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time for some more q & a’s!  to catch up, go here for home related q’s and here for more personal q’s.

first i’m going to answer a few questions about what i wore wednesdays!


where did you get those boots (all of them!)??

clockwise from the top left:  boots from target.  these boots are super comfy, but i never liked how big they are on my calves.  good fitting boots are really hard for me to find – i have big feet and small calves.  i like the unusual color, kind of a taupe grey.

these black boots are my newest pair.  i got them from off broadway shoes and they are pretty comfy.  they are by franco sarto and called pluto, but i can’t find them online.  best things about them were the price and the fact that they  fit my calves.

my favorites are these caramel brown pair by steve madden.  the leather is super soft, they fit perfectly and they are really comfy all day long.

last are my rain boots.  i got them last year on clearance from old navy.  they are gigantic on the calves but they are rain boots, so my expectations weren’t high. i love the laces and the price (under $15).


wiww banner

when does WIWW get posted and what time zone? i want to be one of the first to link up!

midnight tuesday night or wednesday morning, whatever you want to call it (pacific standard time)!  always.   every single time.


and what style are your forever 21 jeans? i can’t seem to find them when i go!

i have a couple pairs that i just love, but i’m not sure of their style name.  one is a slim fit boyfriend jean and the other is an ankle length skinny jean.  both pairs i found on accident while shopping for other things.  i can’t remember the price of the boyfriend cut, but the skinnies were only $10.80!  forever 21 also has a huge denim section, but the jeans i’ve found were mixed in with the other clothes.



forever 21… how do you navigate through that store? it overwhelms me!

yes, it is definitely overwhelming!  there is no “stopping in real quick” at that store!  the store is actually broken up somewhat into categories, but they aren’t necessarily easy to see.  they tend to clump styles together that are really similar.  if there is a grouping i’m not particularly fond of, like the tribal stuff, i don’t even bother searching through the racks.  also, i only go in if i have at least 2 hours (no kids).  not only does it take forever to get through, but then you have to try everything on!  i also try to go with a list of sorts, things i’m looking for.  i was looking for a polka dot sweater last time and i found about 25!


and now for some blog-focused questions!

do you have a set post for each day (i.e, editorial calendar) that you follow? ever feel overwhelmed?

sometimes and always ;)

most all mondays are shop updates.  i try not to bombard my readers with products all the time, but i list products multiple times a week so i try to let you know about them all on mondays.  wednesdays are always what i wore wednesdays.  fridays are almost always instafridays.  its best for me to be prepped ahead of time, but it really does help.  i try to make tuesdays and thursdays creative – either a diy or a house decor post – something really fun!  and then i throw in the occasional sponsor post because i have really awesome sponsors.

as for feeling overwhelmed, its almost daily.  but having a schedule really helps that.  on good weeks i will set aside a day and get all my posts ready for the week, but most weeks i end up blogging daily.



how old we’re your kids when you started your business? if they were little, when did you work?

i opened my shop online on gracie’s first day of kindergarten.  i had been working for a few months before that, but thats when i really kicked things off.  so gracie was 5, lily was under 3, and silas was barely 1.  they were just babies.

when did i work?  whenever i could!  they all napped or had quiet times back then so i worked during those times and then (as now) when they were in bed.  i could do some work while they were up, but it was very divided time.


any advice for starting a blog? i don’t feel witty or funny or that i have enough to write about.

even though i’ve been blogging for 6 years (actually 6 years ago, last week), i am not a blogging expert.  i rarely follow the “rules” and just post what i want to.  thankfully, i have had wonderful readers who love me anyway!  there are tons of great blogs that have wonderful blogging advice, but me?  here’s my advice:  write about what you love.  you will find your voice eventually.  and then you will lose it.  and then you’ll find it again!  


family rules canvas

Can you tell me the link for your Family Rules tutorial?

yep.  here it is.  actually, i’ve written a bunch of posts on it.  the first was from my friend nicole who made the first family rules canvas. and then there was my canvas i wrote about.  and then the tutorial.   and then the linky!


Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 9.13.51 PM

Who designed your blog?

darcy designed my blog a few years ago.  she was wonderful to work with, but sadness… i don’t think she designs anymore since she’s got her photography business to focus on.

ok, more q & a’s coming next week!


  1. 1

    Lindsey, I’m so glad you don’t follow “blog rules”. I think that’s why I love yours so much.

    Thanks for taking the time for Q&A.

  2. 3

    oh my, that picture of all three kiddos in carseats is adorable! They look so tiny!

  3. 4

    Lindsey! Thanks for the Q & A! I’ve always wondered how old your kiddos were when you started your business. You have been such a huge inspiration to me. I tell myself. She’s doing it, I CAN do it too! ;-)

  4. 5

    Hi Lindsey! I don’t comment often (I’m working on that) but I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, and that I turn to it often for inspiration! Thanks for sharing this Q&A, I didn’t know your kiddos were so young when you started out! Oh and on an unrelated note, I am in LOVE with your new gold rush collection, I think I know what I’ll be treating myself to this month:)

  5. 6

    I sure do wish that there was a WIWW around when I was at home with my littles. I began calling my pjs “career separates.” Kudos to you for keeping that up. I love seeing what you put together!

  6. 7

    I love your blog. I think I found your blog long ago from your family rules canvas. So cute!

  7. 8
    Melanie Townley says:

    Hey there from Texas! I love your blog and I love your home! I tried my hand at your “inspired canvas” for my bath. Thank you for your tutorial. Thank you also for the q&a’s. I’ve been in the market for a new sewing machine and was wondering what you use. Thanks!

    • 9

      hi melanie! thanks for your sweet words! i use a singer curvy and a singer confidence. both are around $200 from joann’s. i hope that helps!

  8. 10

    I Love the picture of the 3 kids fast asleep in their carseats. It’s too cute. Don’t forget to link up to my show me your favorite spring trend link up and enter my giveaway for a $300 gift card to Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic.



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