves on people and welcomes them into her life.

and if you don’t have the pleasure of meeting edie in real life, you must meet her through her blog!

 her home is a feast for the eyes:  all that color!  she has a knack for blending unexpected items, and making them work!  i could spend so much time pouring over all the pictures of her home.  actually, i did!  edie’s home was recently featured in better homes and gardens!

 a couple years ago, edie’s home was burnt to the ground.  she blogged through the process of grieving and rebuilding.  and she did it gracefully.  she designed her new home with the purpose of serving others in mind.

edie has just released her ebook, 31 days to a heart of hospitality!

she includes all the fun stuff:  the recipes and tips, but what she starts with is even bigger.  she starts with the heart.   there’s no fluff, she goes straight to our real barriers with hospitality:  us.  our selfishness gets in the way of our ability to welcome others into our lives.  and being hospitable doesn’t just mean to our neighbors, but starts in our home, with our kids, with our husbands.

i am not quite through the book yet, but it is so good, you guys!  i am looking forward to finishing it up this week, and putting into practice what i’m learning!

get your own copy of edie’s ebook here for only $5!

and sweet edie has offered up 3 copies of her ebook for me to give to you!

to enter to win, just leave a simple tip for hospitality in the comments section.




  1. 1

    Hello Lindsey,
    Thank you for let me know Edie. I went to her blog, so charming. I’ll read it better into the next days.
    Being hospital is a mental state I think, when you are happy with yourself you really like to meet new people and show them your life and yourself!

  2. 2
    Ronda Loosley says:

    What a wonderful idea for a book. I would love to read this, hope I win.


  3. 3

    I always try to turn off the tv and put my phone away when guests are over. I want them to have my focus.

  4. 4

    i’ve followed edie’s blog for awhile…would love to win the ebook!

  5. 5

    I can’t wait to check out Edie’s blog! I recognized the photo right away. (BHG) I try to forget about everything else and focus on my guests. If you seem relaxed and stress less, it helps them feel my comfortable in your home. Of course, it always helps to hand them a glass of wine when they walk in the door. Going to Edie’s blog now! (Can’t wait to read everyone else’s comments)

  6. 6

    I always light candles when we have company. It makes a room feel warm and cozy along with adding a comforting sent. :)

  7. 8

    I love Edie’s blog, seems like such a great person. Would love to meet her in person

    I think to be hospital you need to put yourself in someone elses shoes and think what might make you feel at home

  8. 9

    I would love to get my hands on this book! One way I like to treat my overnight guests is to have a vase of fresh flowers in my guest room. And a small dish of really good chocolates. : )

  9. 10

    I’d love the book!

    It’s the Southern in me….*EVERYONE* that sets foot in my door is is offer a tea/coke. :-)

  10. 11

    Great giveaway! This is an area I need some encouragement in.

  11. 12

    I’d love to read this–I need all the help I can get when it comes to hospitality because it just doesn’t come naturally to me. When I do have people over though, I always, always, always make sure there is enough food to eat. I’d feel terrible if someone came over and left hungry!

  12. 13

    I have been wanting to read this book for a few weeks now. Sounds so good! Hmmm, hospitality tip…have plenty of cushy seating – even if it’s just throw pillows on the floor for the kids!

  13. 14

    I don’t have any hospitality tips! That is why I need to read this book.

  14. 15

    Thank you for the opportinity to win! I have been following Edie’s blog for a couple years now and am so blessed by it and her!

    The key to hospitality? Something I learned form my kid’s pre-school teacher:

    JOY- Jesus. Others. You.


  15. 16

    I would say that you shouldn’t wait until you have the “perfect” home or can afford the perfect meal, before you invite others into your home. A big pot of soup and cornbread is better than the most “perfect” gourmet meal when it is served with warmth and love! Your post today is a great encouragement!

