i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow along!


silas has been on a ticket system for awhile now.  we stole the idea from friends.  basically, he got 3 tickets every day (well, every day that we remembered), and they were his to lose or keep, all based on behavior and attitude.  he could earn extra tickets throughout the day with good behavior, kindness, etc.  his big ticket item that he saved up for was to build a skate ramp with sean.  he finally earned it, so they set to work last weekend on it.


silas’ gymnasty class starts 30 minutes after lily’s, so we take full advantage of that time and have him jump ahead on the next days homeschool, usually getting handwriting and math done before he heads off to class.  then gracie and i leave for an hour and usually hang out at a coffee shop and do her grammar or just search thru craigslist together, dreaming about getting an airstream (not happening, btw).


lily loves order, and organization, and cleaning, so i thought bill paying would be a natural thing for her to like.  and i was right!  i walked her through all my steps in paying a bill:  where to find the amount due, who it was for, where the account number was, then how to write a check, stuff the envelope, address, stamp and mail it.  she caught on quickly and was a huge help.  not that she’ll ever be using my checkbook, but its a good skill to learn!


the ramo took a few days to complete, but once it was done silas didn’t take long before he was dropping in on his own!  sean’s arms were a sort of halo around him – not actually holding him, but there just in case.  it was so fun to watch!


i really like my hair stylist, but this day i was not up for chatting much.  i had a stack of paperwork to complete to finalize the stitch market, so i was busy working on my lap while the blonded me up.  and i lost my voice the night before, so i really couldn’t carry on much of a conversation.  the voice is still mostly gone.


its been awhile since the last installation i did at the kids’ school, but this one was worth the wait!


silas had never had a professional haircut, only buzzes by sean, and trims by me when his hair was long and grommy.  but his bangs were in his eyes and i trimmed them up myself, and… chopped them too short.  then tried to level out the rest with it.  sean was hoping for a bowl cut to bring back his childhood, and i couldn’t do it.  so we went to my hair stylist to clean him up.  and make him look like a boy again.

unfortunately, what i got was a man!  he grew up a few years with just a few scissor chops!


we drove up a couple nights ago to visit my sister again where she’s staying in santa cruz temporarily.  i took my nephew and the kids to the park for a bit and got some nice long snuggles from this post-nap boy!  i loved it!

instafriday at the pleated poppy

then we walked down to the cliffs in capitola (pleasure point) and watched the surfers for awhile.

we’ve got a full weekend planned with my sister, while sean’s at home cleaning for a dad’s school thing he’s hosting over the weekend.

enjoy your weekend, friends!


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    now, your little man haircut is just adorable!!!!

  2. 2

    I’d like to hear more about your ticket system… I think it might work for my daughters. I’m curious how you attached a ticket amount to a desired reward. How did you decide how many tickets would be worth building the ramp? Were there other options for smaller rewards along the way? etc.

    My 5 year old is desperate for a fish, so I’m thinking that would be a great way to get her to work towards it.

    • 3
      lindsey says:

      he cristy!
      we certainly didn’t do it perfectly, or consistently. we set the ramp at 300 tickets, but had lots of smaller options. i can’t remember all the other items and options and point values, but it was like a piece of gum was 10 tickets, a family trip to ice cream was 50, a big lego pack was 150, and lots in between. other than a few pieces of gum, he never cashed in on anything else!

  3. 4

    hi. i just sent you an email. my little family may be moving your way soon. i hope you have time to respond… need all the info i can get.
    and that haircut on your little guy is adorable.

    and i really want an airstream too. dreaming!!!

  4. 5

    Just had to let you know I l.o.v.e my iPad washi tape case!! Arrived in time for my bday and I’m thrilled!! Thanks!

  5. 7

    I would love a little tutorial for your kite install or maybe just a picture of the topside of the kite and how they attach to the ceiling. You are soo talented!

  6. 8

    That haircut on Silas made such a difference, he’s all grown up! Love the ticket idea btw! Looks like you had a busy but fun week:)

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