i’m linking up my phone pictures with jeannett again this week!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

a slow happy friday morning, cutting fabric and drinking coffee.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 sean is such a good daddy to take his girls out on a run.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i finally chose a coral for the girls’ bookshelves:  flamingo dream (behr, home depot)

instafriday at the pleated poppy

childhood stories from gramps

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 back rubs from nana

instafriday at the pleated poppy

stove top s’mores.  a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 39* is pretty chilly!  but then the rest of the week has really warmed up.  actually, its felt quite a bit like summer here this week – so nice!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 when the kids do their work along side me, i sharpen pencils.  yes, with an old school cheap-o sharpener.  because i’ve tried the electric ones and the wall mounted ones and they have all broken!  so blisters it is.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 we had a light week of school so my parents and i put in a few days of yard work.  we have slowly been chipping away at our front yard and we are really starting to make progress!  i think we may actually have something green growing this spring other than weeds!

{hat was made for silas’ trucker birthday party}

instafriday at the pleated poppy

rockin’ out to some childhood memories

instafriday at the pleated poppy

 loving my new products!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

i love trains.   i love free hand-me-down trains.  i love little boys playing for an hour+ happily with trains.

instafriday at the pleated poppy

it still needs another coat on the inside, but i’m loving the flamingo dream!  next up is the shiny grey for the exterior…

i’m looking forward to a family filled weekend before a crazy busy blissdom week!



  1. 1

    I love the trains too!
    Is is hard when the kids bring their toys into the living room? We always seem to have toys in ours.

    • 2

      we actually store the trains in the yellow dresser in our living room, so i’m totally ok with it. as long as it gets cleaned up when he’s done i don’t mind!

  2. 3

    I LOVE the flamingo inside the bookshelf! I want to try that.

  3. 4

    all those pictures are so much fun, love it!

  4. 5

    Oh my gosh, Simon and Garfunkel were the soundtrack of my childhood! The Mumford version of The Boxer is amazing. I always play it a second time. It brings my life around, full circle. ;)

  5. 6

    your dad’s not telling the story about when he use to check meters is he?!!!! :-)

  6. 7

    I LOVE that paint colour!!

  7. 8

    Hi, I’m a little new here …I will have to take a peek around. Love project-ing too – and the coffee is a must have :) I think gray and the flamingo color will look great together! I’ve been meaning to get into my girls room and update it also – if only I had a magic wand, haha. Have a good weekend.

  8. 9

    I love the bookshelf! It’s turning out adorable!

  9. 10
    RubberChickenGirl says:

    Such a coinkidink…..I pulled out my S&G Greatest Hits just this week! I had read about Amy Grant’s ailing Dad singing along to Bridge Over Troubled Water. What a timeless, perfect song.

    And if you look at him on the album cover, G is so groovy in his black and white striped t and fro!!


  10. 11

    Love your blog! I’ve never commented before, but read often. I had to giggle at your pencil sharpener and I’ve felt your pain with the lack of a good sharpener, as both. Mom and teacher. There s a company called classroom friendly supplies that makes an amazing non-electric sharpener. Super easy to use and indestructible (so far for me).

  11. 12

    Seriously in love with the bookcase!

  12. 13

    love the collection of pencil crayons! Our electric pencil sharpener broke as someone decided to put the end with the eraser in to “See what would happen.” :)

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