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last week i asked my facebook friends to submit me all the nosey little questions they could think of ;)  and they did great!  i love hearing what you want to hear about me, so here goes.  i decided to break up the questions into categories because there were so many, so today’s q&a’s are all about my house.

where are your kitchen cabinets from?

when we rebuilt our house about 6 years ago, we started from scratch.  but… we had to stay within the footprint of the original house so some things we just had to “make work”.  for instance, i probably wouldn’t have chosen to have silas’ room and the kids’/guest bathroom off the middle of the kitchen.  so we had to get creative with our cabinetry since the room was somewhat chopped up.  our kitchen cabinets were a custom job from a local cabinet maker.  let me clarify:  a local cabinet maker who abandoned the job site 3/4 through the job and our contractor had to scramble to fill in.  grrr.  here’s some more pics of our cabinets.

 but, if i were to have to choose new cabinets, i really like ikeas cabinets.  we’ve used them in another home and in my parents’ loft and they have held up way better than our custom ones!

what color and brand is the paint on your yellow dresser?

its called french pale gold by behr.  i’m thinking about using it inside my glass front kitchen cabinets…

what is the exterior paint color of your house?

oh i wish i knew!  when we built our house i wasn’t blogging yet, so a lot of the details were never logged in my memory.  and i rarely show the exterior of the front of my house because it has been unfinished for so long.  as you can see, we are just getting to our landscaping.  it has been a very long work-in-progress that i will definitely post on as soon as we get closer to finished.  and once we fix our porch railing, which happens to be rotting from “compromised” wood.  if its not one thing its another…

house tour at the pleated poppy

can you do a full house tour?  would love to see a tour of the inside!

sure, here you go!  ok, so the tour is a little old, but most of the rooms are the same.  you can always search under my home for more recent posts.

how do you paint? roller or sprayer?

i used to use a sprayer when i owned a business involving a lot of furniture refinishing, but no longer…  i love spray paint for certain smaller projects, like knick knacks and accessories.  oh, and some chairs.  hand painting chair spindles is a bear!  but overall i prefer to use a brush and roller.  i love purdy brand brushes and smooth foam “weenie” rollers that have a really low nap.

living room wall paint color at the pleated poppy

what color is your living room paint?

its called silver sage by restoration hardware.  i think we’ve used it in at least one room of all of our homes!  i love it because it is a color, but it also works as a neutral because it works with everything!  it definitely looks different in every light, but it is very true to it’s name:  its is a sage, so it has both blue and green in it, but also is very grey (silver).

{i also didn’t like the price tag of the original paint, so i had it color matched.  our color is slightly more grey than the original.}

wood floors at the pleated poppy

where are your floors from? what kind of wood?

oh, another one of those things i wish i remembered!  we bought them so long ago, actually 4 hours away, too.  i know we got a crazy good deal on them because that’s just the way sean is – you are nodding your head right now if you know him ;)

i do know that they are engineered, meaning they are real wood, but just a thin layer on top of plywood type stuff.  they are maple with a walnut stain, and are “hand scraped”, although they look pretty uniform to me.  overall, i am really happy with them.   i love the color and how they’ve worn.  they are a bit softer than i was expecting, so we do get scratches.

we clean them rarely because i’m lazy.  but when we do it tends to be one of 2 ways:  with a microfiber mop, water and sprays of bona, or on our hands and knees with rags, scrubbing each sticky spot.  not glamorous.

where is that Rise and Shine print in your bathroom from?

 one of my inspiration pieces for the kids’ bathroom update was this print from emily of jones design company.  i absolutely love it!  i got a pdf from her and had it enlarged.

up next: more q&a, this time about more personal questions!


  1. 1

    your house is so cute! we have a dresser just like your yellow one! i need to paint it a fun color like that! we use it in my daughter’s room. we replaced the handles, but after seeing yours, it makes me want to have those back! ha!

  2. 2

    Can you come over and decorate my house?

  3. 3

    Where did you get the ‘Close To You’ song lyrics sign that is on the shelf in your dining room? This is the song I have been singing to my 5 yr. old son since the first night in the hospital. I can’t sing, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Anyway, I need this sign!

  4. 5

    I love this! Your house is so gorgeous and inspiring, and I always love reading about your hour and house projects.

  5. 6

    I love love love your kitchen

  6. 7

    Your house is beautiful!! I LOVE your kitchen and all the bright colors throughout the house!

  7. 8

    I love this series of Q & A. You have a very beautiful house!!

  8. 9

    Such fun colors! I like how bright everything is :)

  9. 10

    You have a beautiful home!

  10. 11

    Loving all the pics! Totally craving sushi now! : )
    Happy Weekend!


  11. 12

    Is your dining room table sometimes square? If yes, is it the Pottery Barn Fancisco table (from approx. 8 years ago)? Mine is 70×70 & I have such trouble finding a table cloth. I made one but I even have a hard time finding fabric wide enough to make something. Any suggestions?

    • 13

      it is! i very rarely have a tablecloth on it, but the only thing that has worked for me is to buy a king sized sheet to cover it. i hope that helps!


      • 14

        Thanks. I do recall you using a king sheet for a girly/pink party a long while ago. It’s actually how I discovered your blog! Thanks for all your inspiration.

  12. 15

    Really lovely. Thanks for sharing your personal space with us.

  13. 16
    Susan R. says:

    I bought the 8×10 on that “Rise and Shine” and asked if I could buy a pdf so that I could enlarge it also. Actually I’ve emailed and asked twice, but no response. Do you still have yours? Could I buy it from you?

    • 17

      so sorry you haven’t heard a response! she may have let me use the pdf since she’s an acquaintance of mine. and we still love ours so i’m not willing to part with it – sorry!

  14. 20
    Susan R. says:

    ok, will do

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