spring update for the master bedroom

master bedroom spring update

like many people, our master bedroom is the last to get decorated (or cleaned, for that matter!).  i’ve done some simple updates before, but nothing has really felt right.  more like just good enough.  ok.  i like it, but…

so, armed with a world market gift card, i was on a mission to update my bedroom!  my focus was mainly on pillows, since they are the easiest way to quickly update a room.

master bedroom spring update

to give you an idea of where i started, here’s our master bedroom when i first updated it.  we got the pretty white comforter from target (a gift from my mom) and i made most of the pillows.  i always make most of my pillows.  and you know what i’ve realized: when i make something i have a really hard time switching out to something else because i spent my time on it and feel like it was wasted if i change it.  even if i got a few good years of use out of those pillows!  so silly.

master bedroom spring update

 i like what was there before, but it was feeling kind of blah.  i needed more color!

master bedroom spring update

and i got it!  i am so glad we had the base of white to start with because just switching out the pillows gave the room a fresh look for spring!

master bedroom spring update

 i also added this super soft throw at the end of my bed, not only for a pop of my favorite color, but its practical, too.  i do a lot of computer work from my bed and like to cozy up, so this blanket is perfect.  can you see the little metallic threads running through it?!

master bedroom spring update

along with wanting color, i wanted texture and pattern as well.  the 2 large euro pillows and the lime green one are soft and velvety (and the damask one that i made a long time ago), and the grey has a burlap-y linen feel, and the bright ikat lumbar pillow has shiny silky threads.  the victorian isles collection had some really pretty floral pillows, but girly flowers are veto’d by my husband.  other than that, he lets me do pretty much whatever i want!

master bedroom spring update

you may have noticed that we have a desk on sean’s side of the bed now.  while an office in the master bedroom is not ideal, having sean work part-time from home is, so we made a compromise!

master bedroom spring update

to make the bed feel ready for warmer weather, we fold back the comforter to reveal the pretty white coverlet we got for our wedding.

(btw, wall color is flax by restoration hardware)

master bedroom spring update

 if my budget were bigger (or limitless!) i would love to add this rug to my side of the bed.  a white rug can be pretty impractical with kids, but since this is my room, i can do what i want!  and to replace our thrifted chair in the corner of our room, this bright coral chair would be so fun.  actually, they have a ton of chairs i’d love.  of course, this zinc-looking table would sit next to it, topped by a couple of these terrariums filled with moss and teeny ferns.  of course.

master bedroom spring update

 if we hadn’t just built a new coffee table, this one would have been just right.  and i am seriously considering that love seat for the playroom.  our full size couches are just a bit too big, but i’d love to have something to snuggle up on.  and slipcovers are a must in our house.

master bedroom spring update

 i could easily fill all my kitchen shelves with the turquoise dishes!

master bedroom spring update

 i wish my front porch couch looked like this!

master bedroom spring update

 wait.  maybe i want the teal chair for my room instead?  the nail head trim is so fancy!

master bedroom spring update

 i know some of these instagram pics made some of you mad if there’s not a world market near you, but they are online!  i always do a little online window shopping before i head to the store so i can be a little more focused about what i’m looking for.  they have so much there to offer, its easy to get distracted and off course, which can be fun, too!

while totally off course, i fell in love with all their new kitchen goodies.  its like a rainbow exploded all over it!

and the chairs.  the chairs!  out ikea stools are just about to break to pieces and i’d love to replace them with something industrial.  that orange-y red is just so fun!  sean and i have always loved the industrial look of the metal arm chairs, and we do always need more chairs…  the ella dining chairs are so pretty, too.  and at just $59 each, how can you pass that up?!  i kept checking to see if they were mismarked.

world market has another great giveaway for you:

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master bedroom spring update

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umm, i wonder if i can enter?!  that would be awesome!

and just to keep it real, this is really what my room looked like before i spruced it up!
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  1. 1

    Love it ! Wish we had one of these stores closer to me. I will check them out online though!

  2. 2

    Lovely. It’s amazing what a pop of colour can do for a room.

  3. 3

    Your room look AMAZING now. Good job

  4. 4

    Such a great spruce up! Just shows how little changes can make a big difference! And I laughed out loud at the real before picture at the bottom….looks a lot like our master bedroom. Thanks for keepin it real:)

  5. 5

    This looks GREAT! World Market has so many cute things! I love your nightstand in particular though…where did you find that?!

  6. 7
    Lisa M. says:

    Nice room. And I’m glad we’re “keeping it real” cuz my room always has stuff laying around. No matter how hard I try, something (clothing) always ends up on the floor :)

    Just a question out of my curiosity and have been wondering about this for a long time…why do you cross out any words that have anything to do with World Market? I know, trivial, but driving me nuts as to why??

    • 8
      lindsey says:

      it drives me nuts too. i have no idea why, but for several people, when we link to wm it always gets crossed out. the link still works, but it always looks broken – weird!

  7. 9

    It was totally cute before but it is REALLY cute now! And all ready for Spring! Love it! : )


  8. 10

    I love all the pops of color and your new fresh look! I did make my bed today but, I only make it when I get up after the hubbie, today was one of those days! ;) I also have to give you props for keeping it real and showing what it really looked like before. Our room is always the last to get cleaned and picked up…I NEED to do something about that!!

  9. 11

    Love it!!! Makes me want to go change my room around!!! On another note, I’ve been searching for new slip covers for my couches. Where is your favorite place to buy them?!

  10. 15

    I loooooooooooove it! Great color choices!

  11. 16

    Love it!! World Market is a fun, but dangerous place for me. I have to go with a budget in mind or else. Bedroom looks great!!

  12. 17

    Pillows are the best way to cheaply update a room, and yours looks so fab!! Love it! ;)

  13. 18

    LOVE World Market, and I love the colors you chose.

  14. 19

    I love the colors you chose, it looks so much brighter now. Perfect.

  15. 20

    It’s amazing how much brighter your room looks now with the new pillows! I am still gathering ideas on how to decorate our bedroom. Like you said, it’s always the last to be done.

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