what i wore wednesday

welcome to what i wore wednesday!  wow – last week 411 of you linked up your outfits with me!!!  that is so awesome!

when i started posting pics of myself years ago, i never thought so many of you would join in with me, in an effort to just get dressed!

if you need a little extra motivation to put those few extra minutes into yourself, then join me!

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

a simple  outfit with a little sparkle!

sweater – forever 21 {new}

chambray shirt – forever 21

pants – old navy

boots – steve madden {style: sonnya}

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 sequin tank – old navy

necklace – lisa leonard designs

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

i tried to get a few pics before the rain started again, but wasn’t fast enough!

chunky knit cardigan – forever 21 {new}

v-neck – forever 21

jeans – forever 21

boots – steve madden

necklace – noonday collection

watch – one little mama 

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 i’ve had this tulle skirt from target for years – i bought it when i was first pregnant with either gracie or lily, so its been awhile!  but finding the right coordinates for a tulle skirt can be tricky!  i wore this for church and tried to balance out the fanciness of the skirt with some more casual pieces, like the striped cotton shirt and the denim jacket.

denim jacket – forever 21

striped top – forever 21

skirt – target

tights – target

wedges – payless

necklace – allora handmade

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 as soon as i get home from church, i am pretty ready to shed my nicer clothes and get into something super cozy.  we still had to run some errands, so my pj’s were going to have to wait!  i was able to just swap out a few pieces and make a different version of a fun outfit.

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 same top and necklace from church, but i added a warm sweater (it was freezing!), tall argyle socks, cuffed jeans and tennies.

i wasn’t sure how the mustard (with a slightly green tinge) would work with the coral necklace, but i actually love it!

sweater – forever 21 {new}

jeans – forever 21

socks – target

shoes – nordstrom rack

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

 sweater – forever 21 {new}

gingham shirt – forever 21 {new}

jeans – target

boots – steve madden

scarf – made by my mother-in-law

pins: petal pusher & posy pin – the pleated poppy

what i wore wednesday at the pleated poppy

date night with seanie!  i wanted to dress cute, but our favorite restaurant has the best seats outside, so i knew i’d have to bundle up or i’d be miserable.

sweater – gap

top – old navy

jeans – forever 21

boots – steve madden

leg warmers – stolen from lily ;)

scarf – from my m.i.l.

purse – fossil (also from my m.i.l.)

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  1. 2

    What a fun tulle skirt! Love the chambray shirt… such a classic and a great reminder that I need to pull mine out and wear it soon!

  2. 3

    I am in love with the black skirt from target. That outfit (for church and after church) are simply adorable! Love all your outfits as usual!

  3. 4

    I just love all your posts and cute outfits, but I just cannot bring myself to shop at Forever 21 any more now that I’ve read about their sweatshops. Not sure if you’ve heard but there’s a lot when you research and an End it movement to stop this kind of modern day slavery that is worth checking out. Have a great day, and thanks for challenging us to look cute! :) :)

  4. 5

    I’m loving your chunky sweaters and how you layer items!!!! I want those boots too,,,,

  5. 6

    The coral necklace with mustard cardie after church is my favourite! It looks like summer sunshine!

  6. 7

    Wow, you racked up at Forever 21 this week!! I need to go in there and poke around. I love those chunky sweaters, and they look so cozy.

  7. 9

    I love how you paired the tulle skirt with stripes, coral and your denim jacket. And the gingham outfit might just be my fave all week:) Have a great day!

  8. 10

    That tulle skirt is adorable! I LOVE it and am currently on the lookout for something similar. I just love your cute casual outfits. Always find so much inspiration from these! So, Thanks
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  9. 11

    My favorite is the outfit with the tulle skirt. You definitely make it work, with the striped shirt and chunky heels. I also love the knot necklace in your first outfit!

    In Wisconsin, we can’t even dream of sitting outside to eat until at LEAST May. :)

  10. 12

    I love that tulle skirt and your before and after church looks! Fabulous!


  11. 13

    I love the tulle skirt! You styled it so well :) It doesn’t look too frou-frou, you know what I mean?

  12. 14

    Loving the tulle skirt! I am obsessed with mine.

    Also really thought that colour combo of mustard and coral was great.