  16. 17

    I found it was so easy to entertain and be a good host before kids. I’m finding it harder now after 3 boys in 28 months. but it has been a work in progress I am looking forward to getting better at. Have a great day.

  17. 18

    I gave up on perfect. I invite people in, tell them to make themselves at home and mean it! Would love to win this.

  18. 19

    I keep cookie dough balls in the freezer so warm, gooey cookies are always just 10 minutes away.

  19. 20

    I always make my Aunt’s famous coffee cake. It’s so simple, and everyone goes crazy over it. I love to hear fresh ideas for hospitality. Edie’s style is inspiring. Hope to win!

  20. 21

    Sounds like an amazing book! I’d love to learn her thoughts! My tip is to just do it!!! Stop making excuses about why your house isn’t clean enough or cute enough, and start having people it and loving on them!

  21. 22

    Thanks to you and to Edie for offering free copies of her hospitality book! I think a warm smile and a hug, if appropriate, are my first tools for welcoming someone in.

  22. 23

    My best tip is to ignore my cell phone … emails, notifications, phone calls, when checked during a face to face conversation, tell the person you’re with that they aren’t important. I make it a point to ignore my phone. If I can’t do that (i.e. kids are out & about with friends and I need to make sure they aren’t the ones calling) I let my friend know ahead of time that if the phone rings I may need to answer.
    I’m so excited for this giveaway! I love Edie’s writing – beautiful style and always fabulous content!!

  23. 24
    Zippy Moma says:

    I feed ’em – I’m Italian, what can I say!
    I loved reading the posts on hospitality – would love to have the e-book.
    Thank you!

  24. 25
    Kristina B says:

    I need this book asap.

    Use your good china on your guests so they feel special.

  25. 26

    Hope I win! If not I will order :) Say something nice to one stranger everyday.

  26. 27

    Relax! Your guests are visiting you, not your house.

  27. 28

    I try to greet guests at the door with a beverage in my hand. I think it makes them feel at home when they see me relaxed and ready to welcome them.

  28. 29

    I would love to win this book. I have been reading Edie’s blog for a while and she is incredible.
    My tip for hospitality is to just do it! Have people over and quit worrying that your house isn’t perfectly decorated or perfectly clean. People want to connect with YOU, not your furnishings. I heard an image consultant speak last year and she talked about how people don’t really care what you are wearing so don’t worry about the perfect dress or earrings. Be comfortable and people will remember how gracious you are not that there were dust bunnies on the floor.

  29. 30

    Always tell people, “It’s so good to see you!” It lets them know you want them there.

  30. 31

    I love Edie! This may be a no-brainer, but I always try to serve homemade food, comfort food. It’s easy to invite friends or family over for pizza, but we can all order pizza. I want them to feel like I actually planned for them to visit.

    And occassionally, we just order pizza :)

  31. 32

    Put away distractions(like your phone, tv, computer!)! Don’t hold back just because you might not have a “suitable house” or whatever! Use what you have!

  32. 33

    Once the visit is over we try to walk them to their car or at least to the door. My kids love waving goodbye (they are 5, 3, and 1).

  33. 34

    This sounds like my kind of book. My one key to hospitality is to relax and let your routine and house rules go while company is visiting. Don’t get wound up about all the little things that can be taken care of after company leaves. Don’t stretch yourself thin by keeping up with all the laundry, dishes, made-from-scratch-dishes etc. More often then not, the company that is visiting only comes so often and you need to take all the time you can to soak it up with them.

  34. 35

    Always have something quick and simple in the pantry! I try to keep rice and pasta on hand, along with canned tomatoes and ground beef in the freezer, and wine in the cellar. This makes for a quick and easy spaghetti or spanish rice if we want to spontaneously invite friends over.

    We like to buy all our meat on sale (here in Switzerland it’s extremely expensive) so that we always have plenty in the freezer. This also makes it really easy to host people without a lot of planning.

