meet the artist: dee kasberger

another installment of meet the artist! i’m honored to introduce you to my friend, dee.
dee is the creative genius behind red letter words. i have one of her pieces and love it! it really made my entryway complete! i love her bold colors and creativity. sometimes a simple word on the wall or a verse is a great reminder in the midst of chaos of being a mamma!
1) what made you decide to start your business in prints, canvas, etc?
we had just moved into a new house with big walls and lots of space! – I needed something for my mantle and couldn’t find what was in my head so I made it.  I’m not sure if I ever decided to start a business.  That just sort of happened when at the urging of friends and family I put some of my prints on Etsy.  After that faith step – God took over from there.
2) how long have you been in business?
 I officially opened an Etsy store in August 2008 – almost 5 years ago.  wow.
3) how did you start your own business and what tips would you give to others who want to start one?
 Be yourself.  You were created in His image with gifts and talents specific to you!  Find those, pray about it and see where your peace is.  Deciding to start a business is huge and you will work longer and harder than ever.  The good news is it won’t seem like work at all because it’s your passion!  But also know that you cannot do everything so be very careful what you say yes to.  For me – it was a combination of little pockets of time I had in between naps and a desire to fill my house with scripture.
4) what is your favorite item currently in your shop and why?
My Wait print. It’s my favorite for a couple of reasons :
1 –  its our word for the year.  We are currently in a season of waiting so I love having this reminder about how to wait from my favorite Psalm 27:14.
2 -I’ve been playing around with butterflies lately and I really like this lacey one
5) which item is your best selling item?
 Gosh – there are a few – any of the Hymns are super popular, also Micah 6:8 and Rubies
6) describe your style in 5 words
oh this is the hardest question! -I need to text some friends! – timeless, modern, fun, definitely casual
7) how do you find the time to manage your business, family life, and make new products?  got any secret tips for us?
well I am the last person to give advice on time management because I have lots and lots of half started projects and many many items on my to do list.  The upside of this  – is that it’s never boring!!  But a long time ago I did learn where my priorities go.  God, husband, kids, work, play and not to mess with the order.
8) what inspires you?
Everything inspires me! – since that is not at all helpful – here are a few.  Watching sunsets and sunrises.  Plein air painters.  Old couples holding hands.  Smelling the salty air by the ocean.  Finding hearts in nature.  Poking around flea markets and antique stores.
9) what do you like to do when you’re not creating, marketing or selling?
 go to the beach with the fam,  long walks with my husband, paddleboard, take pictures.


you can follow dee’s work on her site or on facebook! thanks for sharing with us, dee!


  1. 1

    tell me i’m not the only one who had to google “plein air painters”?
    i learned something new today :)

  2. 2

    LOVE Dee and her art. I won a set of her notecards in a giveaway on a blog awhile back and anyone who receives one asks “WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?!” Hubby likes to pick me up small pieces of her Urban line in the Christian bookstore “just because” from time to time. The latest was a clip magnet that reads “two are better than one.”

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