  13. 15

    They’re all fantastic, but I adore the black tulle skirt, you look just darling!!! Thanks for hosting, lots of love <3


  14. 16

    My sis and I started linking up last week, I just love this little set up you have here! I love how many sweaters you wear! You always look so cozy but stylish! Thanks for hosting!

  15. 17

    I love how you showed what you wore to church and how you changed it up for afterwards.

  16. 18

    Wow.! I love that tulle skirt and how you balance it, Gorgeous!


  17. 19

    LOVE your outfits this week! I need to know where to get that Fossil bag. Can you please help?

    • 20

      there’s a chance you could search for it on ebay, but it was a gift from last christmas, and i know she bought it long before that – sorry!

  18. 21

    a quick question…dont know if you have answered this before, sorry if you have…you always have great items from forever 21 do you shop the store or the website?

    • 22

      i window shop a lot online, but have yet to buy there. all my purchases have been in store so i can make sure of the fit.

  19. 23

    I always love your outfits and I think it is SUPER COOL you can borrow from your little daughter! <3 LOVE <3

    I WANT your boots! I WANT that necklace!

    Here are my outfits for the week over here: http://www.ordinaryinspirations.blogspot.com/2013/02/what-i-wore-wednesday-week-2.html

  20. 24

    Ohmigosh, I LOVE the tulle skirt!!!

  21. 25

    Love the chunky knit scarf!

  22. 26

    ooooh loving your new F21 cardi I may have to go give them a visit

  23. 27

    I love the before and after Church pics. What a difference a tulle skirt makes! Wish Target would re-issue that girl, she is super cute!

  24. 28

    someone got a fossil purse!!! yay. i love it. my most favorite bags of all.

  25. 29

    Wow – 411 – you go gurl, I think this may be an all time linky party record – thanks for hosting weekly. My fav outfit was the before and after church attire. Enjoy the rest of your week and Happy V-Day!

  26. 30

    Those boots!! i am in love. And that long arrow necklace and the rosette one – seriously, I need to find me some of those immediately.

  27. 31

    I just stumbled upon this and can I just say that you are ADORABLE!?! Love your style!

  28. 32
    BeautyStyleGrowth says:

    I love all your outfits here

  29. 33

    I love your style.

  30. 34

    I really like the denim jacket with the tulle skirt!

  31. 35

    I always see people linking up with the Pleated Poppy and I finally clicked to see what all the fuss is about…looks like you have quite the following! Your outfits are lovely. I’m glad I stopped by. I’ll have to link up with you sometime soon!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life
    P.S. I’d love for you to join in on my “Take One, Pass it On” Outfit Remix challenge! From what I’ve seen, I think you and your readers might be into it. I’m doing it for the whole month of February!

  32. 36


    Thanks for hosting! I love your tulle skirt! I think it’s time I get one also:) Enjoy your evening.

    Lillies & Silk

  33. 37

    I LOVE that Forever 21 sweater! You look amazing in it! I’m pretty sure I’ll have to check their site and get my hands on it… ;)

    Gorgeous as always my dear!!!!!!!

  34. 38

    The tulle skirt outfit is the cat’s pajamas! Love love love love love love love everything about it!!!!

  35. 39

    I love the tulle skirt and casual top! I have a skirt in my closet that I should wear more casual – thanks for the idea!

  36. 40

    Love that chambray shirt! And so glad I found your blog! New follower :)

  37. 41

    Wow, what a great giveaway. I love WIWW and The Pleated Poppy!

  38. 42

    I love that tulle skirt. I’m on the lookout for one for me!

  39. 43

    Ummmm.. can I steal that tulle skirt?! I was so hoping you were going to say it was recently from target. I love it!!
    Nikki at http://www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

    {Enter My Giveaway for a Monogram Leather Clutch Here!}

  40. 44

    I just wanted to say that I saw that mustard cardigan on here last week (? I think?) and headed right out to F21 to get one…and almost got lost in that SLO store! First just asked someone about where I would find a mustard cardigan and fortunately found it right away…then had to ask someone else directions to the dressing rooms…which were about 18 miles away! But thanks for posting where you get things…I’m loving the color and the coziness of this sweater for this brief time of chilly weather!

  41. 45

    I’m soooo in love with the tulle skirt. I had been looking for one FOREVER and finally found one in the girls section of Target. #desperatemeasures


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