    Try to plan meals that are ready ahead of time, so that when your guests arrive, you aren’t occupied in the kitchen! A big pot of chili and cornbread is easily prepared and kept warm, then you are at your leisure to spend time with your guests!

  35. 36

    I can’t wait to read Edie’s book – she is lovely inside and out!

    My tip is to have a good smelling home. When guests come over I love the ambience of lit candles or , in the fall, a simmering pot of cinnamon sticks, cloves and a cut up apple on the stove.

  36. 37

    when making a special treat (cookies, pie.. chocolate covered strawberries-last night) .. I always send my children to a neighbors house to share our sweets and love. I always hope it brightens their day!

  37. 38

    I can’t wait to read Edie’s blog, it looks great. Hospitality can be very trying at times. Currently at my house… we are dealing with a neighbor girl and the drama she is creating with my 2 young girls. She’s an only child so taking turns and sharing skills are still being learned. My husband and I are trying so hard to be patient and kind to her… all while she throws tantrums, makes my girls cry, trys to control all playing, and gets mad and storms out.

  38. 39

    I love having candles lit when my guests arrive. It makes my home feel warm and cozy! I can’t wait to read Edie’s book. Her blog is amazing!

  39. 40

    I want to go away and meet amazing people at a conference! They always look so fun!. Edie looks like an amazing woman (I must say…with an name like Wadsworth!!! How cool. Asking if se was related would be my first question!! )

  40. 41

    My hospitality trick is to clean the front entry, make sure you have a rug for their shoes (in winter months, etc.). And, then, to be calm, enjoy and appreciate your guests. They’ll pick up on that and relax and enjoy themselves, too!

  41. 42

    Just what I need!

  42. 43

    I could really use some hospitality growth in my life! One thing I try and do is ignore any phone calls during dinner, and eat together as a family at the table. With a toddler and a baby it isn’t always pretty, but most nights it ends up being my favorite part of my day!


  43. 44

    Hospitality to strangers is a hard one bc you may not be prepared. One great way to bless others is to offer a smile and a good sameritan bag. We jeep these bags in our car for when we pass a person in need on the road. Ziplock bags full of non perishable snack items, water and hygene items.

    Blessings. Thanks for the oppertunity to win this book.

  44. 45

    Great topic! I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and make my house more open to the possibilities of the day– meaning, just because it doesn’t look *perfect* (and it rarely does with 4 kids and a dog!) doesn’t mean I shouldn’t invite someone in. It’s not about appearances, I’m learning, but the genuine love and attention we offer to those around us.

  45. 46

    Looks wonderful! I try to remember that friends come over to visit with our family, not to see a perfect house!

  46. 47

    A simple smile can go a long way :)

  47. 48

    Something we try to do is not over-schedule so when we have guests we can enjoy each other’s company for as long as they are able to, without feeling that we are rushing them out/on because we have something else to get to. Come for lunch but stay until dinner if you’d like to :)

  48. 49

    Fresh flowers brighten anyone’s day and make entertaining feel a little extra special.

  49. 50

    I could use some major growth in this area. I struggle with the urge to wait until everything is “just so” before inviting friends and family into my home. When I can get over that hurdle, we always try to have our guests’ favorite beverages on hand, even if it’s not something our own family enjoys!

    Love your blog, and thanks for sharing what sounds like a great book!

  50. 51

    Honestly, I struggle with hosting. I find that I’m always wishing my kitchen had better flow, that I had something more excting to eat, the perfect serving dish, or that my couch was easier to get out of for my grandmother. ;-) I would love to have a busy house and create a welcoming/comfortable environment for guests, but I need to first get over my insecurites. I am always in such awe of people who can pull off hosting and make it look so easy, that is a real gift.

    I’ll be sure to get a copy of Edie’s book one way or another!

    Thanks for the post. Love your blog.

