i’m linking up my weekly phone pics with jeannett again!  i’m thepleatedpoppy on instagram if you want to follow long!


gracie has been doing horse riding lessons for about a year now and is still loving it!  the horse she was riding was being extra sassy that day and she had to keep making it walk backwards and start over until it obeyed.


while i was relaxing on the beach, the kids were off in the tide pools and came back with buckets full of these.  they said they were jelly fish eggs!


i hardly ever put time into my hair, so i’m not very skilled at much with it.  i’m just learning how to curl it and not take forever.  i love how a little extra curl makes you feel a little extra fancy!


i brought out the porch curtains and pillows over the weekend.  i am now officially ready for summer!


my big turned 10 on monday!  i love this girl so much!


in stead of bringing cupcakes to her class, i brought donuts!  so much more fun!


thank you to all of you who supported my shop this week during our wristlet clutch sale!  i cleared out so many and now need to come up with some new designs.  any preferences?


i made a quick cake for gracie to enjoy on her birthday night.  no party planned yet, but we had our growth group over and celebrated her.


her birthday is also our anniversary!  we celebrated 13 years – yay!


i am more in love with sean now than i ever have been!  i had no idea love could continue to grow so much.


we’ve been laaaazy lately in the mornings!  we are so close to summer, and sneaking in little bits of it here and there, and sometimes that involves sleeping in until the sun is up.


i added a few of my favorite products back into the shop (and 2 are already sold out again!).


sean’s sister is getting married this weekend, so we were on the road to orange county.  i always bring a big stack of magazines to catch up on in the car.  i only got through one before a nap was calling my name ;)

any big plans for you this long weekend?  be sure to come back and check in because i have something fun planned for the holiday.  better yet, subscribe to my newsletter for the first look!




  1. 1
    charissa says:

    that cake is awesomeness! how did you do that?

    • 2
      lindsey says:

      i cut out the number from waxed paper and layed them on the frosted cake, then sprinkled over the top and pulled off the paper. some of the frosting pulled off, so i just smoothed it back out. pretty easy!

  2. 3

    I’ll be finding you on Insta! Fun! I’m @herbanhomestead (private due to spammers)
    ps- do you use a curling iron for your waves?

  3. 5

    How fun. I totally miss riding! Happy BDay to your little girl and Happy Anniversary to you :)

  4. 6

    love love love your porch, it’s adorable and inviting :-)

  5. 7

    I love the big pillows outside, they really make you want to curl up! No ideas for a wristlets but… I’m waiting patiently for a fold over clutch w/o black. Love them-especially with the vinyl and the tassle. So that it’s not exactly what you ask for but I thought I’d throw it out there :) Enjoy you’re weekend!

  6. 8

    Donuts instead of cupcakes is such a good idea!! And slodoco is THE BEST!
    (I may have had two this morning. Oops.)

  7. 9
    Lindsey E says:

    I have to ask…Do you like Sean more w/ or w/out hair on his head? ;-)

    • 10
      lindsey says:

      when we first met, he had long blonde ringlets around his face (total surfer look back then), but i really love his head shaved now!

  8. 11

    How do you get to nap in the car with the kids in the back? Mine never let me on the road trip ;-) Some tips?

    • 12
      lindsey says:

      well, the age of my kids definitely helps! and they were all kind of busy doing their own things, so that helped too!

  9. 13

    That picture of your three kiddos is the absolute cutest! And I love that you seem to be wearing converse sneakers with your wedding dress! :)

  10. 14

    Coral, mint green + gold for a wristlet. But in fun prints so it doesn’t look too dressy for daytime!!!

  11. 15

    I want a clutch! :) Will you be making more?


  12. 16

    Oh my gosh, I love reading your blog and admire you so much. I don’t think that I have ever commented on here, but I usually end up catching up on everything every other week or so. I taught full-time in the public school setting for 3 years and worked in public school systems for 7 years prior to that full-time experience. I am a huge fan of your homeschooling success.
    I am commenting because of the last wedding picture in that post though. It is so awesome that you are wearing sneakers with your wedding dress. I think that the last picture completely captures you and your awesomeness. Happy birthday to all and anniversary.

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