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linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

its no secret.  i don’t like to clean.  ever.  but when you have no more counter space and the sink is full, its time to clean.  last week the dishes lead to a full on kitchen scrub down, from counters, to sinks, to cabinets, to appliances.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

and this is the result of 4+ hours of my life spent cleaning.  and i must say, it is nice!  and doing such a thorough cleaning has really inspired us to keep it clean (at least its stayed this clean for a whole week!).

instafriday at the pleated poppy

my little cleaning kick continued on to my junk drawers.  yes, drawers, as in plural, more than one.  and the baskets beneath are also filled with mostly junk (yikes!).

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i love product updates!  so many pretty polka dots!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i am not one of those super organized moms that meal plans and does freezer meals.  i wish i were.  but i’m not.

but the one meal i do well is chili.  i’m hoping to piece together the recipe soon, even though its different every time!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i made a giant batch and have about 8 meals from it.  they freeze well and are so yummy!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i love my lisa leonard arm party!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

silas said its good to eat cuties for their “vitamin seeds”.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

sunday we had a beautiful, restful day at the beach.  by restful i mean i took a nap while sean played and explored with the kids.  sounds good to me!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

every time i drive past this viewpoint i am still in awe of God’s creation.  its like i’m seeing it the first time every time.  i even make the kids look like its their first time!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

speaking of first times, gracie took ballet for the first time since she was a toddler – so sweet!  for christmas, the kids all opted for “experience” gifts rather than toys and clothes.  thank you family!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i updated my photo shelves after about 6 years.  why didn’t i do this sooner?!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

gracie has been taking riding lessons for awhile and the horse she’s been riding was pregnant and just had the cutest little baby!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

we gave sean the weekend off and i took the kids to lake arrowhead to meet up with all of my in-laws.  i had to stop and soak up the beautiful views… then get back in the car because it was freezing!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

see that pretty house?  thats the one we were renting for the weekend.  i was the first one there and this was my view for about 45 minutes.  i got stuck.  so annoying.  i had to get a tow truck to come help me.  again, so annoying.  but, praise the Lord because my kids were troopers and were happy to lay on the cold concrete and wrapped up in blankets eating all the gogo squeezes i had stashed in my car for the weekend.

later that night gracie told me they all prayed together while we were getting the car out.  gracie added, “we mostly were praying for you”.  um, wow.  yep, she’s a keeper.  such an amazing little girl who has my whole heart.

so how was your week?  did you go on a cleaning frenzy?  did you make a vat of chili?  did you get stuck in mud and snow?  ;)


  1. 1

    Those pictures can only made me smile, loving the idea of putting all here together in a post :-) and BTW great job cleaning mama:-) !!!!! the kitchen is looking great!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. 2

    I took a snow day yesterday so that I wouldn’t get stuck in the snow. I’m in the middle of Kansas where were received more than 12″ of snow! After playing out in the snow and shoveling the driveway, I didn’t make chili but I did make a big pot of baked potato and bacon soup. And I didn’t clean, instead I got back in touch with some old friends who I haven’t talked to in wayyyyy too long. It was a great day!

  3. 3

    God bless Gracie. I love that she’s praying for her momma! What an incredible example she’s seeing to know to do that! Beauitful views! I”m sure you never get tired of those views!!!!!!! Love the CLEAN kitchen! Looks great!!!

  4. 4

    Love the clean kitchen. I finally broke down and bought a duvet and duvet cover with matching pillow cases. I’ve had the same bedding for 10 years now and really needed a change. It has taken me three months to find what I wanted and wait for it to go on sale. Thankfully, with President’s Day, I got a steal of a deal! Now my bedroom is so much brighter and I LOVE curling up in my duvet. Love the pictures!!

  5. 5

    Great pictures of your kitchen clean up! I just did the same thing in my house on Monday: wiped down all the cabinets, made the staineless steal sparkle and put everything in it’s place. Such a nice feeling. But then I don’t want to cook, because it will get all messy again!

    Happy Friday!

  6. 6

    Your kitchen pic inspired me to clean off my counter tops for a deep clean which led to a rearranging and throwing away of ‘stuff’ that collects there regularly! thanks.

  7. 7

    ps have you bought the boots yet? i seriously wear them daily with jeans…skinnys tucked in or cuffed!

  8. 8

    We’re big fans of “experience gifts” although I usually refer to them as “memory makers.” One year our oldest got riding lessons and it has stuck with her ever since and fueled her love of horses. I would much rather my kids experience new things than get another toy that they’ll never play with after a week.
    Love that the kids prayed for you. You’re raising them to seek the Lord…awesome!

  9. 9

    Your kitchen is beautiful! Those baskets instead of drawers is genius!

  10. 10

    Love seeing people’s life through their pictures!!! Loved reading your captions as well! :) I didn’t deep clean this week, but I found out yesterday that I had to move out of the hotel that I’ve been living in since August of last year (I work on the road). So that meant last night and all day today spent packing and loading up my car in preparation of the next hotel. ;) I’ll be home tonight, but have to be at my new destination by Sunday evening. Happy Weekend to you!!

  11. 11

    I love your pictures!!! Thank you for sharing them. That is so precious about your little ones praying together. That is so sweet and inspiring. On a more random note- I’m making chili tomorrow!

  12. 12

    Holy chilli cleanup!!!! Your kitchen looks amazing-I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get mine that clean and I don’t even have little ones. And will you fedex me some of your chilli-it looks totally yummy!

  13. 13

    Love your pictures!! :) Insta-Friday is the best!! My kitchen counter seems to always be covered in dishes…seriously, I could have a completely empty sink and spotless counter in the morning, but by supper time it’s full again!! At least that means we’re eating ;) Your chili looks pretty amazing and what beautiful photos from your weekend getaway! Have a blessed day :)

  14. 14

    I just did the kitchen cleaning thing yesterday. I love how it looks when it’s done hate all the work it takes to get there.

  15. 15

    I really can relate to you. As much as I hate clutter I also hate cleaning. But because you need to, you just have to clean or no one else will. However, I love the satisfaction of seeing the positive results of a clean kitchen, especially because I did all the cleaning. As for you, you have a beautiful kitchen and more spacious than mine. You did a good job tidying it!

  16. 16

    Wow the car got stuck right outside the house? What beautiful kids Lindsey, I really could learn from them!
    And no wonder you don’t have time to clear the junk often – your week was so packed! I do get cleaning and organising impulses at the most inconvenient times though – like when I’m supposed to be doing something else. A lot gets done, that has been waiting to get done.. but not necessarily the thing that I should have been doing. I need a lot more of those to keep up with my year’s goals though…should be praying about that…!

  17. 17

    …. the story of gracie… whole heart to be sure… what a reflection of all that she has seen and been growing up with you!

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