  51. 52

    I feel like hospitality is a habit you can keep or fall out of. The longer you go without inviting others into your home, the easier it is to just continue on that same path. Getting back on the hospitality wagon, that first step is the hardest. Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win this eBook :)

  52. 53
    Jenny McDaniel says:

    This is really something that I should read. I feel like Im never really great at opening up my house.

  53. 54

    Do as much as possible ahead of time, so you can focus completely on your guests when they arrive.

  54. 55

    I am lacking in this area. Sounds like a great read!

  55. 56

    I keep a basket in my guest room with toothbrushes, toothpaste, aspirin, etc.-those little things our guests may have forgotten but need.

    Thanks for offering this giveaway and for the reminder to be hospitable! :)

  56. 57

    Light a candle and a vase of fresh flowers in the guest room.

  57. 58

    Oh, I love Edie! My hospitality tip would be to always offer people a hug who visit your home. I’m not a hugger, so I have to consciously make an effort to this, but it seems to instantly relax people into your space.

  58. 59
    Jenna Tracy says:

    Sounds like a fabulous book! For overnight guests I sew a pair of pillowcases with fabric that reminds me of the guests, which they can take home as a “thanks for visiting” gift. And food…lots of yummy food :)

  59. 60

    to not be such a “Martha” but to be more like “Mary” :)

  60. 61

    When an unexpected guest comes over, don’t fret about the house! They came to see you not the house!

  61. 62

    My simple tip is to do whatever it takes to cut the stress level for yourself so that you enjoy inviting people over. If that means dessert from a bakery–great. Also, keep a giant stack of white plates. They work for everything.

  62. 63

    I love Edie’s blog…one of my favorites. I’d love to read her ebook, too. :) I try to always keep some little treats in my fridge or freezer, and to always have good coffee and tea on hand. It helps me feel prepared to welcome others into our home at a moment’s notice.

  63. 64

    I don’t know Edie, but she has been like a virtual mentor to me in all things spiritual, decorating, and ofcourse , hospitality! LOVE her blog, Love her wisdom more! I would love to win! My tip is: to just DO IT-invite people over. The more you do, the more you get used to having folks over even when your home is not as “perfect” as you think it should be. And the truth is-no one notices! They’ll just remember the hospitality you gave them!

  64. 65

    We like to play music in the background. Not too loud, but it can set the tone for the day. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. 66

    This looks great! One thing I’ve tried to do is not be the cutest/dressiest at my own party…I once went to a dinner at our pastor’s home, and his wife, who is beautiful and always dressed up for service, was in jeans, a hoodie and had her hair in a pony. It made me feel so comfortable that she was REAL.

  66. 67

    I’d love to win this book! I try to always light a candle when people are over. I try to use seasonal candles like peppermint in the winter, pumkin spice in fall, caribbean escape in summer and an a flowery one in the spring. Thanks for the giveaway!

  67. 68

    I don’t try to have everything perfect. I think it puts people at ease and makes them feel like they don’t have to be perfect either. I prefer being real, even if that means there are dishes in the sink. :) Would love to win this!

  68. 69

    I struggle with hospitality, definitely not my forté, but God has been stirring my heart lately. This book would be a great start!

  69. 70

    Thanks for the opportunity to try to win the book! I simply enjoy my guests…I don’t worry about cleaning dishes, picking up, etc. Your guests are there to visit you and your family – so enjoy the company in your house. All that stuff can be done when they leave! XOXO

  70. 71

    Hospitality starts on the inside. Just like smiling when you’re on the phone makes you come across differently, opening your heart when you open your door and feeling truly happy to welcome folks into your home makes your guests feel welcome.

    And here is one I need practice with – extending hospitality to your family by putting off the sweeping and the kitchen cleaning and the chores to spend time with your kids. Show them that they’re more important than a clean house!

  71. 72
    Rebecca Davis says:

    I’m with Jess! It’s a Southern thing to offer sweet tea or a Coke.

