insta {FREE!} friday

i’ve got a fun combo today:  instafriday and free friday!


buy any 2 items (or more) from my shop and i’ll include a patriotic posy pin in your order for free!  each posy is made by hand and has layers and layers of ruffly patriotic fabric.  pin one or 2 to your top and call yourself patriotic!

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now on to instafriday!  i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with my girl jeannett again.  i’m thepleatedpoppy on insta-g if you want to follow along!


while the kids and i were visiting my sister in santa cruz, we got a sitter and had a sister date!


we stopped in the coolest store called stripe.  i want to move in.


i was helping my sister renovate a house while we were visiting, and i decided to pack my old painting overalls to get a good laugh.  it worked.  and yes, i used to wear these in public before they were my painting overalls.  i think i owned maybe 6 pairs through college, even a “fancy” black velour pair.


we treated the kids to a few rides at the boardwalk since they were so good all week.  we lucked out and had amazing weather!


this. makes. me. happy.


the kids and their cousin had a little dance party for us on mother’s day


when we got home, i found this little treasure tucked away for me from our school.  as a 5-year family, they gifted us these pretty necklaces that say semper discentes – always learning.


i listed a bunch of patriotic posies in my shop – grab a set of 3 for memorial day!


i made 5 of these for my sister-in-law’s wedding next week – half glued, half sewn.


after practicing for over a month on his poem, the recitation night finally came.  and went.  without his poem recited.  poor guy totally panicked when he got on stage and barely mumbled his name before running off.  maybe next year…  and lily rocked her poem – yay lu!


lily is my super helper!  she loves to cook and serve.   this day she let me sleep in with silas, while she made me coffee and toast.  then while i enjoyed my breakfast, she made smoothies for gracie and herself.  so sweet!


listed.  sold. making more.


one of my favorite things is to hear my kids worship.  since a christmas cd got stuck in our car a few years ago, we only listen to the radio.  and when i realized that gracie memorizes songs very quickly, and i heard some of the songs she was singing as a bitty kid, we now only listen to christian radio in the car.

she caught me snapping a pic of her in the moment of my pure joy!


i love stacking fabric in rainbow order – so lovely!  this was my first stack of prepped fabric for bunting where i had to cut into my stash.  up until now, i have only been using scraps, but i ran out!


i listed a handful of patriotic scrappy bunting last night!  i’m hoping to make a few more sets before its too late to ship them for memorial day…

what are you looking forward to this weekend?  i’m hoping for a clean house, some family time, maybe a day at the beach, and sprucing up my front porch!


  1. 1

    Those bows are just too cute, and that daughter of yours making breakfast….can I borrow her sometime:-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. 2

    We are big singers in this house. In the car. While making breakfast. Its just a part of daily life here…and I love it. My oldest(9) recently informed me that she loves “story songs” the best.
    I have to laugh because, having been raised in the church all my life, I’ve always been a singer. But when I was little, I learned a few songs incorrectly. That didn’t stop me from singing at the top of my lungs though. So one day when my mom heard me singing “all HELL King Jesus” she was horrified. Ah, childhood=)

  3. 3

    So nice to see all the things which make life happy!
    I bought some of your bunting :) so I’m looking forward to that arriving in the mail, and the next few days we’re working on home renovations and hopefully getting out to do some hiking. Happy weekend!

  4. 4

    That swing ride brings back so many memories from when I was a kid! My favorite thing at the amusement park!

  5. 5

    but si might have been the cutest one up there, second to my cal of course. ;) they’re so scrumptious!

  6. 6

    Disclaimer: I never comment on your posts (but LOVE them)… until now. I am so happy you had a pair of “fancy” black velour overalls. I did too! And no one I know believes me. I wore them with a satin ruffled blouse and I looked like a pirate in overalls:) Thanks for the laugh!

  7. 7

    Please list more scrappy bunting and patriotic scrappy bunting!! I am never fast enough!

  8. 8

    Please do list more scrappy bunting and patriotic scrappy bunting! I am never fast enough!

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