winners of the 31 days to a heart of hospitality giveaway!

i loved reading through all the comments of how you display hospitality in your own homes!
our 3 winners are:
#41 Jen:

My hospitality trick is to clean the front entry, make sure you have a rug for their shoes (in winter months, etc.). And, then, to be calm, enjoy and appreciate your guests. They’ll pick up on that and relax and enjoy themselves, too!

#73 lisa:

Would love Edie’s book, can’t wait to follow her blog. Hospitality??? Opening your house to family and friends and have them feel the way you feel in your own home. Comfortable and loved!

#102 lisa:

One other thing, i heard a saying once “if you are here to see me, come on in. if you are here to see my house, give me a month” Thats my motto these days.


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    The mint green sweater is calling to me!

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