  72. 73

    Would love Edie’s book, can’t wait to follow her blog. Hospitality??? Opening your house to family and friends and have them feel the way you feel in your own home. Comfortable and loved!

  73. 74

    One of my favorite things to do is keep a stash of sweet notepads or small candles on hand that are packaged up sweetly and send something pretty home with my dear visitors after we pray together upon our parting…what a gift friendship and hospitality are to all!! Thanks for the giveaway-would love to win!!

  74. 75

    I love to bake/cook, so we love to invite people over here to fellowship with us!

  75. 76

    at my house, being hospitable means that we take good care of our guests – make sure that their bellies and hearts are full!!!

  76. 77

    I always try and ask ahead if there are certain things that people don’t like, there is nothing worst than being hungry and a guest!

  77. 78

    I’m really looking forward to “meeting” Edie through her blog. :)

    I try to reflect back on what made me feel “at home” or uncomfortable when we’ve been on the receiving end of hospitality and learn from that. I also think that it can depend on the guests and the situation. If I were to try and “wait” on my sister rather than let her have at my kitchen…..uh hmmm. It would not be pretty. ;) I do love to bake for people though. Our pastor and his wife, my in-laws, neighbors, families in need, etc. I also like to be sure to remember that being hospitable isn’t limited to those who come in your home. Sometimes it’s the lonely elderly lady in the grocery store who needs to chat with your children. And pat their little heads. Sometimes it’s a young mom who might need a little hand at the library or in a waiting room. I’ve been there. Whew. Thankful for those people who reached out and helped me along the way.

  78. 79

    We have an L-shaped bench at our table. It’s great for fitting lots of kids around the table. Always room for more :)

  79. 80

    I have favorite mugs that I always keep clean. Even if someone is stopping by I love being able to offer them something to wet their palate.

  80. 81
    Rebecca TerMeer says:

    I think just make them feel welcome! Smile, sit and chat together, offer food so they know they should stay and get comfy:)

  81. 82

    let your guests help out with food prep or have it all done ahead of time. Either way, you are spending time with them.

  82. 83

    Having people in your home is more important than having a meal that took you hours to prepare. So pick up the main living room, clean the hall bathroom and order a bunch of pizza. Serve it with a salad you prepare and that is good enough.

  83. 84

    I think one tip can be : donn’t try to be perfect !
    Enjoy those with who you are. And , be there.Really (don’t do your grocery list in your head!). Look into the eyes…not your phone (or anything else).

  84. 85
    Michelle B. says:

    I believe Ina Garten wrote this in one of her first cookbooks; Basically having others in our home as our guests is truly about making them comfortable. It shouldn’t be a burden to choose dishes that your guests will enjoy and to take their likes/dislikes into consideration. Making others feel good is important in those situations.

    Thanks for the link to Edie’s website – so pretty!

  85. 86

    my simple tip is a hard one for me to carry out, but thank to julia child i try to remember to “never explain, never apologize!”

  86. 87

    Just make them feel like they are in their own home!

  87. 88

    I would love to win this!!! I turn on lights to make rooms inviting.

  88. 89
    Jennifer Ott says:

    I would love to read her book! We host a weekly Small Group in our home, and while our home is small, and we have 4 children (3 of whom we homeschool), I have decided that people just want to be welcomed. Simple snacks, easy beverages, etc., it’s simple…

  89. 90

    Oh I could certainly use help on the hospitality front!
    My tip would be don’t stress over dirty floors, smudged windows or stained carpet, your guests don’t notice the imperfections of your home like you do. Don’t let those imperfections keep you from welcoming friends over :)

  90. 91

    My biggest stumbling block is to think I can’t invite guests over until everything is perfect and let’s face it that is never gonna happen so I need to lighten up and just enjoy a meal or drink with friends and hope to goodness they don’t notice the dust and cobwebs!!

  91. 92

    Hospitality :: a warm welcome & a genuine smile, time to listen to your guests, a simple but lovely meal so that you are calm and relaxed (plan ahead) and when they leave your home, a hug for them and a prayer that God goes with them.

    I have enjoyed Edie’s blog for a long time, her book would be a real treat!

    Annie D

  92. 93

    Love it! I always put new trial size bottles in the bathroom so they have their own toiletries. Also, light candles.

  93. 94
    Tara Trevey says:

    When people drop by or come invited, I Love to offer them something Special to drink like Rasberry Lemonaid, Rasberry Tea or even a Fun Flavored Soda! I like to add a Cute Colored or Striped Straw or even a Tropical Umbrella to their drink & sometimes fruit!!! They also smile or or act surprised that you did something special for them! Just a little treat ;)!
    I’m so excited about Edie’s Blog & new Book! That is my cup of tea! Yay! I’m enjoying yours as well! It’s a little Happy in my day!

  94. 95
    Colleen Wheeler says:

    What an amazing blog, I just checked out Edie’s blog for the first time and she seems amazing…definitely a new one for me to follow!

    Everyone has such great ideas in the comments section, I definitely need to read this book to inspire me to come up with some of my own!

  95. 96

    I used to read her blog, but haven’t in quite some time. Thank you for reminding me of it!

    If you have a guest, they are not there to judge your home, or to see how well you’re put together that day, they are there to visit YOU/your FAMILY. Fix a couple glasses of tea, or water, or whatever and sit down and BE WITH YOUR GUEST. Don’t fuss with fixing things just so, or putting on the perfect magazine image. Be you.

  96. 97

    when i have overnight guests, i make sure there’s a fan and space heater plugged in in their room. i like to give people options for “white noise” as well as the ability to make the room as temperature-comfortable as possible.

  97. 98
    Katie Uppman says:

    Above all, a listening heart. But thinking of the extras doesn’t hurt-having emergency supplies set out so they don’t have to ask, making sure their favorite drink is in the fridge and putting a little chocolate on their pillow. ;)

  98. 99

    I place current books or magazines on the bedside table so that if guests have trouble sleeping, there is something to read.

  99. 100

    Hospitality is definitely not my strength, but one thing I do is always have snacks available – it’s never fun to have to ask for food at someone else’s house.

  100. 101

    Always give a genuine smile to anyone who comes!

  101. 102

    One other thing, i heard a saying once “if you are here to see me, come on in. if you are here to see my house, give me a month” Thats my motto these days.

  102. 103

    Those pics are fun. I think that’s about the time I began following your blog.

    Hospitality. Enjoy your guests! Don’t spend their whole visit busy in the kitchen. Dirty dishes can wait. People mean more.

  103. 104

    I always have a candy jar filled. I love to see kids come over and go right for the candy jar… I think the adults love it as well.

  104. 105

    I love that she is sharing her gift!

  105. 106

    Oh gosh, not sure I have a tip…this is why I need the book! If pressed for one, I guess it would be to accept help from those coming into your home. If they offer to bring something, let them! It gives them ownership in the meal and can put them at ease. :)

  106. 107

    I constantly have to remember that your friends care more about you than they do about how your house looks. If we waited until our homes were “perfect” (perfectly decorated, perfectly clean, perfectly painted, perfectly…), we would never have guest over. We’d miss out on the wonderful time building memories waiting for perfection.

  107. 108

    I would have to echo the comment above in saying that the biggest thing I have learned is to let go of perfection. It has been a process for me but I feel like I am so much more likely to invite people into my home when I am able to let go of the fact that there might be piles sitting around and things might not looks “perfect.” I have also learned that by letting go of perfection, it allows things to be more comfortable and real – I feel like people are able to see the real “us.”

  108. 109

    Hospitality has been something that has been on my mind a lot recently so this is perfect timing! One simple tip. If you have overnight guests, sleep in the guest room for a night. That will help you see what is needed or what should be switched up & make their stay & slumber even more sweet. :)

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